One of the biggest newspapers in Finland...

One of the biggest newspapers in Finland, heavily left leaning Helsingin Sanomat (Helsinki Messenger) has compared Trump to the pig.

True Finn leading figure and former EU parliament member Jussi Halla-aho has said this about the incident:

"Normal people" think in their minds, what would happen if HS magazine had published a picture comparing Obama and a chimpanzee, would it cause an outrage? Would it be seen as humor that really makes you think?

However the reporters in Finland have a brain like 5 year old child. Their principles are on "Ad Hoc" basis only.

They have the capability to be deeply offended if a person they like is compared to an unfavorable animal yet at the same time they are happy if a person they dont like, is compared to an unfavorable animal.

They dont see this as strange. Their brains are missing the parts required to see the strangeness in this.

What is strange in our times is that these kind of people have completely taken over the modern media.

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Little do they know that pigs/boars are the most anti-semitic animals on Earth.

Well he is Jewish
Those Finnish anti semites

Their name is the Finns Party, not True Finns in English. HS has done this with other "right wing" political figures as wll. I remember one of Timo Soini. I really don't see the point of getting upset about this. It's better to be angry at their ridiculous articles shilling immigration and communism.

He literally isn't.

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He is very shabbos though.

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That's quite a stretch and it doesn't even have elaboration blurb


I remember when anons were passing around the clip saying Trump's dad got arrested for getting into a fight at a klan march. The clipping however, did not say what side he was on. I believe it was at the same place he donated to these nasally endowed individuals, really makes you think.

Yeah, about how this place is being shilled and you make it really obvious.

Bet you were one of those faggots that called for bannings of everyone here that made criticisms of Trump since 2016 while jerking off imkike.

Interesting strategy.
Keep smacking that report button, no one is here to coddle you, boy.


Start to? Nigger this is the only thing they do! When does Donald trump or the republican party cater or pander to whites in the USA?

I've read many of these threads so far but no one presents any solution. It's obviously a big problem for you that Donald Trump is president, what would you propose to be done to solve this issue?

How do you say "Enjoy The Curse" in Finnish?

I can't see this as anything more than a complement. Pigs are fucking rad man, I don't get why niggers always try and make pigs seem like shit animals or something.
Honestly one of the best pets you can own, almost as good as a dog.

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It's because they look like fat bald people and remind people of bankers, kings, elites, the rich, kikes, etc.

You have to go back.

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There is some circumstantial evidence he is crypto.

Just wait for Hitler, goys, erm I mean guys.

Le touchingwall

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Commie propaganda meant to shame successful entrepreneurs. Only kikes and Mohammedans fear the pig. Bacon and ham steaks are Aryan foodstuffs.

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who cares

The fuck?

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It's because they're domesticated hogs and hogs are literally the niggers of mammals, they destroy shrubbery, land and crops for the fun of it. And pigs released into the wild quickly revert back to hogs.

Niggers are literally the niggers of mammals.

And the only time these leftists realize they fucked up is when they get burned by their own fuckups severely.

However, that isn't always the case as some of them do so much mental gymnastics they feel bad for those that outright harm them.

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Niggers are the niggers of niggers.

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The term Aryan predates Germany, friendo.

And? Filtered.

You can't filter all of us yid.

Pork is delicious.

So, what're you gonna do? Go full Muslim and rent a truck of peace for offensive images of your God-Emperor?

No, you'll just cry. Like you always do.


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Sure thing.

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What would you rather have us do, FBI-kun?

Fuck off reddit.

OY VEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to American hell.
Yhis kind of nonsensical bullshit is common fare in American media, so much so, that intelligent people completely ignore it, and VERY intelligent people don't buy newspapers or magazines, anymore.
Those of genius IQ have gotten rid of their television.

You see, when the international Jew owns all the media, you can only expect lies and childish name-calling, as they are NOT in the business of reporting any facts or real news, they are in the business of manipulating the stupid.
And the stupid love to be manipulated. It makes them feel relevant.

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Really makes you think

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hold protests outside their office until they put a pig next to mohammed

"Nauti kirouksesta"

Subversives need to be rooted out of this site, badly.

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You are literally calling a leftist rag based with your actions.
You and the rest of the paid agitators infesting this board will get gunned down when the time comes, mark my words.

That doesn't make any sense in in pidgin English
So by calling out the subversive lying jews I am an agitator on Zig Forums?

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You really are no better than a raghead. Go fellate a cactus.

and yet you dont see white people rioting across the world killing innocents….