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How about this idea for giving the plebians a legit way of fighting back against the banks? We all know the banks use the money in their so called "savings" accounts to fund all their nefarious deeds, whilst giving measily returns. Just imagine, millions of people out there have "only" a few thousand put away, to the bank though it is billions in their balance they can "lend" out.
So if we highlight this to the masses and advise them to dump their savings accounts and pensions to buy physical gold, or other non-depreciating investment items instead, as a way of saving their money it will; 1) Remove capital from the banks so they cannot dick around any more with the money of the masses and 2) Gets gold into the hands of the plebians which we all know (((they))) won't like as they try everything to make you forget gold exists and to use their banks.
Remember, your great grandparents bought that silverware and best jewellery for a reason, they did not use the banks to save.
Now, an everyday bank account is fine as it is near enough necessary for todays world but I would recommend leaving enough in to cover bills but cashing the rest out every payday because hey, if they want to keep printing bank notes then we might as well use them.
What do you think?

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I like your idea but we don't know which business that will accept the gold and silver so that means we have to exchange gold for cash and stash it in your home.

Well of course you have cash for everyday things, just use the gold or whatever as your savings/pension/inheritance instead of a shitty savings account.

It's going to be real tough convincing a bunch of morons to give up their magic plastic but I salute your intent regardless. Good luck.

Maybe it's possible to exchange gold for the gift cards? The gift card is popular in Straya.

Oh yeah I'll buy gold.
From Shlomo.

Dump banks.
Make currency based on physical labor.

How does that work?

In the country where I do live we are not allowed to buy gold except in the form of jewels or other countries currency like krugerrands or pounds. And if by chance I dig it from more than 8 inches under the soil it belongs to the State.

So? Buy them and keep them in a cupboard at home or buy other investment items like antiques or whatever, taxman don't need to know shit. The main point is to get people to remove their money out of banks.

Isn't gold at it's highest value because it's already held in reserve?
Doesn't the value depreciate when everyone has it?

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Real estate and certain stocks have outperformed gold in the past 10 years.
The commodity markets are total shit. Oil is too cheap. Platinum that's 20 times more rare than gold costs half as much as gold. Then we had the fucking buttcoin too.

It's a speculative bubble right now. Gold might have a massive correction before 2020 hits.

Looks like too much to ask for, all you are too dense or brainwashed into the bank ways to get how this could actually work as a legit way to bring them down. I thought a load of shitposters on here would get that rather easy and would want in but I guess this is just another controlled opposition experiment.
Oh well.

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listen to the jew - gold is not money.

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the problem is the gold price is based on the paper market and not a reflection of actual physical supply/demand.
Years ago Max Keiser kept saying "crash JP-Morgan, buy silver" - because JP Morgan held the most short contracts on the market - and silver has done nothing but decline since then.
You can always trade your Federal Reserve Notes at GoldMoney.com and get a debit card, but even then there are limits to the amounts you can add to your account.

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That would be ideal, but we're not able to do that yet. Maybe someday.

No. gold and silver haven't stopped being suppressed, both are ridiculously undervalued.

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Fuck off, shill. It’s not working.

Fuck off create your own meme and stop rigind another like it's a template

Ever heard of the fact that 180,000 tons of gold have been mined but 1.5M+ tons are traded?

Unless you plan to eat gold leaf encrusted ready meals in the apocalypse I'd invest in drinking water and ammo

Not happening. Bump.

we should have a dedicated thread for shit ideas

Fuck off

There are easy solutions to this, but all involve counterparty risks… Example: goldmoney.com

Gold (savings) is just the storage form of wealth accumulation (capital) to built up and deployed… like in buying a house… which then becomes it's own storage form of value. Reducing everything to labor is a communist concept, capital accumulation and long range planning are exactly why China is surging so rapidly.

Gold is not at its highest value, and is being actively suppressed using financial games on bullion exchanges.
>promises 5,000 ounces of gold (((later)))
If we were to take all of the dollars in existence, in paper or electronically, and revalue all the gold in existence based equal value replacement of "money vs. money" golds value would surge 50x.


So, gold being actively suppressed while artificially low Fed interest rates causing a housing bubble (v2.0 we're in now) is just sustainable until it isn't. When that tipping point comes we can't know… all we can know is that current market conditions do not comport with reality.

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Sure yeah. When we have our own nations, we can run them however we like. But we're a long way away from domestic economic legislation in sovereign, non-jew controlled White nations.

goldbug shill thread

rationalwiki.org/wiki/Fractional-reserve_banking (!)
Watch (and read) some Richard Werner, and read this:
youtube.com/watch?v=H7QDOzgNdFs Joseph Huber - MMT vs NCT

Truth. The problem is that most nations simply lack the average IQ necessary to have complex banking systems such as Germany's (~1500 small local not-for-profit community banks, unique in the world). The EU is trying to kill those, (((wonder why))). Germany is under EU control which was started and is controlled by the CIAniggers. EU is the real nazism.
In any population, when the niggers outnumber the smart ones, even if there are many super smart people, centralization in the banking sector will occur just to manage the cattle. They demand it, they can not manage themselves, they require that they be turned into kosher meat and be eaten by the jews. This results in too much power in the hands of too few jews and too little productivity in the real economy.

My fellow goyim get ready to balance "productivity" with security by getting microchipped! Worry not, you shall still be capable of compartmentalizing your life..oh wait no you won't.
Always remember these are just conspiracy theories
But it won't happen again.. don't listen to schizos!!!
#notallmicrochips #mybrainmychoice #merchantchopmydickoff


Sigh. The price of gold is so substantially inflated buying gold outright has no use anymore.

Unfortunately we still need the utility of banks. You should have a good amount of cash on hand. 10-20% of your savings in PM's. Most guys here are young so I'll leave it at that. Now is a good time to buy metals. The last couple of weeks have been brutal price wise in the paper markets in dollars.

Money works when people accept it as money, it can be anything and it can be backed by anything.