Justin Trudeau appreciation thread

Today is Canada Day Zig Forums and it's time for you to say something nice about Justin Trudeau

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He makes my shitty country look less faggy.

As an American Im glad he isn't

I can't find a nice word in the wallet for him.

Canada may become so awful under his watch that the people would be happier becoming part of the US, allowing Trump to usher in the Great Ethno-Continent.

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By becoming the next "At least you're not Anthony Burch"?


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Is he his biological son?

He looks good in lipstick.

Grumble, forgot to sage. Don't be me.

I applaud him for personally blowing each and every Canadian muslim regularly to keep the country's rape rates down.

His government has done only one good thing.
That one law was to make auto manufacturers install in cars that daytime running lights have the rear tail lights on as well as front lights.

That's it. That's the absolute legacy of this current administration. He's killed off all business in the country, taxed the shit out current Canadians through carbon taxes, brought that legalization of weed bill ramming it through without any foresight that there will be so many court challenges that it will tie the government up in legislation for decades, the illegal aliens, and well… this shit just keeps going on.

He is the worst PM we have ever had.
And that's saying a lot because I could name off at least half a dozen things former PMs I have hated that have done good things for my country.
This tool has set our country back for generations and may have actually set it down the course to collapse.

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And with only 2 years. That's a new record I might say.

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Trump thinks Guilliani looks better

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He'd make good kindling.

Eh, Guilliani did it for charity, I give him a pass. Trudeau did it "for Canada." LOL, gay.

Trudeau, the Obama of Canada.

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He's the straightest looking faggot I've ever seen.

Well, he is gonna make a nice looking she once he finally agrees he has no use for a dick anymore.

Also, it has to produce a though troll to go through life with "turd" for a surname.

Nobody catches, carries, or transmits GRIDS as beautifully as PM Cuck. See pics related.

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He unites Zig Forums by making us laugh at him.

My favorite pic of Trudeau. I just like the "somebody assassinate us" look on his wife's kid's face.

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Whatchat sliding Moshe?

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I forgot canada existed and I live there.

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He will go to hollyjew.

I'm sure she'll make a great housewife for some Muslim someday.

He may as well be.

America will get TWO walls because of him, a big beautiful wall, to keep the hapas and chicomms out.

He's helped make things harder on my family's small business. Wait… that's not good. Fuck you, Trudeau.

He looks great at the end of a boxing glove.

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He got a purdy mouth

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You must be joking…

I can't wait to see what he does next. He has single handedly killed Marxism in Canada.