Seeing an unusual amount of blackpill Canada threads and figure (((they))) are trying to demoralize early.
The Day Of The Rake are top tier bantz but it's time to get serious. Canada is slowly falling in the same footsteps of our big brother, and with a yuge win for conservatives in Ontario, the fire is rising in preparation for next years Federal Election. So fellow leafs, let's celebrate our 151 by cranking up the Stompin Tom and reflecting on our pre 1967 culture. Reminder to get out this summer and explore the rural areas of Canada to get a glimpse of how it was, and how it can be again. Talk to locals, get to know the history of these still great lands, and harden yourself to ways of old. Together we can
Make Canada Great Again

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I hold not a single shred of optimism over this country. I'll wait and see how this next election will result. For now, Canada as a whole is Sweden 2.0
And if this country manages for a miracle coming out from this Weimar Utopia, then this at least restores some humanity.

Have a good day lads. The fire rises. Honk honk.

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Did any of you enjoy the artillery bombardment last night? it's also a good time to invest in Canadian dudeweed companies

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this is disinfo until proven otherwise, I have yet to see a video of this.

to be fair, canada is an incredibly big place to poz up so the pozzing is mostly limited to a few big cities (move out if you are in them) and some faggotry.

There are huge pockets of good hardworking people who know who's been on the land for 6+ generations and who has not. like anything this large its patched together and the loss of a few patches will not ruin the whole but serve as a warning.

Dude weed companies, as if Gilliani would ever go public.

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Hail Canada Day

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This is true. Thank God for small towns.

I shall share this nice little story to raise the spirit of my fellow leafs. If you live in Toronto, you might understandably think that all hope is already lost. But I recently had the experience of travelling to a small town in BC to visit my family, where I went to an event at my nephew's elementary school.

The kids all sang "O Canada" with the correct lyrics, not the pozzed Trudeau version. And I couldn't help but notice the demographics as they walked past to get into place for the assembly: 95% white. In the crowd of 100+ kids, I saw one token First Nations kid, two ambiguously brown girls, and a couple of asians. Oh, and one girl with green hair.

I don't know how bad the educational system is there, or how much poz they're filling these kids' heads with, but it was nice to see that there IS a new generation of white children whose future we can protect.

Fuck Canada. I'm an Albertan.

neck yourself faggot

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fuck off kike.

Who are you even talking to?

went for a walk on lake ontario, saw like 10 white people out of a thousand, and half the whites were race mixers or fat lonely baby boomers.

oh, and seen 2 trannies as well.

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Where abouts? I don't believe you since
A. Niggers can't into swimming
B. Niggers can't into cottages.

Farther north than Prince George? My wife and I plan on leaving the lower mainland soon, once our second child is walking and talking. I'd preferably like to move to the Okanagan but I'll do whatever it takes.

heh, when's the last time you left the house?
Durham region btw, you might say we are "quintessentially british".

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Justin's mom is 69 years old. She will not be around forever. We need to meme until reporters begin to ask her questions about her #SecondHoneymoon

Why? Well, read about it

13 April 1971 was a Tuesday, so the Trudeaus left Bridgetown on Monday April 12th. The prior Thursday when the Trudeaus arrived at Bridgetown would be 4 days prior to that: April 8th.

16 April 1971 was a Friday. The lunch with Eric Williams at Port-of-Spain on Thursday would have occurred April 15. The prior Tuesday when the Trudeaus arrived at Tobago would have been April 13. The prior Monday when they visited St. Vincent would have been April 12.

Now, look at some of the narrative being pushed by Snopes: is record from

Mar16-Apr22, remember this. The median of this 37 day span (19 days from either extreme) is April 3rd.

We know that Justin could not have been conceived during the 1st honeymoon (4-8 is too early, precedes Mar 16 lower cap). Kasprak/Snopes is suggesting that he was conceived at the Trudeaus' home between March 16-31 or April 3-22. The latter span has some problems with it.

"unlikely to slip away unnoticed", remember this.

"The remainder of April" after April 2 is April 3 to 30. Remember this.

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Fidel Castro, for his part, was in Cuba during this conception window. In terms of public appearances, Castro gave a address to attendees of the “first education and culture congress” on 1 April 1971. On 19 April, he gave a defiantly anti-American speech that commemorated the 10th anniversary of the defeat of the United States‐sponsored Bay of Pigs invasion.

Castro unaccounted for from Apr2-18, remember this.

Alex Kasprak is wrong. There is a plausible circumstance where Fidel and Margaret could have met between March 16 and April 22. I'll explain below.

There are still some timeline issues – anything that would place them together around the time of conception would seal the deal, but I’m confident in what I’ve found so far.

Kasprak is lying about the poster. The poster did not cede that there was "no plausible circumstance", just that he would not claim it was proven until they could be placed together. They HAVE now been placed reasonably close. Kasprak either did not know about or intentionally omitted the 2nd honeymoon where they vacationed in the Carribean instead of Canadian ski lodge. Cuba is in the Carribean.

Here is the final timeline.

8th-18th is a 10 day span during which Castro is unaccounted for and Margaret Trudeau was in the Windward Islands of the Carribean. This precedes the April 22 cutoff point for conception. It falls after the April 3rd median of the estimated span, but April 12 is only 9 days from that median and 10 days from the 22nd cutoff.

I've provided a map where you can see the south-west tip of Cuba on the upper-left and where the 4 places (with listed dates) they are reported being are. I'm not sure how fast planes flew in 1971, would it have been feasible for Castro to fly to any of these islands on April 1st and be able to get back to Cuba by April 19th? Or possibly to a middle point like Dominica or Puerto Rico that Margaret could have met him halfway at?

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We stand on guard for faggot (((niggers))).

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Give in to the genetic drift. Let it carry you away.

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we're gonna burn your bagel shops on the day of the rake schlomo.

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Your instincts are good. The town I was talking about is just north of Kelowna. (It seems like the Okanagan in general is still fairly white, and everyone was so polite.)

Stay on your containment board.

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A 10 day span?
You really think she'd let Castro plow her in that sort of timeframe? When there's no prior relationship?
What exactly was her relationship like with her husband anyways?

I love Canada. I hope the world gets it's shit together because the only thing between my American blood and the Great White North Bros is Trudeau.
and dog dick sucking
But other than that, Go my Fashy Canucks!



She was a bipolar slut who caused him public embarassment with her "partying".

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Ah then yes she would most certainly shag Castro upon recognising who he was.


This is different time-line information than anything I've ever seen about this possible paternity, Thanks..

You are doing God's work, user


During the 1930's Canada rejected immigration by Jews

In 1939 a ship carrying Jews from Europe as would-be 'refugees', the _MS St. Louis_, was refused entry into Cuba (its original destination). Then in turn the passengers of the ship of Jews were refused entry to other Caribbean countries, and then refused entry into the USA, and then finally refused entry to Canada. It seemed like nobody wanted those Jews.

"On June 8, 1939, Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King… feared that there would be riots if too many Jews were allowed entry … and then decided that (the hostility of Europeans toward the Jews) was 'not Canada's problem' to solve."

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Tell me there is a PDF of that book.

Now that the secretive sterilization program has ended… genetic drift in a much smaller gene pool is inevitable.

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I think I did see a pdf in the Google SERPS somewhere.

Grass Roots Sentiment
This web page talks a bit about the dislike of Jews by average Canadians in those days - and the French were particularly that way..

MS St Louis
Here's a good, brief ( 1 page) source on the ship's story. Pic related.

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