Be Latina

What will happen to me if you people take power?

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fuck off troll/race traitor whore.

You get turned into a brothel whore forced to take contraceptive injections so you can never make mutant racemixing babbies while you get fucked over and over. Next question?

You're not a girl and you're not a spik. You're a self hating kike who spews his own misery at everyone so you can feel good about yourself.
Commit suicide, maybe someone might take a glance at your rotting corpse, is someone ever cares.

I'm taken but there's plenty of whites who race mix. Just wouldn't be us.

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What do you think normally happens to racially disloyal thots in a war?

Based on most of the people here, it would be based on your so called heritage. IE: if you are mostly Spanish ain't no problem. Hell, you can successfully bleach a population with enough time just in the same way you can darken one.

Feel free to correct me if im wrong, but
mestizo + yt = castizo

castizo + yt = bloody damn close to


You go back. Learn to love your… ugh… people.

bitch stfu. You know what I meant and you getting worked up over that shows you have problems.

Assume I marry a white guy and have cute babies :)

What then?

You tell me

I have really light skin so I don't see the big deal. And why does what I do affect you or other people?

Bitch I was born here. I am American.

Changes nothing.

Easy question. You get deported. Another question: why would you race mix with white men although you claim to like white ppl? Do you always destroy things you like?

Get you act together kikel

You are no more American than a negro born in Germany is german. Go back to your central american shithole that you crawled out of

This kind of thread is why you're a nigger.

>Go back to your central american shithole that your mother crawled out of
Fixed that for you.

I wonder how many goblinas and goblinos have said this line in the past decade.

Shit attitude; mouthy whore. Nobody wants you.

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You asked a question and I gave response based on that. I didn't even say they were my opinions, just what has been said on this board over the years.

More importantly, why would national socialists NOT care about every individual who IS OF the country? I thought that was the part of the point. So if you aren't of that country, of course they will care as its about maintaining social stability.

Tits or gtfo taco whore

You can't deport Americans. Where would I go? I have never left the U.S.

White guys are more attractive to me. Everyone has their own type. Like I don't see you people fucking whining about white guys who fw asian girls. Which is weird asf but still. Mind your own business.

You do realize like half of America was controlled by Spanish right?

Past tells different.

I am not black. And mixed babies are cute regardless a lot of the times. I could google pics of ugly whites and cherry pick but I am not going to. Get help.


Lurk 2 years and deport yourself

Nobody wants your shit-tier genes, nigger.

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Will bind you in front of a camer, put a shoe on your head and broadcast your timestamped tits in all imageboards around the world. All these btw on the southern side of the Wall.

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Tits or gtfo, wetback whore.


Non-permanent chemical sterilization is the best you can hope for depending or whether you are a "natural conservative" bean, as cuckservatives claim or not, if you are not too much into cucktholicism you also have the option to abort every single male el goblino your r-selected uterus creates and have your daughters offered for domestic ownership.

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She doesn’t get it, maybe someone should give it to her.

Tbf "mongrel" is not a race.

You need to lurk moar. Elliot Rodgers was a half Asian, and look at him. While Zig Forums generally has respect for Asians, in particular the Japanese, we won't encourage mixing with them.

As for me personally, if you have enough white features, as looking more Spanish then meso, you're fine, its the weird, loud, goblin looking ones that are the issue.

If it was to commit the crime of miscegenation I would go for the more exotic looking ones. If I was to go full muhdick there would be no reason fucking reason to delude myself that a single-drop mongreloid is an acceptable alternative to a White woman.

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Castizo is technically white.

I'll handle it, boys.

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No! Fuck of, Cristóvão! Last time you "handled it" we ended up with a continent full of beanmonkeys.

of course. why would you want the goblin men produced through the cucking of an entire continent? lmao too bad bish shits almost sad how shitskin women act around ubermensch. "please pick me daddy if i arch my back and pose my ass for him maybe he'll talk to me". kill yourself.

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That's called colonization my friend.

Whoever you're reporting back to won't have enough to draw a meaningful conclusion, so send in the next low-energy gimmick poster. You've managed to lose all credibility after the first post, but here's one on the house in case you come back:

Starting a sentence with 'like'? Bonus points for getting defensive over nothing and being unable to cite a source. Lurk more before you claim 'I don't see __' cause it makes you stick out even more so than you're already doing.

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Yep, whore.

Please sage. We might be a board of peace and tolerance but the rules exist to preserve that peace and OP has clearly violated the NAP.

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That's where you're wrong, Juanita. We can and will do whatever we have to in order to ensure the existence of a white future.


As the product of racemixing, I would like to kindly tell you to kill yourself.

Yes, I know you're a troll. Saging even thought I know this is anchored.

follar y chuck mi seniorita

Did the mods really only anchor this?
If anything is deserving of deletion this is. Come on guys.

Kill yourself

You will die wet and unfulfilled.

no you cant
it might litterally take 200 years of breeding white men into muts perfectly consecutivly to turn them white
or you could just kill the subhumans and replace them with whites
all that land and resources for white development without the worry of niggers showing up

You'll be sent back to your home country, which is not the states, not anything in Europe, not Australia, not Canada, it's one of the shitty countries in south- or middle America.
Not an argument, if you're not either White or Red Indian, you don't belong there. And if your fellow latinos know what is good for them, they will hang you up on a tree like the race mixing whore you are.
It never was about whether you're brown or white, it's being a race mixer that earns you the noose. Whether you receive it though is up to your fellow latino. You better hope race isn't real and that latinos are kind and compassionate angels who wouldn't hurt a hair on you, because if they're not, you're not going to have a very good time. Or a very long one.

You will be fired out of a cannon towards Mexico where you will live out the rest of your life til you hunch over and shrivel up like a sun dried tomato goblin.

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If you are of majority Spanish descent and not mezzo your babies will be as pure as driven snow so long as you get a blue eyed northwestern euro man with celt descent. I had the pleasure of being able to analyze my genome without the kiked "regional language theory " of ancestry and it proves I'm pict- a celt viking. If you remove language and go purely on traits such as height, mtdna Neanderthals gene percentage, repeating alleals for melanin (or lack of it), a specific blue eyed gene, compare to bog men findings you can trace the true first men to the survivors of the last multi thousand year ice age. Our DNA predates African DNA because the northern areas were habitable first. The drivers of intelligence was the ability to survive when half the earth was a snowball. There's a reason carbohydrates kill your sex drive, ruin your physiques, destroy your brain and cause you to have heart attacks - true archaic northern euros should eat fish game and aboveground veggies. Things that grow even of it's cold.

There's white natives you know. The eagle worshiping natives have r Genes from early Icelandic settlers. They're tall with long faces. The more south you go the more islanders and asian they become.

The ainu people of japan share genes with native russian and some north American natives.

The natives with asian gene types came here much, much later. The continental body of America is not a safe place. The supervolcano under Yellowstone pretty much destroys any chance of settlement here over 2000 years or so. The same thing happens near Italy. Once the sun goes into a grand minimum volcanism plunges us into an ice age, the Africans die off due to a carb rich diet and devolve, and their northern land becomes fertile for farming again, south and mid Africa become destroyed by cold and the land just north of the equatorial regions away from volcanoes become the place whites and asians prosper. Just look at any period in history and you'll see where the oldest and most advanced civilizations are. North or south of the equatorial regions and away from volcanoes. All of those places had very very white ancestry, even if the people living there now are not. Then we go into a warm calm period and diversity causes civil friction, and as we descend into another cooling peroid with crop losses there is war and only the intellectuals (japanese/whites/some chinese) survive.

'Birthright citizenship' is not Constitutional.

This spic is going to throw her cunt at as many 'white boys' as she can, so USED jizz is going to drip out of this skanks cooch until she finds 'the one' who will give her a ring. Then she is going to breed low IQ slutty immoral children with the 'boy' who thought that the Interstate 40 (her cooch) is worth putting a diamond on her finger…so another low IQ immoral white boy is going to bite the dust of subhuman procreation because he was trained by jew faggot porn to fap to and have procreative loyalty towards.

In the end, only the most moral of our people will survive at all…those who don't destroy their own minds with jew porn and dripping/diseased Interstate spic pussy.

Of course who knows how many 'stages' of lust this race whore went through…you'll probably be plumbing alongside Jamal's STD's as well [someone this confused is probably not 'overly picky about race' either now OR after you put that ring on her finger…I'm just saying don't be surprised if one of your kids comes out 'extra-dark'] but all is going to go well, because your 'in love'…with a diseased low IQ immoral pussy that beat you up one side of the head with its availability and down the other…and while you are out working your ass off to support you disgusting mongrel family she won't have stopped 'liking the variety pack that she got used to before she took her jizz covered pussy and slapped you in the face with it until you surrendered…so there will be MANY visitors to your house while you are away working.

Sounds like the jewtopia that they have always dreamed was possible…AND you will support the 12 kids (not all yours of course) she pushes out as she becomes a oompa loompa looking spic woman (THE ACTUAL REALITY is that these women become as wide as they are tall after the first child [maybe yours, maybe not] pops out of the Interstate).

Do you think I am being 'mean'…LMAO well I grew up in a place that had hispanics in it and I watched this OVER and OVER again…latina's like 'white boys' because they are STUPID FUCKING PUSSY WORSHIPING SAPS who will tolerate any cuckery as long as they can plumb that pussy (and when that gets slack from all the black cock on the side - YOU GUYS KNOW I AM TELLING THE TRUTH…she will let you fuck her in the ass as compensation).

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I forgot to mention that spics are part nigger (so you 'white boys' have that to look forward to as well)…and based on this oozy cunts behavior I am betting that this one is more like 30% nigger than the lower estimate of 10% nigger blood. Yes, 'white boys' just what you always wanted…part nigger oompa loompa whore as a bride who love s herself some 'racial variety'…and has no common sense about staying with her own part nigger kind…she is hoping to bear offspring that have nothing in common with herself and really being part nog, can you blame her…the relief that went out of me when I found out that I was ENTIRELY ethnic European and had ZERO NOG/part human/manpanzee in my blood was palpable. But if beastiality is your thing, I am sure this one would provide you with contact information on request…in the meantime keep allying your reproductive loyalty to jew porn and in due time even this will look good to you.

"If there is no charge for a online service, that is because YOU are the PRODUCT."

Don't get me wrong, I don't disagree with you. The issue here is, it feels like a waste of good manpower. To me, efficiency is key, so wasting labour just seems…foolish.