Orthodox vs. Talmud Jews

This Rabbi says Zionists are illegal and breaking god's commandment. Some say Orthodox Jews (like Kushner) are not Talmud Jews like Bibi but Torah (old testement) Jews. He also says the Rothschild original Zionists were essentially atheists.

How true is this? Is there a rift to play against and destroy the Babylonian magick pedo kikes who want NWO?

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Not true at all. Orthodox kikes are the most dedicated to the Talmud, that includes the fringe anti-Zionist sects who think the jews don't deserve to occupy Palestine yet, but after their Messiah comes, everything would be fine.

Bibi slept in Kushner's childhood bed, allegedly alone.

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Sage and report.

kill yourself jew

Fuck you it was a fucking honest question.


It was not an honest question. This is a shill thread for jews. Sage and report.

But the thing to remember is that the Talmud sculpts jewish culture, and is ultimately a reflection of jewish biology, so in a sense, all jews are "Talmudic".

Grandma Torah hates the Talmud Jews though. So there is one at least.


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As bizarre as it sounds there is a big wave of atheist ethnic jews leaving Israel because they hate Israel, specifically slaughtering Palestinians.

It's irrelevant in relation to non jews.

All these jews bumping the thread to signal boost a shill thread.

Screetching Zionist not wanting us to find their weak points. top kek

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That's just typical #NotAllJews tricks.

Occupying every seat in the debate is the oldest survival strategy of kikes.

That is why all you kikes burn.

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Its true. Ashkenazism came from Poland, surprise surprise, if you treat people well, they don't have a blood thirsty vegance against you later on. This is why the zionists sacrificed them to Hitler (as even today they're considered the niggers of the jewish world), and with what little piety the zionists had, this also served to fulfill the six million prophesy.

but that never happened. It was bug spray

There were still executions and purposeful starvation.

This is a psychological blindspot for Zig Forums, and it is often painful to watch.

There is only one sect of 'Torah' jews, and they were almost barred from Israel.
Karaite's reject the Talmud, believing it isn't inspired divine law. They also now make up less than one percent of jews.

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The NSDAP also ruled that they weren't jews.

Fuck off rabbi.

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There are no good jews, hebe.

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No, there wasn't you filthy, lying kike but next time we'll make sure there this.

Very true.
I remember reading about Jews protesting the creation of Israel because it was the acts of humans that created it, not the will and power of Yahweh.
To them, creating Israel through political means was showing you had no faith in Yahweh, and you no longer believed his promises.

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This is how Christianity got started, before the idolatry of Jesus. He rejected the Talmud because he believed the Jews were braking their own morals, so he shought to purify it.

Yet pure Judaism was initially an Aryanic religion strung from Mesopotamian (usually outright Aryan) pagan stories and Vedic (fully Aryan) hymns; there are texts in the Vedas (after it was written down) that warn of a tribe that will betray Aryan word, going on to worship a "bronze bull" (Moloch). This has also founds it's way into the bible, albeit in different form. Meaning, NWO Jews are blasphemous by default, we were warned of them.
>Nehemiah 9:18 even when they made an idol shaped like a calf and said, 'This is your god who brought you out of Egypt!' They committed terrible blasphemies

OK retards.

So the Christian bashing paganfag believes the holocaust happened.

I'm not a Christian, I'm a historian and an esotericist. I'm an atheist.

Virtually not at all, Jews often put up a false front, ==ALWAYS REMEMBER==
When the 1965 immigration act was proposed, EVERY and I mean EVERY Jewish Organization came forward in support of it. Both "Orthodox and Talmudic" Jews supported it.

The kikes seem to be getting really desperate. Considering not even their leftist and shitskin golems like them anymore. I love how (((they))) still cling on to their Lolohoax narrative.

I fucking wish. If it did happen, we wouldn't be dealing with your fucking traitors now.

Talmud was written after jesus you fucking retard

Typhus causes people to look like that, idiot.

There are no "good" jews

what abut bobby fischer?



All jews want what's best for jews, they just argue over what that is.


The Oral Torah existed before then, supposedly when Moses went up Sinai some others got revelation at the bottom of the mountain and that became the 'Oral Torah'. At the time of Christ the Oral Torah following group were the Pharisees. They would later codify the Oral Torah and it would become known as the Talmud.

All Judaism today is Talmudism. Non-Talmudic Hebrew sects ended with the destruction of the Temple in 70AD.

By his own accord bobby fischer was not a jew and asked the publishers of the book who claimed his as jew to remove it.
I honestly don't know, but at the end of the day a jew is a jew is a jew, so I repeat
there are no "good" jews

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this. karaites are the pure form of judaism that leaves everyone else alone; they are to ashkenazi kikes what the san bushmen are to hood niggaz.

the only ones that are maybe – MAYBE – what you're talking about are some of the eccentric, rare ultra-orthodox. But, tbh, if you actually read your OT you'll see that all that Talmudic stuff is already in there. Like, the stuff about how you cannot loan money to other Jews at interest, but you're supposed to loan money to gentiles at interest – and that this is indeed (one way) how the Jews will conquer the goyim – is already in the OT. They just don't have you read that stuff in Christian churches

That's completely false, the degenerate atheist Israeli Jews are the most nationalistic because they have to serve unlike hasidic and ultra orthodox Jews

Anyone who follows the Towel-mud is our mortal enemy. NK famously compared Herzl to Jesus, and not in a positive way.

Sage, MOSSAD kike.

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We in the West have paid for one (1) whole Holocaust, but we have not received one.

Now, death by pesticide is a truly inefficient method of genocide, but I truly hope someone builds a literal gas chamber for the top jews. I want to see the Redshields and their cronies die of hydrogen cyanide poisoning as Aryans around the world chant 'BLUE WALLS AND PINK BODIES.'

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It actually came out of Babylon.

*To that shifted comment: Because they have walls put up. I know what they want, but I am not interested in men.

If there is one strategy to helping people grok the JQ, it's this.

I used to work with a lot of them, and it took me a few years to notice patterns in the 'shut it down'-isms, but pretending that their co-conspirator was the opposition was something that I would have dismissed as Art Bell woo until about two years ago, when I saw it in action. (Same with things like earlobe attachments and thin lips… "nah, so-and-so can't be a kike…but they did this kikish thing… hey, wait a sec…)

Pick one.

He said White Americans should go back to Europe. Fuck him.