Major store promotes cuckoldry young

Went to a big American store called (((Target))) to buy some shit. Saw this photo, and immediately knew it was about normalizing cuckoldry in our youth. This such a blatant propaganda tool by (((them))), it's disgusting.

Fuck Target and fuck (((them))).

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Fuck off, this isn't kikechan.

Nigger that little girl isn't even White, she's some sort of arab or spic mix. Of course Target is cancer but this thread is shit and you should fuck off back to cuckchan.

Slide a knife into your urethra, kike.

Cuckoldry is just a fetish that people should have kept in the bedroom.
There's something wrong with you if you see it everywhere you look.

Worried she might be a kike shlomo?

So much for kike free first post.

That's a spic and a nigger. You don't belong here.


The Lie is that it is Multicultural or Multi Ethnic Marketing or Advertising.
It is really Ethni-Plistic. Any skin color other than Caucasian is peddled to the Simple Minded as the Norm in all forms of media to push an agenda.
Because ya'know she was the best choice, there were no other choices;

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Checked, butt fuck you, jew. You're too dumb to see the obvious nigger w/lighter skin cuckoldry being programmed into children. Where's that Bella and The Bulldogs poster? Because kikes totally don't pay racemixing. Fuck them. Fuck Target.

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The agenda is clearly anti-White, promoted by (((them.)))

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Why would you shop at target after their tranny bathroom scandal? Why are you giving them you money?

Stay on subject, kike. We're talking about kike-promoted racemixing. Don't derail, kikel.

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faggot OP misses best part of the picture


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Look you stupid fuck, of course there's an agenda going on. The issue is that OP's pic is of a nigger and a spic and therefore this thread is fucking retarded.


well OP, go kill jonathon butler i guess

So do something about it.

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"should have been kept in the bedroom"

You mean shouldn't exist, yid.

Mass murder at once before you speaketh to Zig Forums

This is miscegenation, not cuckoldry.

sage for guacman-tier energy

White isn't the only race to be bred away into the mixed mongrel slave class. We're just the priority as if we go down, then the rest will go down easier.

You mean, miscegenation. The cuck was you for not ripping it down or setting it on fire.

Keep it up user, you see the tricks they use, and that is the first step that a lot of people are blind to.
Dont mind the kike shills.
Next youll see how low tier jobs have almost totally eliminated white people from their staff.
Then you will start to notice interracial relationships and how 'happy' the white girls appear to be.
Its ok, they know who they are and just know that you will see them hanging at the next revsbeiaolution.

Black people don't even like starwars.

Genuinely wonder what the fuck you expected to find.

I honestly hope spiclets mix with niglets tbh I want their IQs to drop.

They literally look like the same exact mudblood mongrel race though, one is just lighter than the other. Have you seen Brazil?

Girl is a spic. Fuck off Zig Forums.

there are loads of these branding photos/mockups around many major stores,go places and you will see them. primark has lots of white male black female imagery at the moment in the uk and deichman has a transtesticle in a dress.

its depressing and one of the reasons to only spend short periods of time in malls or superstores and retail parks. you better believe it has as much an agenda as the advert reminding you that they sell coffee at the entrance and piping in a smell of it as you enter.

long and short is you are paying a bunch of money for the privilege of shopping at these "retail experience" areas which are more often than not owned by jews especially malls where shops have to pay double rent effectively. buy used,go to goodwill,go to markets even go to ethnic markets and you wont find this shit in your face 24/7.

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Found the Jew

That girl isn't white.

you need to chill bro

I'm pretty sure that little girl is black.

She is a spic so part black. 10-30% black

She's just as white as this girl (Brad Griffin's wife).

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How is this news? You should be banned for this. Go post this on your shitty blog, not here. Reported.

The problem is that Zig Forums are stupids is not "cuckoldry" it is Black supremacism/worship, for the elite worship the negro as living gods due to their prodigious genetics.

lmfao yes they are dogs.
ps ur op a shit fagwad


Will be interpreted as White by a normal.
By the way, it isn't a girl, it's a little boy with long hair. This one isn't even difficult to see. Look at the picture and mentally remove the long hair, replacing it with a boy's hair cut.
See it now? Good.

"Hey POL I went outside my house and something triggered me so I came here to shit up the board with my low effort blog post"
Let us know when your balls drop bitch nigger

That is MAYBE race mixing, what the fuck are you even on about?

On the bright side, they couldn't find a white girl to play the part of their propaganda.


We're going to have to start making our own shit, because all stores do this. It isn't just amazon or target or gap, it's all of them.

It's racemixing you dumb nigger. You can't make a good thread and you can't even identify shit properly. Lurk more.