White Suicide NOT Genocide

Why isn't it called white suicide? I know they're encouraged and all but it's voluntary self destruction, like a hooker does voluntary sex even if she was mind fucked by daddy as a kid.
White genocide sounds like victim shit. White suicide seems more shamming to whites who allow it.

I think it would be of a more powerful statement. Like, "why are you killing your people" rather than, "they're killing us!" while Commies laugh and say "whites have all the power".

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Yeah surely it is white people opening the borders of every single white nation on earth and shipping 3rd worlders across the sea day and night.

Because whites don't have the power. Our institutions are all controlled by Jews.

If the commie is white, ask him "Why haven't you committed suicide yet?" This question fucks with their head, as they promote the idea of killing the white man, yet many of them are white men who are still alive. And yes, many of these cucks are actually white and not just (((white))).

There's nothing voluntary about it when a group who is white presenting and goes above and beyond by feigning their cultural identity for centuries (at least in America) has a ethnic imperative to disrupt and destroy the host nation by intent. Altruistic? Morally dumb-witted? Too trusting and good natured for their own good? Perhaps. But nobody voluntarily wanted the 1965 immigration act, nor voluntarily gave the government more power to protect corporate interests. It was taken by groups knowing full well the end result would be as its historically been. The destruction of the nation and state.

Unfortunately our malaise leads to one conclusion. A return to the barbarian man that is unstoppable. The lazier we act as a group the bloodier the struggle must be as demanded by natural law. It's too late to play these childish games arguing over semantics and would'ves, should'ves, and could'ves. The future of America is its destruction and if the white nation within it wants to live it'll come at a terrible price whether you're liberal, conservative, jew, gentile, negro or white, communist or national socialist. Nobody will walk away feeling victorious because its no longer about victory of ideas. It's about survival as an ethnic and racial group. Making it about something other than that is little more than day dreaming for philosophical morons.
Because we live in an emotionally charged society and it's the only way you're going to make the dumbass masses aware of whats going on. It's already been meme'd you can't undo it or change it and why should anyone? It speaks the truth no matter how you slice it or intellectually disarm it. All you're doing is explaining away reasons why you shouldn't believe the end will lead in genocide and they would be 100% wrong every time. Also the meme originally referred to South Africa which is legitimately within a genocide as defined by the UN. It just so happened to then later get thrown around.

No it isn't.

OP it's almost like you don't believe in jewish subversion at all.

If whites fought back then it wouldn't be voluntary and we would win with 100 days or less. So it is. Even if it's programming. Fat people are voluntarily fat because they put the food in their mouths, even if they had bad parents and a shit consumer society.

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Fuck off anti-white kike.


It's not genocide, it's suicidal behavior.
t. mouse experiment

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They dont even consider it suicide. That's the problem. All the victims in this thread don't either but that's what it is.

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I wonder.

Pushing to have it called suicide reeks of kikery, and blatantly ignores shit like South Africa.
You also keep claiming whites willingly engage in racially suicidal behavior, but you ignore that most don't even understand what that is because they've been brainwashed into believing the holohoax narrative.
It almost seems like you're saying whites deserve it just because not everyone has the same degree of skepticism Zig Forums has when it comes to multicult shit.

Regarding Antifa: You are witnessing brainwashed idiots who want to be "good" do what they are told is "good" they're really too stupid and insulated to understand that it's not good. They have no experience with niggers other than the cherry picked PhD black guy in their neighborhood. This PhD black guy is their archetype for all black people.

They have really ill considered notions of how to fix problems which usually revolve around throwing money at the problem which they believe fixes everything. They are HBD deniers and can't even into genetics.

Then you have the meta-level what is happening is Jews and white-commies and white losers all allied to take control of western society away from normal people and the right wing. They did this by bringing in a ton of foreigners who vote predictably and whose reactions to media stimuli are also extremely predictable.


This is totally no t an organic thing, and the silent majority doesn't want mass immigration if they know the truth about it. Too much bread and circuses keeps the sheep docile though, most people are dull witted and incurious about world affairs. Also nobody wants to get fired because unless you are really good looking you wont be fucking many chicks as an unemployed loser.

It is, Mrs. Victim. At least niggers have an excuse for being losers, they're niggers. What's the white man's excuse for being killed off? He was tricked into it, yeah, OK. And he was backstabbed… OK. But it's still within white people's power to stop it, in like a few weeks it could be done. But they don't. They're suicidal.

Whites could save them in a week. They are actually being genocided but I dont see you inviting a family into your home or sending them money. No, you're just calling me a kike.

Well I clearly stated that hookers who were molested and grew up to be drugged out whores also, as you say, "don't even understand what that is because they've been brainwashed".

And one fucking holohoax isn't enough to kill all of the entire fucking white race. It's suicidal.

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So it’s not called something it isn’t because it isn’t that thing. Glad we cleared that up. You know nothing about the topic.

you are correct
i am now in favor of meming white suicide over white genocide
it is the more correct term
closer to the truth

Whites are fighting back. At this stage of the game society hasn't become obviously anti-white to the average normie retard. They see the miscegenation propaganda on jewtube and the electric jew and it doesn't register as propaganda for them.

Also our and civnats efforts to resist the onslaught are portrayed as "Nazi shit" which apolitical retards greedily slurp up because it's a very simple explanation that they've had drilled into their heads since they were 5 years old.

It's pure idiocy at this point to even consider any kind of armed resistance as anything other than terrorism. If anybody does any violence in the name of anti-immigration or any of that type of thing it will literally play right into (((their))) hand.

So currently the only way to resist at the moment is to redpill whites and also niggers will do the job for us as they start to show up in white neighborhoods and give normies nigger-fatigue.

As for fat people: They get fat because food is a coping mechanism for them for stress and depression. But they don't understand this so they keep doing it and can';t figure out what else to do so they end up fat. Then they go into denial (another bad coping mechanism) so they don't have to mentally face what they've done to their body and just decide that being fat is ok.

So what? Are we going to see shills for the next few weeks desperatly trying to push "white suicide" as a meme?

Finally decide to drop your catch phrase ashes and elbows?

You mean like people who kill themselves or engage in suicidal behavior?

You mean like people who kill themselves or engage in suicidal behavior?

Are you saying whites as a collective, even 75% around the world couldn't stop this in a few months?

You mean like a human committing suicide?

You mean they're dumb and lazy enough to allow their own deaths, like fat people who eat themselves into a heart attack?

You mean white women wont fuck white men if white men fire white men from their jobs for being "rac-izzm"? Sort of like social-collective suicide?

I bet I've known about this topic since you were sucking your mother's tit. And I've seen the immigration invasion first hand. It was boomer suicide via 1990s

Are you being victimized because I suggested what Teddy Roosevelt did?

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Are you being black pilled? Are you a victim for considering Teddy Roosevelt's opinion?

Yeah, because they're committing suicide. Not because whites are too weak to fight a genocide.

Yeah, suicide through ignorance and habitual self abuse. Kind of like white suicide of our people and nations.

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because of the forced "replacement immigration." if a people want to be fewer in number for whatever reason (resources, pop density etc) then they should be allowed to do that. the UN definition of genocide is, more or less, a geographically delimited term. its the bringing ppl into white countries that is the genocide, not the low birth rates

Oh it's not genocide? It's not closer to the truth.

Essentially the white people who are in favor of mass immigration are the following:
*Retarded Communist losers
*faggots (literal faggots/sodomites)
*Niggers/Spics/Sand-niggers and Pajeets

So it's the axis of evil vs normal white people. Just because normal apolitical white people don't want to throw jews in the oven doesn't mean they love to be surrounded by niggers or beaners.

They can't complain about it at all. ZERO or they will get fired. Witness the James Damore controversy, he basically argued for apolitical meritocracy and got fired for mysogyny. This shit is definitely not voluntary.

Do kikes think Zig Forums worships Teddy or something? He was a cool guy but saying "well Teddy thought so" isn't going to make anyone automatically agree with you.

This feels different from the normal shilling, not sure if there's a new group or what.

Eh they probably just gave some stale talking points to a bunch of street shitters again.
It almost feels like those threads were that deluded faggot kept claiming "Germans are the real jews! Not jews! So blame the Germans and not the jews for what jews do!"

Because it's not willful you retard.
Because the sources of said "suicide" are external, not internal; thus completely disproving your theory.
Anons sage, report, filter shit D&C threads.

Notice how OP is still a >(1)
Everyone seriously discussing in this thread are willful retards.

People who kill themselves aren't trying to do "good" they hate themselves or think they can't win, they have defeatist attitudes (like you do).

Yes, that's correct they couldn't stop it in a few months. There are a lot of white leftists who can't be told anything, they are simply stupid and need to be insulated so they can't do society harm. So that simply leaves us with normal whites and right wingers. There simply aren't enough of the latter to outvote the migrant horde + deluded leftists and jews.

I get that you think this is some "coup de gras" type of point, but it's really not and you sound kind of dumb.

Women work a certain way, you can get all pissy about it, but they are the way they are. Normally we don't have this problem because historically/evolutionarily speaking your societies women don't get exposed to foreign men and anti-social sentiment like this. Todays situation with whites is really unprecedented. It's born out of decadence nihilism among other things, we got fat and lazy and felt invincible and were lied to by Jews who not so secretly hate our guts.

Don't forget that a lot of politicians and policy makers are absolute sociopaths who care for nothing outside of their own advancement and interests. These type of people have no concept of volk and they feel no common ground with anyone. Those are the exact type of white people that jews want in power. So thats who gets into power, white sociopathic shills.

It's not forced if white people stop being suicidal. No one could stop a massive white collective body saying no more and killing everyone who disagrees or wont leave. It's not forced on anyone but people aware of the suicidal nature of it.
100% supported on the backs of white working people and white military might. It's suicidal, I know but it's what we're doing.

*Retarded Communist losers
t. suicidal
homicidal… But with no more white people to feed off of they will be killed by the nigger hordes.
It's suicidal to lose to subhumans who can't even conduct a proper military campaign. Arabs can but they were bombed to fuck by white militaries who are suicidal and then let them move there and gave them money because they're fucking sucidal

Not for YOU. You're not suicidal. But for those whites who fire you, they are.

I've been arguing the entire thread you dumb nigger.


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What's the fucking point of your statement. You aren't going anywhere with it. You declare it a suicide. Ok so what then? It's a suicide and everybody agrees then what? Suicide or genocide is a stupid argument. You aren't going anywhere with it other than to blackpill

It is if you willfuly fuck up your life.
You fucking sperging tattle tale cunt. You sound like a fucking junky

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If it's suicide you're a fucking loser and you can mock them for being losers.

If it's genocide, you're a fucking victim and they can mock you for being vicitims when they dont feel like victims because the society supports their suicide.

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We may need to find a different way of expressing it though. "White Suicide" doesn't roll off the tongue, so to speak, as much as "White Genocide".

> "Suicidal _"
> "Self-Inflicted _"

Perhaps something like this can be brainstormed?

I'm white, so that would be "white suicide" and the last thing I'd want to do is help prove some kike like yourself right.



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Most people aren't even aware that we are in any kind of war. They think that we are in a LEFT vs RIGHT war, when really really the war is white vs anti-white, and we are fighting for control of "civilization" as the western world and white society are the sum totality of civilization.

I agree that sodomites are self hating and suicidal but they are a miniscule percent of the population.

What white civilization is experiencing is more like a cancer, a disease process than a suicide. In a cancer disease process most of your body is not "aware" that the cancer is not on your side. Most leftists are not suicidal and don't hate white people. They're mostly just naive do-gooders who love to follow the rules. So like the body's cells which "ignore" the cancer that's killing it, so these dumb white leftists don't see niggers and spics and faggots as cancer. There is certainly a lot of propaganda that helps them maintain this belief. Just like cancer or other diseases go around under cover posing as your cells.

IDK what autistically arguing that this is a suicide or a genocide really accomplishes anyway. Other than the suicide narrative is a very black pilling one while the genocide one (in my opinion) is more accurate and preferable.

You know why? Because we're acting like victims. That's not good. That's not Aryan. And it plays into their victim role bullshit, where two victims fight each other.

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You are autistically accepting these statements at face value rather than seeing them as simple virtue signalling for social status points. This guy is simply trying to "friendship" / "good-guy" his way into the pussy by sociopathically parroting the mainstream narrative. He isn't thinking about much more than getting his dick wet. He's also pretty weak looking so it makes sense that he would simply "go along to get along". I guarantee that he would not go move into an all nigger neighborhood or anthing like that.

Too generous with that assumption. No, their only experience with niggers is tv and extremely exaggerated fiction. Niggers who can curb their niggerism look at them and think they are retarded too, but wont do anything because they will be treated far worse than even whites by antifa.

Lack of awareness doesn't make a person less suicidal.

I answered this: >>11797949

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I'm saying he's suicidal. You're talking about his social motivations like I dont know why he's doing it.

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fight zog or die like a dog
stop white suicide
unless he was fired out of a cannon he should go back and kill everyone in that building
if you choose to let your enemies kill you, it is suicide
if you dont fight back, it is suicide

Ah to witness the birth of a new meme
do the cuckchanners know yet?
shall we make OC to celebrate?

I can see that Suicide works in the sense that the first thing we may think is of the Suicide Prevention Line but since "Suicide Watch" has become such a meme of "this person/idea/country is utterly defeated/pathetic" it may actually backfire.

Genocide is a term that people easily equate as violence from outside. This also works because if you look at the 'Victims of Black Violence' threads and things like South Africa, it's clear that the violence does come from outside.

Still it can be tough to properly put the finger in the right spot due to the cancer-like subversion involved by the Jews. Perhaps there's a good alternative term that can better explain to people in as few words as possible what the main issue is?

This is the OP.
He's shilling on multiple IPs, after the one and done OP.

So no, it’s not called something it isn’t. Because it isn’t that thing. You know nothing about the topic.

"Doesn't roll of the tongue" is a phrase that just means it's not catchy. The meaning of a word doesn't affect it's catchiness.

Regardless, whether we call it white genocide or white suicide, the left will just repeatedly say that it's a stupid conspiracy until everyone thinks that it is. Like how when you mention free speech to them they just go "muh freeze peach" or laugh at you.

I miss the old full Zig Forums when we didn't have all these stupid niggers blowing up obvious bait threads on the daily. The catalog looks like fucking AIDS. Sage.

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Because white people have been resisting this process with blood and their own lives from the beginning. White men died in the tens of thousands to resist the 15th Amendment. They died by the millions to defend the Aryan race in World War Jew. Even in terms of 3rd world immigration…


And in the indirect ways that it has, whites have voted overwhelmingly against the things that harm their racial interests. Immigration, abortion, etc, can never be subject to votes, and never have been, because people would vote overwhelmingly against them. They have to use the courts or bought off congressmen, they have to lie during elections then betray you after they win. That's why they have to brainwash you starting at 5 and your whole life via mandatory school and the media. Despite how much we complain that white identity is weakened, it has been one of the hardest things to kill in human history, which is why I believe it will return with a vengeance. I believe in the awakened saxon meme, it's a prophecy.

Pierce talked about this for years. He originally wanted to recruit elites, to make fighting for white interests something elitist like champagne socialism had become. That's why he disagreed with Rockwell's optics at first. Over the years he realized that the elites can't be radicalized, that liberal elites like leftist anti-white causes because it provides them with cheap labor WHILE making them feel like saints. You can't get wealthy educated upper class people to fight for white interests, they have too much to lose. After decades he realized this, and realized that Rockwell was right – that's when he wrote the Turner Diaries. The aut-kike ignored this lesson, and count on idiots who don't actually study their own history or those who struggled before them, to keep fooling new generations into becoming "sneaky nazis"…


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I'm not an individual, I'm part of a racial whole. You have to be an atomized individual to be blind to race-mixing resulting in the extinction of a race.

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No its fat people driving food into their belly day and night, its not like someone is forcing them to take 10,000 calories every day like white nations are forced to take 3rd worlders.

Kill yourself moshe.

So if i point a gun to a guy's head and after a long brainwash i tell him:

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Fuck off kike shills. Our police state governments and two world wars weren't nonexistent and they're not. All the laws and indoctrination over Whites is not suicide.

It has a guilty party, and that guilty party is kikes. Fuck your low-effort shit-tier shill OP, and get the fuck off my board.


Nice ID change to agree with yourself, kike faggot,

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I think you've reached the tipping point where liberals and democracy have overtaken any chance of instituting a "whites only" change in America so it's full steam ahead to white minority in 25 years.
Even if there was pushback now, 95-98% of whites will be opposed to any kind of racial war. 100 days to evict the shitskins? You can't even evict an overdue tenant in that time.

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The altright has ignored nothing. they serve their purpose as a honeypot/deradicalization chamber as always was intended

Touche, point taken. I meant the people that naively and unironically believe in the alt-right as a "movement"

gas yourself.
You would demonize and demoralize Whites rather than exposing the (((people))) behind the ongoing genocide of White people.
You would help the anti-Whites rather than expose them.
Your nose is showing, schlomo.
Our eyes have been opened to the truth of just how bad things really are and (((who))) is behind it.
We will never be blind again.


So are you niggers actually going to do something or just argue about this for days?

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Blame your brother goy!
Don't blame the juden goy!


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neato gets there user!

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