If we are hurtling toward civil war...

If we are hurtling toward civil war, will we have something akin to a "Bleeding Kansas" or just Weimar-tier streetfights as prelude to the eventual flashpoint?

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Itll probably be a complete and total breakdown, the context for weimar isn't there in the US and the globalist powers are entrenched world wide not just in a few countries.

Fuck off kikechan.

We're already in the midst of it. Look further back, to Rome and their own street brawls.
Lots of parallels. Even the 'final conquests' as we break open N.Korea and Cuba to trade and thus social/economic domination.
It's just that this time the scale is global.

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Just random and indiscriminate acts of violence would be it

What do you mean?

everything is fine

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It's being pushed heavily by scum like Soros because they know if America is destabilized and nobody is making the burgers the world economy crashes with it.
Don't think for a fucking second that it wouldn't, America is pivotal to world markets functioning.
These people are looking for opportunity amidst devastation, a window to seize power.
Small purge to remove degeneracy is what's actually needed.

If we are hurtling toward civil war, it will be over the second the right starts fighting back.

The other side isn't armed.

The main problem with any wargaming in this respect is that Americans (and the West in general) has been propagandized and conditioned to such a huge extent to believe in such 'sudden explosion' and a rapid, satisfying conclusion rather than the reality of bloody, dirty, ugly and very long conflicts. Rather than open battles, it'll be a pesky sniper here, a IED there, a sudden 20-versus-1 ambush, a sudden mortar/artillery/aerial attack that comes and goes as fast as a lightning strike. In a country so full of firearms we can't really expect streetfights to happen for long - it'll only get worse and worse over time.

This is also why most people who have a sense of memory of civil wars or events like in Belgrade have much interest in sparking and experiencing a civil war. All people need to be acutely aware of what kind of horrific, near-endless conflict it would be to live through.

Many self defense situations.

He probably means since the white population will be below 50% in a couple of decades, the jews don't need a Weimar and can instead go a swift war to eliminate whitey.

Well they're trying for it regardless

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you're ignoring that civil war involves the military forces, or former military forces which are about 50% non white. Furthermore, non whites control urban centers which will need to be starved out or cleared block by block .Either way you're looking at a couple years minimum. That's ignoring the entirely predictable fact that foreign powers will intervene to keep the fight going as long as possible. They may even use chaos and nuclear weapons as a pretext for invasion. It could be very very ugly, with food and winter being the ultimate deciding factor.

We're likely already below 50%. Zerg rush has never been our style anyway, we can fight outnumbered.

To quote siege:
"We are a parliamentary party by compulsion", said
Adolf Hitler during the Kampfzeit period in Germany from
1925 to 1933. Because Germany was still essentially sound
under the surface in 1923, the open revolt did not work,
nor catch on with the populace (apart from being betrayed
from the inside by conservative swine). And because
German society and institutions were still basically
sound at that time. Hitler and his fellow Putschists were
looked upon quite sympathetically and favorably by those
presiding at their trial in 1924 which resulted in less than a
year's incarceration. (That German court gave Hitler less
than a year for "high treason"; the System here today gives
patriots fifty years for charges they were framed on, for doing
nothing!) What had prompted the Munich Putsch was
the apparent bottoming-out of German law-and-order
and economy. But that drastic move was premature because
the Weimar regime - filthy and rotten as it was - still
had more than one gasp left in it. The economy actually
rallied from that point up until the World Depression of
1929 which sent a stampede of desperate Germans, no
longer complacent, into the ranks of Hitler's Party. The
point is that German institutions were yet healthy enough
to work within, and indeed too healthy to try to overthrow
(as the Communists had already found out the hard
way). The problem was a thin coating, or scum, if you will,
of traitors at the top. Because of Hitler's correct assessment
of the situation and the firm course he set his Party on accordingly
in 1925, the history of the NSDAP from then until
the Machtergreifung - the taking of state power - is an unbroken,
uninterrupted uphill climb.
We of the NSLF are a revolutionary party by compulsion.
We are the first to realize that no popular revolt can be
contemplated at this time as the only thing "popular" at
the moment is further pleasure and more diversion
among the quivering masses. The society is a shambles
and the economy slips more every day but most would -
and will - be surprised to learn just how much further it
can deteriorate before the situation can be termed criti -
cal. We also realize that nothing, absolutely nothing by
way of Anglo-Saxon institutions remain intact and this effectively
means that America as it had been known for
about 150 years has been wiped out more cleanly than if
it had been defeated in a sudden war. (This actually had
been Germany 's case and was what had allowed for her
resurrection within only fourteen years.) The United States
went the worst way a country can - terminal cancer - but
yet, historically, even that process was quick - quick
enough to leave enough White Men with some ability to
still think and act as White Men. The rest is up to us.

Basically we're not going to see something like what happened in the weimar, the only thing that can happen is total revolution or just waiting for the system to implode on itself (which can be accelerated but you didn't hear that suggested by me). The weimar was fucked but they did have some things over our situation.

Like it or not BASED allies will be important. We must develop a doctrine of working toward seperate ethnostates to maintain as many on our side as possible without sacrificing our ideology.

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are you one of kushners people? why didnt the president hire me?

Will be once their minions receive an endless supply of guns and ammo.

Take a look at Black Friday chaos, and how nuts people will get over saving a few bucks on a TV.

Many of our fellow citizens are consumerist animals, and are entirely dependent on the "system" to take care of them cradle to grave. So long as the government is in place to provide for people, things will be fine.

To be more specific, as interest rates begin to rise, that is when you will see the unraveling of this phony U.S. economy.

The U.S. government can not support the interest payments on it's debt if the rates double. This is a common trap small business fall into, where interest rates get cut in half, they can then afford the interest payments for DOUBLE THE PRINCIPAL. And then they take on twice the amount of debt to expand, and if interest rates rise, they are not able to service their debt. The U.S. government is in that same spot right now. Now, Trump may be able to squeeze out more plenty of savings from eliminating government waste and promoting capital growth. But at the end of the day, you need your people to SAVE more than they spend and you can only do this by having a real rate of interest.

Also, as interest rates rise, asset values decrease because the cost of financing houses and cars becomes more expensive. My parents bought a house in the early 90's and they paid 14% interest. If the federal government was paying 9% interest on their 10 year notes we would be immediately bankrupt.

We have a scenario where even the boomers have never known a bear market in interest rates. They have come of age and interest has only moved in their favor. Take a look at what Paul Volcker did to the economy in the early 1980's where interest rates spiked to 20%. We desperately need something like this to happen again, and I imagine it will. It will set the stage for real economic growth, because in order to borrow money in order to invest and earn a profit, you need to earn profit to offset the higher cost of capital. And in this case the best way to do this is through manufacturing. Much of our economy is focused on using our precious savings in order to promote consumption via credit cards, financing cars, financing housing, consuming higher education, etc.

Keep an eye on interest rates. They typically move in response to trading in the capital markets. The FED can move interest rates, but they often are forced to facilitate moves already being made by the buying/selling of private/public actors. If you see rates begin to increase, and they are increasing violently, we may be seeing a complete loss of faith in the dollar and at that point we should expect a SHTF scenario because there will be no money to fund handouts. And at that point you can expect chimping out and even many whites will be hit with economic conditions they have never experiences before.

you'll see a slow build, little street skirmishes and fights between fascist/right-wing types fights like Weimar and a very tense atmosphere until it finally explodes, likely after an election. I give it 10 years tbh.

There is a significant amount of recent research and argument (Charles Tilly, Peter Turchin, Donnatella Della Porta, Sidney Tarrow) that says the Marxist-influenced economic depression/collapse theory of civil war or revolutions are basically full of shit. People don't need to lose their bread and circuses to want to fight. The two big indicators of civil war, insurrections, revolutions, etc. are:

1. Bottom up causal indicator: Increasing intensity and frequency of "protest cycle" violence between rival protesters or protesters versus governments.

2. Top down causal indicator: Elite infighting and elite defections along ideological lines, that eventually leads to elites backing cat's paws in (1) to fight other elites.

Both (1) and (2) are pretty much happening now. Frequent cycles of protest, sometimes with intense violent protest. And elite fracturing from the ruling ideology: globalism. We are probably in an early phase leading up to civil war with Trump versus Soros as a synecdoche of (1) and (2).


Civil War Thread


people > food and fuel > guns

War is waged for people. People run on food. Gun are used by people. Don't fall for the bunker meme. You will have to band together immediately and reconsolidate around logistic centers.

The social change America went through in 50 years happened in just a few years in Germany. But at the same time that meant these degenerating forces didn't entrench themselves so deeply in every facet of German society

There will be no civil war, not any time soon at least. There will continue to be false flags, but the Left only has Spybot cucks to fight for them because Trump is rolling up the MS13 fags and the Kikes won't be able to start this fight without a White face leading it.

Just imagine the reaction if that Cortez lady from NY grabbed an AK and tried to lead a violent overthrow of the government. It would be quickly crushed and unify 90% of the country behind Trump. Clinton staffers came out publicly after the election and admitted their own polling showed 85% of ALL Americans wanted Illegals deported.

So there isn't anyone to fight for the Left/Kikes and the MAGA people aren't going to start a war when they already winning and Left is only getting weaker and weaker.

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This. Good read.
We need to stop dwelling on the past and fight along the same lines as yesterday's war. Warfare is always fluid. Defeat is inevitable if you're unable to change and are stuck in the past.

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Anybody have any documentaries on the Bosnian and Kosovo civil wars in Europe?


I've always wondered why white men who have reached their limit with this world follow their selfish desire for petty revenge instead of going for big fish like huffpoz.