""""""""""America's gun obsession""""""""""

This low energy meme has to fucking end. Considering how very little liberals and "progressive" leftists actually even know how firearms operate, they're no better than a bunch of prostitutes and porn stars whining about muh sexisms whenever they feel like it. Now you get to see the useful idiots on Twatter claiming the mass shooters were "FUCKING 'WHITE' MALES". Not even Marxists support (((gun control))) because they think it "oppresses" non-Whites form defending themselves from "racist White cops".

Post your best redpills on (((gun control))), you glorious autists. The left relies on long winded blogposts and journalist articles just to push their narrative "prove a point" so those "damn gnatzees" are going to be "BTFO". We depend on something even more powerful. Meme magick.

pic related

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Confiscating the guns in America like it's Australia is retarded. It didn't even work that well here because none of them were registered anyway and tons of them were "lost" as soon as the mandatory buyback was announced. Such a thing relies on the good will of the people and Americans sure as shit won't just hand their weapons in.

You're never gonna convince left wing people because the idea of self reliance is just entirely alien to them.

>Not even Marxists support (((gun control))) because they think it "oppresses" non-Whites form defending themselves from "racist White cops".

then they gain power and take the guns away and now you have to deal with bolshevik nkvd cops instead of racist white ones

i saw some poz segment on tv about gays and women who are getting into guns
what angle are they playing at?

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Kikes are going for entryism to try to shit it up.

Th easiest way to btfo the America gun obsession is to point out that white Americans have a homicide rate on par with European counties and that firearm ownership has a negative correlation with homicide rate in the USA (of course this isn't because firearms reduce homicide, but because whites own more firearms and kill each other less)

If you are blatantly a newfag, you need to lurk moar. "Racism" is a kike-invented term. First coined in by (((Leon Trotsky))) to silence anyone who questioned his ideas on mixing Whites with niggers so they can all become sub 80 IQ hobgoblins with no racial and cultural identity whatsoever. Funny how miscengenation is being highly promoted by both (((communism))) and (((capitalism))). Along with feminism and homosexuality. Still don't know why the commies think (((capitalists))) are somehow equivalent to anti-(((capitalist))) political positions like NatSoc and fascism.

doesn't that validate gun ownership then?
or are they boosting numbers of owners who are against defense reasons?

The best redpill? That the only people who advocate for gun control do so because they fear swift justice from law abiding citizens, from the low life street thugs to the gun pedaling bureaucrats in congress.
What could be scarier to a corrupt politician than an armed civilization that has the strength to uphold their law at a moment's notice?

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Jesus Christ. Well at least snopes certainly knows who their audience is. There isn't even a trace of objectivity

That last pic is weak memeing. Instead of comparing the NRA's worth to Bloomberg, it should compare the NRA (with its 5 million members) to the ultra liberal Ford Foundation and other liberal mega foundations. They all dwarf the NRA in spending with membership only in the thousands or fewer.

if there is a mandatory buyback program.. shoot the people at the buyback event and steal guns

The civil war 2 will really be on then. Australia lost their gun rights while still majority white to other whites. It's not gonna be so easy to take people's guns in a country with a bunch of different racial groups who all see the others as opponents trying to disarm each other.

When asked directly, a leftist will admit that guns don't fire themselves and don't turn a peaceful person into a violent gunman. But their arguments only make sense if you assume they actually do think those things.

So break it a down. An armed citizen is no more dangerous to any other person than an unarmed citizen unless he is one of the following: mentally unstable, stupidly negligent, or murderously violent.

A mentally stable person is no more likely to randomly draw their gun and start shooting than they are to suddenly drive their car onto the sidewalk and mow down a row of pedestrians. Do you walk on the sidewalk in constant fear that drivers will suffer a mental break and hop the curb to kill you? No? Then you're not actually worried about sudden bouts of mental instability, you just don't like guns.

A person exercising reasonable care in his actions in not appreciably more likely to randomly harm someone with his weapon than he is without. Modern weapons are very safe. Simply following the three rules and/ or keeping the weapon holstered renders it effectively harmless. Again, do you walk down the sidewalk in constant fear that a driver will experience a moment of negligence, hop the curb, and kill you? No? Then you're not actually worried about negligent homicide, you just don't like guns.

A person who is not murderously violent is no more likely to kill unprovoked with his weapon than without it. On the other hand, a murderously violent person is going to have a history long before they are old enough to legally own weapons. They may very well own a car. Do you worry that someone is going to steal a car, hop the curb, and run you down on the sidewalk? No? Then you're not worried about murderously violent people, you just don't like guns.

On the other hand, an armed citizen is well equipped to stop a truck of peace, or deescalate a fight, effect a citizen's arrest, deter burglary, and put the crazies down before they can do any damage (whether that's with guns or trucks, IEDs, knives, gas, or any other weapon). So we know that an armed citizen is not any more dangerous to someone than an unarmed one in almost all circumstances, while they can be extraordinarily helpful not just in emergencies, but in creating an environment that deters violent actors from creating emergencies.

The only reason to stop all this is because you don't like guns. And the great irony here is that if we pro-gun people didn't have to stop the constant incrementalist anti-gun legislation, we could actually do something about sticky problems like mentally ill relatives and roommates of lawful gun owners or people with mental problems that don't necessarily indicate a likely violent outburst. But we can't, or the leftists will use that as a springboard to enact a bunch of other bans and restrictions.

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not this jew again

Have any of you fags seen Twatter, lately? Just Google #GunControlNow and you can see how really effective Jewish media really is.

Personally I'm working on making an EDMECM drill and an EDM/ECM milling machine in order to make it possible for anyone to make their own guns at home. When complete anyone will be able to make a babby slaughtering salt raifu for much less than the same cost of conventional machine tools required to make one. The only problem is I have no education on electrical components, so it's going slower than I'd like.

This is your brain on Twitter. Any questions?

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It was proven FACT that all races are equal, so leftists of that time did nothing wrong:

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Who needs niggers when you've got Ruskies?

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wew, this gotta be the most successful distraction yet, people here fall for it like flies fall for shit

listen retards, small arms are fucking useless
what you gotta do is weld much bigger arms onto car frames and use those to blow up concrete, wood or bags stuffed with sand or mud, you know, things your shitty small arms cant penetrate which make them obsolete in the first 10 minutes of a firefight
why is this so fucking hard to understand?

(((they))) can already organize militarized police BATTALIONS that have combat engineers and everything, they have concrete pouring machines on vehicles and can improvise BUNKERS in just a few hours, or dig out rows and make small arms immune fortifications
(((they))) already have mechanized and armored spearheads that will run you over no matter how much small arms fire you can open on them

looks like someone hasn't read anything by Mao, or taken note of the dozens of Marxist revolutions that literally started with peasants and pitchforks. commies need to die, but by god did they do a great job consolidating the techniques used in modern guerrilla fighting

oh, you mean the dude who basically won by dismantling his heavy guns, transporting them on the backs of peasants and donkeys up the mountains, and then carrying out aerial bombardments from the mountains
you mean that guy??

small arms, much like helmets or polished boots, are utterly ineffective at actual fighting and are there just for psychological factor
especially today, when technology keeps rapidly evolving

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You don't need artillery to drop a powerline

its not 100 years ago
today, you gotta know computers, electronics, robotics, and electromechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, batteries….
modern armed conflict isnt gonna wait for your lazy ass to catch up
no, you cant just sit on your ass and think you are safe because you bought a fucking pistol

basically if you didnt pick up advanced math 10 years ago i honestly dont even know what the fuck are you even doing at this point

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Nobody has ever offered any functional refutation of the points herein.

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I can find a thousand ways to deny that bulky shit its movement without even starting to get into overloading it with EM.

how are you gonna do that? spout sci-fi buzzwords at it?
you are essentially a spear nigger shouting voodoo curses at the imperial troops armed with muskets and malaria immunity pills

if you were less of a retard you'd know about grounding and faraday cages making modern electronics immune from "em" which you dont even know what it is or how to build it anyway

Americans have easy access to state of the art weaponary but still don't revolt against the central government. Why? Because the americans act as an hivemind and fully agree with the actions of their elected leaders.
Some on the internet might pretend they don't, but it's just a act, that's all.

Anyway, in conclusion, i agree yhat gun control in USA will do nothing, it will just create another black market. Americans are violent sadistic psychopaths. Don't believe me? then watch the video i added, it shows you how much thrilled some american child is after killing a deer.
My fellow human beings…we are at war and it's either us, the humans…or the things, the americans. they surely aren't human.

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I thought she was adorable and hope I have a daughter like her

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Well, Europe did dump all of their criminals and cultists here. We're psychos and we're proud of it, it's extremely fun beating the shit out of things; hopefully we'll direct it to something more productive.

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there is absolutely nothing wrong with that webm
this is probably the healthiest, most natural, common sensical instinct you can have
thanks to the reaction in that webm, humans can survive in nature, and not just humans, the logic of that webm is so absolute and universal that it works for all living beings, from single cell organisms to the most complex things out there

this is your brain on jewish brainwashing, being repulsed by the healthy natural instinct for hunting and self preservation

what are you? a fucking deer?

he's one of those "food comes from grocery stores" types


look up some history or something, europe dumped their worst filth and scum into the new world, debtors, prisoners, desparados, disgraced lowly officers, losers of all sorts

new world is where it is today not because of human quality, but because of resource quality and circumstance quality, aka not participating meaningfully in world wars etc

Trusting the government with all the weapons is suicide.

You merely have to Fry the Brain you retard.

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No one in my whole time I've ever spent on the chans or Zig Forums have ever considered them as their "greatest enemy". Because they know their (((greatest enemy))). What kind of weak-tier (((1))) bait is this? Are Hasbara employees this retarded nowadays considering their typing skills shown here?

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I think it's very impressive that despite such massive gun ownership that there have been so few shootings, murders, mass murders. It can be frustrating though, the trigger discipline is incredible despite the tremendous injustices and abuses.
Were firearms with ammunition dropped over disarmed Europe today, sometimes I think it'd be a warzone in minutes as years of grudges, bottled up anger and the complete lopsidedness of the world would give way to bloody slaughter.