Mass shootings show why we must stop pandering to white male fragility


Please note that this (((The Guardian))) article was made 3 days ago but fuck it aggravated my almonds.

Sorry anons. is not working for me now.

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Well if you insist for me to keep on roleplaying as a nazi because Zig Forums is a board of peace

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God I hope they keep writing articles like these - all it takes is for a particularly curious Norman to fact check any of the claims within and they'll have added another to our cause.

None of us are taking it away from you. Why should we when we can just easily BTFO every single one of your "factual" opinions based entirely on your fee fees? You keep asking your precious Twatter and Faceberg to actually censor right wing thought. And even political thought that isn't even right wing, just slightly less left wing. Jesus Christ, how thick-skinned are these "people"?

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Well outta know, anyone who looks is White is a racist right winger. Prof. Joshua Goldsteinberg told me so. Does that mean Prof. Joshua Goldsteinberg is also a racist?

I don't know how you people read this stuff. I can't bring myself to read the stupid propaganda of the left. I really can't. It's so uninteresting and dumb, and it's the same thing it's been for decades.


They feel a pathological yearning to not only hate the left, but to justify their hatred of the left. This leads them to deliberately seek out and expose themselves and others to negative stimuli. Eventually they burn out, realize that everything is fucked, that the game was rigged from the start, and there's nothing any of us can do about it.

My journalism professor was telling our class in the fall that the anti-press rhetoric that the right is pushing was brought upon the press by its own actions.

He got out of the industry because of how far left the industry had become. He told us that he was surprised that journalists aren't being gunned down and shot.

The sad part is that when I read shit like this, it doesn't surprise me anymore, it's become a normal expectation for us to be demonized merely for wanting to protect our own kind.

Day of rope, when?


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Well I hate them too, but I don't want to be exposed to the stupid shit they say. I don't like niggers, and as a result I tend to avoid them as well. There's nothing new to be learned. They playing with a half century old playbook.

Of course, nearly every white male does, as radical egalitarianism is antithesis to white society.
Exactly. We've seen it all countless times before, there is no new depravity being pushed that is shocking at this point.

I hope more leftists start taking this fags advice. They could also kill themselves so we won't have to later, but that's too much to expect of a worthless lib.

Not thick enough to stop bullets I suppose.

Follow the examples.

t. blackpill shill

I’m sorry, but I fucking lost at this. Fucking LOOOL.

Sounds pretty feminist to me. He just wanted to stop women from being raped, how is that misogyny?




If I see a sudden upsurge of such incidents, I'd consider it as an official cue that a civil war has starting in the U.S. Most people think it'll be a out of control race riot, but I don't think so, the real trigger is when people start physically attacking the media in quick succession. This is because the media will retaliate by race baiting and agitation all political affiliations to fight each other, at a scale that makes current coverage look subtle in comparison. So in a way a civil war will be the result of intentional media agitation in desperation to divert violence away from them.

Said to paper ever.

They are too stupid to realise that if they keep demonising the white people then they will receive more free gun downs from the newly redpilled white people.

Oh god, that bitch. Figures.


I guess this is the latest talking point to be emailed out from Soros HQ. Somebody should set up a tracking system to identify new phrases and concepts as they emerge from the ZOG agitprop machine. It would be interesting to see which shills took up the "no more Mr. Nice Guy" line of talk on day one of the offensive, which ones on day two, and so on. It might give us a loose organizational structure to see which lefty cunts get the memo first, and which are just the fellow travelers.

As Sun Tzu said know your enemy know yourself

I force myself to try and see their point of view.
It's not that I've got the ability to empathize with them anymore, but I feel it's important to be able to understand their argument. It's probably some leftover bluepill I have in me.

How about stop pandering to jews.


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>not replacing (((edward norton)))

This guy gets it.


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Have you ever wondered why the left always doubles down? It's because they attribute all flaws on both their side and on sides they oppose to some sort of oppression or insecurity. Black people are 13% of the population, yet commit most violent crime? It's because of systematic racism making them poor and stupid. Men don't want to be androgynous cogs in the wheel that do nothing but consume? Toxic masculinity of course. This idea of everything being the result of an insecurity or weakness isn't new. It's very ancient. But before getting into that I would like to point out that Ted Kacynzski makes an excellent point that leftism is in itself a method of controlling rebellion against societal institutions. He points out that people too "extreme" and "dangerous for the system" tend to not get much support, but "safe" rebellion gets plenty of support. A reporter might lose his job if his employers read him calling for the death of all white-men and businessmen. But someone wanting women to be able to make out with a dozen different guys in public will be able to commit "safe rebellion." But the question has to be asked "Why do they want to rebel at all?" They want to rebel because leftists themselves are suffering from angst in living in society. The left sublimates this danger in safe rebellion; i.e. the left vents its frustration on easy targets, but ignores the things making him actually secure. Leftists will also project their insecurity onto the population as a whole. The right is also guilty because they target these insecure people for their attacks, rather than the system which creates them and goads them on.

This concept of weaknesses driving society is fairly old, but it got its start in modern academics through Darwin's theory of evolution. At first glance someone might think that evolution is actually the strong driving society, survival of the fittest after all. The problem is how you define "fittest." When you think of the person who deserves to survive, you might think of someone strong, intelligent, with an iron-will. But fittest in this case is merely the person who happens to have a mutation which benefits them in their current environment. Will means nothing, bravery is actually counter-productive. Moving forwards we have Karl Marx. Karl Marx's main sociological theory was that of dialectical materialism. This theory, in summary, is that all of human history is driven by a conflict between the ruling class and the working class. The feudal concept of Lords and Serfs is a good example. Psychology also has this phenomena. The Soviet Union embraced behaviorism - the idea that all of human psychology is the result of one's environment and personal history, it denies consciousness as nothing more than an illusion. These behaviorists spawned Lev Vygotsky and Alexander Luria. They created something called cultural-historical psychology. This was introduced to the West in the 1970's, and is considered one of the most important influences on Western theories of child development.

Looking at this, you can see why the left always doubles down: because "nothing is ever their fault!" To them all thoughts and actions are the result of foreign stimuli. Being strong and taking action don't occur to them. They don't believe in the power of the self. In fact, they don't even believe in the self at all; the self, to them, is just other things influencing a robotic body. Once you put yourself in this world view it is easy to see why leftists will NEVER admit that anything is their fault.

you're giving most of these (((people))) too much credit. Do you really think these "journalists" don't realise they are being despicable trash writing illogical biased garbage ? It's part click bait part divide and conquer culture war, directed to on behalf of the 'intelligence community'

"Let us dispense with the idea that Obama doesn't know what he's doing, he knows exactly what he's doing." - based Mark Rubio

They're still running with that?
How the hell did they not get the memo?

What said about knowing your enemy.
If we don't stay informed of their narrative, we can't stay ahead of it and will forever be stuck playing only defense, which is a losing strategy.

Aptly put.
However, I think they'll know better and put the kibosh on reporting it once they realize the copycat/Streisand effects are in full play in the vain hope that martial law will be implemented and the government will come galloping to their rescue.
That said, how will we know when it's go time?
What will the signal look like?



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the fucking gall of these kikes

Daily Reminder: the majority of "mass shootings," according to the FBI definition and statistics, are committed by shitskins

Notice how it starts off as "white males" are XYZ.
Then when it brings up the 95 mass shootings in the 35 year span between 1982 and 2017 it's just "males".
I wonder why that is? Which of those 95 are white males?

Also an average of less than 3 mass shootings per year over 35 years.
Let's take the actual figure of 4 or more injured I think that's the # and apply it to just Chimpcago and see where we're at and who the primary toxic males are?

Filtered. D&C faggot.

t. your usual ((( black pill ))) deliverer

I look forward to european countries snapping one by one.

man these lefties sure like to project.

I'll pass on that blackpill, thanks Agent.

Why is OP reading the Guardian? It's the biggest, leftist rag in Europe, if not the world. Especially when you can't control yourself and allow their dribble to upset you? Not worth a thread. Abstain from posting until you've fixed yourself.

Hey satan, you fucked up. Canned responses from single words without considering the context is a recipe for complete failure of your turing test. Join us or stay forever lost.

Its good that we have people who do that to keep track of the cause-de-jour and prevent us from being blindsighted.
Usually its recent converts who aren't tired of reading it yet.

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I would counter argue the civil war starts when an random nobody goes rambo on the cops due to an noble cause and actually wins for a time. That all it would really take at this point.

An cause like an father finding out his daughter was raped by shitskinns in school (or fed to alligators after days of gang rape), or his son was murdered by some imported towel head, father gets naturally angry. Cops try to intimidate father into settling down while protecting the perps, enrages father more whose emotions go redline. Cops beat/abuse/emasculate/arrest father because why the fuck not, they can do it and are encourage to do so. Father comes back later and sets up ambush for cops in brutal fashion while livestreaming it and laughing at their pathetic crying as they die. His kid is gone/ruined and the system attacked him, so fuck em, hes a man and proud of it. An strong man, with strength of will to fight and just cause, can easily be enough to rally more. The system would shit itself and try and come down hard as fuck on him since such an man would have embarrassed them and exposed how pathetically weak their system of power is against aggressive violence they cannot determine its place and time. More come out of the wood work tired of this shit. Such men would go for the jugular as well. Even if the original father is hero'd, the spark once settled in kindling does not stop.

In a matter of days before the mainstream can realize its started, there would be no way to stop the fires. Neither side would step down, one held by conviction and cause, the other self authorized power and control. The offshoots from that small conflagration is enough to likely spark other shit off in an cascade before the highest 'leaders' realize they had a chance to stop it, but by then Damocles Sword has already fallen and their power is gone, while none would know when it would or could end. Race war would be an tertiary to the civil war raging, at least at first.

While we are pretty fucking strong in our own ways clearly. This nation is filled with cowards, weaklings, the cowed, comfortable and the indoctrinated. It is highly unlikely to strike out racially absent systemic collapse. The government, media and its systems provide plenty of cover and excuses for the common rabble to continue to stick head in sand and say 'its not so bad'. It will take men of iron and fire to kick this one off, not common plebians whom are indeed comfortable and lack either conviction or mastery of their own will. You have to get THEM, the strong, moving against each other and the system to open the floodgates.

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I don't recall any of these femicunts offering us sex.


And yet he's training new cannon fodder. Odd.

I know it very well, at this point reading more would be masochist. Unless I had a soy transfsion…

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Laurie Penny is a jew.

is there anyone out there that does not yet know what the left thinks?

it's not called the MSM for nothing.

Blame fucking TRS. They deliberately manipulated the media into that opinion.
Reading articles like this is sometimes interesting. I mean, she used all of those words, but what point was she really making?

The Guardian thanks you for viral marketing it's articles.