Alien: Covenant/the jew goes all out

Alien: Covenant… was watching this, then I see the sex/shower scene, thank you (((Ridley Scott))) you are my greatest ally.
It was jew propaganda from the beginning, with the mixed couple then they show them fucking.

The jew really isn't holding back any more is he…
I have great satisfaction knowing I pirated, if I would have spent money for this atrocious piece of propaganda I would be raging.

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The only satisfying part of the movie was watching the jewess get decapitated by the xenomorph.


/v/ and /tv/ in a nutshell

Fuck off jew!

This was not worth a thread.

Covenant was anti race mixing propaganda, what are you going on about lol.

The only people who survive is Tennessee and some Jew, all the race mixers and browns die. Then the silicon life kills the rest.

spoiler alert lol


About the movie being weak as fuck in general, and it's an universal opinion.

Slider. Sage.

OP is a fag.

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Shitty slide thread. No one cares about your fucking emotional reactions to twitter, movies, or FOX news, or that Communist kike Brietbart shit.

You're what ruined Zig Forums and feed into the IMKIKEY destruction of this place. You and the (((esoteric))) shill.
Although your test in women is top tier

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figure it out people…how long are you going to look to your mortal enemies for information, entertainment or RE-LEGION see pict of Legion. So the real Christ casts out Legion but you guys re-up and return to the jews LEGION (you RE-LEGION yourselves). And by RE-Legion I mean that you participate and partake in EVERYTHING they MANUFACTURE. The things that they create for your brainwashing are their systematized religion…including government, finance, history, education and entertainment…we are 'in their world'…the key, no matter WHO YOU ARE RELIGIOUSLY is to GET OUT OF THEIR WORLD…to stop participating in their systematization and overwriting of YOUR THOUGHTS with THEIR THOUGHTS.

Luke 8:30
Jesus asked him, "What is your name?" "Legion," he replied, because many demons had gone into him.

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Really anons? This is your priority? Methinks this is a slide thread. Keep the relevant war effort stuff bumped. We are winning, the yids are on the run.

religion - bound again; from Latin: re (again, back) & ligare (to tie)

My assessment was based on the demon Legions behavior…the 'things they do to humanity' under the guise of their ideology of light (which is really a BLIGHT to the Earth, it is so disgustingly sick). In NLP one vowel does not alter the controlling function of the idea.

But thanks…to be bound as a tool for Fascist also works…it is all the same system. All the same thing, religion, government…it is the same fucking 'systematization' of human thought and destruction of the individual's ability to think…to be devoured and carried away as their 'food source' and 'prey' so that they can continue to sit as fat parasitic maggots on the top of the heap of suffering, writhing mass of humanity all bound by THEIR THINKING and THEIR MIND CONTROL.

If we don't 'come out of Babylon soon' it will be the end of the road for ACTUAL HUMANITY (us) and the turning over of our planet to subhumans forever.

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more like

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*a universal
Been seeing that mistake more commonly all over the internet.

Fuck off moshe.

Probably from non-English speakers who pronounce it 'ooniversal'. Sage for off-topic.

I'm not an english speaker and i pronounce it 'youniversal', but them 'a' 'an' are sometimes comfusing, like 'an hour'. It's been a while since school, shit gets a bit chaotic in head when there are so many kikes and niggers roaming around.

Phoneposting is a bitch

If you want make it" in (((Hollywood))) don't you have suck Jew penis?

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If only you had to suck just one.

Why would you want to go to Hollywood? It’s safer to avoid it and just make friends with people whom won’t make stupid demands.

Not sure how anyone can call it living life to be obsessed with sex and grotesque actions.

Why America let Jews control country? America did not like Jews for long time. Like other people from not your homeland come take over.

This stupid.

I don't want to go to Hollywood…look the final solution is NBD they are what 1% of the population of the USA? They are destroying it as fast as they can but all we would have to do is kill them…some 300,000 people and we could go back to being USA pre jew era.