BOMBSHELL: UK-funded, NATO-funded organization caught SMEARING the left in propaganda campaign

SCATHING Jimmy "Jag-off nightclub comedian" Dore ENRAGED at Imperialist propaganda.

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It's honestly disheartening to know these psychopaths are fighting us every step of the way.

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I am not watching that video, give me a source or article or else I will not pay attention to this.

He reads out articles and tweets by journalists in the video lol

There is a lot more logic to saying Corbyn is a Russian agent than most of the other accusations because Corbyns policies (reducing UK energy output, getting rid of UK nukes etc) would really help out Putin and his oligarch friends.

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Liberal spotted. What are you doing here?

Just postin n sheet.

Corbyn's policies will help the people, that's all that matters.

Dore taking the LaRouche pill.

We need to disband NATO. Last week.

gee, I wonder who could be behind this post…

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imo it's heartening they think we're a threat and that there's not much that can be done to stop left wing populism

Source here:

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I only archive clickbait/propaganda sites. Gray Zone Project is legit journalism.

Jimmy Dore, while slightly further to the left than your average FeelTheBern character, still hopelessly lacks critical thinking on anything he reports and is likely to never radicalize for the sake of just being too stupid for it. He can be a good propaganda piece but ultimately not good for making Marxists out of liberals.

Jimmy Dore just corrected a chat comment by calling China state capitalism at the end of his live stream today. Is he learning?

Archiving isn't just a means to deny clicks and adbux, but also a means to foil censorship and revisionism, whether by the site you're archiving or by hostile acts against it by others.

neither of these were implied.

sage as more = I disagree with NATO.

stop reading into things you have no clue about faggot.

at this point they are but I'd be ok with Authoritarian Maoism to come back

That's something that doesn't require linking to the archived page in order to accomplish, as long as the original page is still intact.

Russia is an energy exporter, they want you ti use more energy, not less.

They said output, not consumption you fucking retard. No wonder you use that flag.