The Shitskinning of Rome in Decline

The Untold Story of Late-Ancient Rome's Afroid-Asiatic Immigration Problem

'''We hear a lot about the "barbarian hordes" from the north and how they hastened Rome's decline. We hear a lot less about their mud-race problems from the south and east. Gee, I wonder (((why))).```

What follows is a patchwork of quotes from various sources hinting at the scope of Ancient Rome's racial cucking problem, and the predictable decline and fall thereafter.


1. In his piece, “Race mixture in the Roman Empire”, Frank outlined how he first realized that race mixture was the cause of the change in Roman society. By studying the names of graves on the Appian ay in Rome, he found that huge numbers of late Roman Republic inhabitants had names which originated in the (((Levant,)) or Middle East, in strong contrast to the early inhabitants of Rome, who had Latin names.

Frank describes it so:
"There is one surprise that the historian usually experiences upon his first visit to Rome. It may be the Galleria Lapidaria of the Vatican or at the Lateran Museum, but, if not elsewhere, it can hardly escape him upon his first walk up the Appian Way. As he stops to decipher the names upon the old tombs that line the road, hoping to chance upon one familiar to him from his Cicero or Livy, he finds prenomen and nomen promising enough, but the cognomina all seem awry. L. Lucretius Pamphilus, A. Aemilius Alexa, M. Clodius Philostosgas do not smack of freshman Latin. And he will not readily find in the Roman writers now extant an answer to the questions that these inscriptions invariably raise. Do these names imply that the Roman stock was completely changed after Cicero’s day, and was ```the satirist (Juvenal) recording a fact when he wailed that the Tiber had captured the waters of the Syrian Orontes?'''

(Frank, Tenney, 1916 `Race mixture in the Roman Empire': American
Historical Review, Volume 21

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“To discover some new light upon these fundamental questions of Roman history, I have tried to gather such fragmentary data as the corpus of inscriptions might afford. This evidence is never decisive in its purport, and it is always, by the very nature of the material, partial in its scope, but at any rate it may help us to interpret our literary sources to some extent. It has at least convinced me that Juvenal and Tacitus were not exaggerating. ==It is probable that when these men wrote a very small percentage of the free plebians on the streets of Rome could prove unmixed Italian descent. By far the larger part — perhaps ninety percent - had Oriental blood in their veins.”==

Frank, Tenney, 1916 `Race mixture in the Roman Empire': American
Historical Review, Volume 21

Lot of name-changin' going on as fake (((Greeks))) flooded Rome
"Clearly the Greek name was considered as a sign of dubious origin among the Roman plebians, and the freedman family that rose to any social ambitions made short shift of it. For these reasons, therefore, I consider that the presence of a Greek name in the immediate family is good evidence that the subject of the inscription is of servile or foreign stock."

These “Greek” names were for the greatest part not Greeks at all, and were Middle Easterners who had adopted Greek names.

The writer Juvenal, speaking of the Roman population, actually points out the Levantine origin of many of these people in his writings, referring to the Syrian River, the Orontes:

“These dregs call themselves Greeks but how small a portion is from
Greece; the River Orontes has long flowed into the Tiber”

(Juvenal, III, 62).

All of history doesnt change the fact that you are inferior.

"Therefore, when the urban inscriptions show that seventy per cent of the city slaves and freedmen bear Greek names and that a larger portion of the children who have Latin names have parents of Greek names, this at once implies that the East was the source of most of them, and with that inference Bang’s conclusions (Dr. Bang of Germany) entirely agree. In his list of slaves that specify their origin as being outside Italy (during the empire), by far the larger portion came from the Orient, especially from Syria and the provinces of Asia Minor, with some from Egypt and Africa (which for racial classification may be taken with the Orient). Some are from Spain and Gaul, but a considerable portion of these came originally from the East.”

“Very few slaves are recorded from the Alpine and Danube provinces, while Germans rarely appear, except among the imperial bodyguard. Bang remarks that Europeans were of greater service to the empire as soldiers than servants….and this, in turn, helps to explain the strikingly Oriental aspect of the new population.”

(Frank, Tenney 1916 `Race mixture in the Roman Empire': American
Historical Review, Volume 21, pp. 700, 701).

Frank went on to explain the push and pull effect that led to the racial makeup change in Rome: of how native Romans were drawn away from Rome by colonization and military service, and of how their places were taken up by slaves, in serfdom and as freedmen, in Rome itself:

“Thus, during the thirty years before Tiberius Gracchus, the census
statistics show no increase. During the first century B. C., the importation of captives and slaves continued, while the free-born citizens were being wasted in the social, Sullan, and civil wars. Augustus affirms that he had had half a million citizens under arms, one eighth of Rome’s citizens, and that the most vigorous part.”

(Frank, Tenney 1916 `Race mixture in the Roman Empire': American
Historical Review, Volume 21 p. 703).

You arent freemen, the answer: it is even a talking point to wear a bracelt to track your movement and you shit your pants at a conveyor belt.

"[White Romans] {spent their twenty years of vigor in garrison duty
while the slaves, exempt from such services, lived at home and increased in numbers.
In other words, the native stock was supported by less than a normal birthrate, whereas the stock of foreign extraction had not only a fairly normal birthrate but a liberal quota of manumissions to its advantage.”

(Frank, Tenney 1916 `Race mixture in the Roman Empire': American Historical Review, Volume 21 p. 703).

You are a fucking slave and you will stay that way.

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Duff pointed out that even by the time of Octavian Augustus, there were significant numbers of ‘Orientals’ in Rome:
“Even in Augustus’ day the process of Orientalization had gone too far. The great emperor saw the clouds, but he did not know they had actually burst. His legislation would have been a prudent and not a whit excessive a century earlier; but in his time Rome was a (((cosmopolitan))) city, and the doom of the Empire was already sealed”

(A.M. Duff, Freedmen in the Early Roman Empire, pp. 207, 208)

You will always be a slave, your entire population will be like that, you lack the fundamental insight and given the current year it will be less and less that way.

Friendly fucking reminder:

Not only will you obey, you will wear those hats as a sweet irony but in essence you are piece of shit and a slave. No irony will ever save you.


Frank’s study of the Roman family lines revealed exactly how native Romans vanished. He writes:

“The race went under. The legislation of Augustus and his successors, while aiming at preserving the native stock, was of the myopic kind so usual in social lawmaking, and failing to reckon with the real nature of the problem involved, it utterly missed the mark. By combining epigraphical and literary references, a fairly full history of the noble families can be procured, and this reveals a startling inability of such families to perpetuate themselves.”

(Frank, Tenney 1916 `Race mixture in the Roman Empire': American
Historical Review, Volume 21: pp. 704, 705).

“We know, for instance, in Caesar’s day of forty-five patricians, only one of whom is represented by posterity when Hadrian came to power. The Aemilsi, Fabii, Claudii. Manlii, Valerii, and all the rest, with the exception of Comelii, have disappeared. Augustus and Claudius raised twenty-five families to the patricate, and all but six disappear before Nerva’s reign. Of the families of nearly four hundred senators recorded in 65 A.D. under Nero, all trace of a half is lost by Nerva’s day, a generation later. And the records are so full that these statistics may be assumed to represent with a fair degree of accuracy the disappearance of the male stock of the families in question.”

Frank, Tenney 1916 `Race mixture in the Roman Empire'

Italians have a way better government than 99% of West Europe. Mediterraneans are strong and honorable people who volunteered en mass to help with Operation Barbarosa. We are fierce warriors and it was our bold inclinations that led us to being major changers on the world stage. I like all White people and I want Europe and the USA to remain White.

Whether you consider us White or not, we want your countries to remain homogenous and other Europeans are also great. Stop with the divide and conquer tactics

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So this is the cause of the current demographic of Northern Africa and Western Asia?

“Of course members of the aristocracy were the chief sufferers from the tyranny of the first century, but this havoc was not all wrought by delatores and assassins.
The voluntary choice of childlessness accounts largely for the unparalleled condition.
This is as far as the records help in this problem, which, despite the silences is probably the most important phase of the whole question of the change of race. Be the causes what they may,
the rapid decrease of the old aristocracy and the native stock was clearly concomitant with a twofold increase from below; by a more normal birth-rate of the poor, and the constant manumission of slaves.”

(Frank, Tenney 1916 `Race mixture in the Roman Empire'

OP here. I consider Italians white.

This shit happened 2000 years ago. Today's Italians are neither the original Romans nor the shitskins that followed them. If you are Italian, you should know from you own history how much northern immigration came in later, in countless waves, to correct this problem.

This is a specific case of how mud races helped collapse the empire 2000 years ago. It has almost nothing to do with today's racial makeup of Italy.

Preachin to the choir bub. If our governments were halfway close to yours or poland's we wouldn't be in this mess.

Das right!

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Duffy goes on to describe the social change process at work in Roman society:

“It may be asked in this connexion what became of the Latin and Italian stock. Reasons may be given for the coming of the foreigners, but at the same time some explanation may be demanded for the disappearance of the native. In the first place ==there was a marked decline in the birthrate among the aristocratic families. . . .==

As society grew more pleasureloving, as convention raised artificially the standard of living, the voluntary choice of celibacy and childlessness became a common feature among the upper classes.”

(Duff, A.M., Freedmen in the Early Roman Empire, Cambridge, Engl: W
Heffer and Sons, Ltd., 1958 (1928), p. 200).

“But what of the lower-class Romans of the old stock? They were
practically untouched by revolution and tyranny, and the growth of luxury cannot have affected them to the same extent as it did the nobility. Yet even here the native stock declined.
The decay of agriculture. . . drove numbers of farmers into the towns, where, unwilling to engage in trade, they sank into unemployment and poverty, and where, in their endeavours to maintain a high standard of living, they were not able to support the cost of rearing children.

==Many of these free-born Latins were so poor that they often complained that the foreign slaves were much better off than they —
and so they were.”==

(Duff, A.M., Freedmen in the Early Roman Empire, Cambridge, Engl: W Heffer and Sons, Ltd., 1958 (1928), pp. 200, 201).

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I've read that Ashkenazi DNA shows Semitic male roots and Italian/Greek female roots.
I wonder if it was their genesis being noticed here?

By the Third Century AD, many of the emperors were actually descendants of the slaves of earlier centuries. La Piana states it this way:

“The denationalized capital of the great empire, came to be ruled by the offspring of races which originally had come to the city only to serve.”
(La Piana, Foreign Groups in Rome, p. 223).


Based on his research, Frank goes on to estimate that as much as 90 percent of the population of the city of Rome was of “servile extraction.” While this 90 percent would not all have been of foreign race, the majority most certainly were.


“This Orientalization of Rome’s populace has a more important bearing than is usually accorded it upon the larger question of why the spirit and acts of imperial Rome are totally different from those of the republic. There was a complete change in the temperament!”

(Frank, ibid., p. 705).

“There is today a healthy activity in the study of the economic factors that contributed to Rome’s decline. But what lay behind and constantly reacted upon all such causes of Rome’s disintegration was, after all, to a considerable extent, the fact that the people who had built Rome had given way to a different race.”
(Frank, ibid., p. 705).

“The lack of energy and enterprise, the failure of foresight and common sense, the weakening of moral and political stamina, all were concomitant with the gradual diminution of the stock which, during the earlier days, had displayed these qualities.”
(Frank, ibid., p. 705).

“The cumulative effect of these (((Oriental religions))) helped to break the old Roman character. Another more powerful solvent was also inherited from slavery and manumissions. The profuse intermixture of race, containing without interruption from 200 B.C. far into the history of the Empire, produced a type utterly different from that which characterized the heroes of the early republic.

Instead of the hardy and patriotic Roman with his proud indifference to pecuniary gain, we find too often under the Empire an idle pleasure-loving cosmopolitan whose patriotism goes no further than applying for the dole and swelling the crowds in the amphitheatre.”
(Frank, ibid., pp. 205, 206).


1. The original Roman people were dissipated by war, foreign service in the military and emigration to their colonies.

2. Their place in Rome and surrounds was taken by the wholesale importation of slaves, the majority of whom had come from the mixed race southeastern reaches of the empire.

3. Eventually not even the emperors themselves were of Roman extraction; and as a result, the remaining Roman population became increasingly of mixed racial origin as time progressed.


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That's the problem of having such a large empire composed of thousand different cultures and ethnicities, no matter how much the romans tried to civilize their barbarians, even going as far as giving them citizenship and lands. The subjects would always remain true to their roots, with one or two remaining loyal, but only under the threat of a common enemy like the huns.
And they didn't have much of a choice when it comes to their shitskin berber migrants, they were the responsible for feeding the whole empire with the grains from North Africa and Egypt, so it was better for the romans to get on their good side or else there wouldn't be any panis et circensis.

Nice work, OP. As we come close to our own destruction as a civilization, it is easier to find the causes that would lead to such a demise. Destroying the demography of the original inhabitants seems like an obvious cause for the demise of the international empire of Rome. It is idiotically reductive when people like toynbee try to apply the garbage scientisim of economics to simplify the civilization collapse. It could be an aspect, but its of that marxist reduction of complexities. I'm sure the Romans allowed for the northerners to attack their society when they became disenfranchised by the changing demography and probable jewish take over.
Zig Forums and spengler have been really helpful in making people aware of the cyclical nature of history. A problem exists, however, in that the graduate level history students - that I've talked to - are all being indoctrinated against concepts of repeating history. They simply don't believe that history repeats.

Bump. Enjoyed your thread OP.

I actually agree with you. If a white person is a slob and they try to latch on to some notion of a glorious history as if there is some association, it only denigrates that legacy.

In other words, I vomit at the NY dago with a gabbagol sandwich and a tracksuit claiming they're a Roman, as much as I do the fat Germanic alcoholic overweight degenerate hookup culture loser who thinks he's a displaced SS man.

great find user. i had never heard this theory about Semite DACA slaves causing the fall of Rome. i have only heard about the German Goths and Barbarians causing it. gee, i wonder (((who))) could be behind promoting a pro-immigration revisionist history blaming Germans for destroying the Glory of Rome?

these kinds of academic redpill hate facts are verboten to even acknowledge nowadays. this inspires me to dig into JSTOR and find other papers from the eugenics era of the 1920's about the racial roots of Rome and later European empire's collapse.

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The worst part about this meme: it spawned the civcucks.

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Excellent quote.
That is future awaiting the ruling traitors. They may think of themselves as smarter and more cunning than the hoi polloi, the masses, but the undermining of the ethnic, racial base of their countries is ultimate dooming them. They will go extinct, their families are to be ereased by the new ruling classes formed by the immigrants they let in.

History don’t repeat. Changes happened and are irreversible.
The mechanisms, human nature stay the same.
It is the fetishized believe in “progress” that it is used to make people believe them to be better than their ancestors, them not in need of learning from history.

Well, it is true, whatever of the “glory of Rome” was left.
A hollowed out Rome, that was cruising on auto-pilot, breaking apart because of lack of maintenance, lack of people who would be able too do so. The stock building the foundations and house long ago has passed away.

There is a reason why Roman author and politicians lamented the demise, the times of the republic.

Historians do acknowledge the economically and militarily impact of the stratification of Roman society, the dis-empowering of the little people, farmers and concentration of wealth and power in few hands, while importing masses of cheap labour in the form of slaves, a free-man could not compete with.
Todays historians, in contrast to those of the turn around of the century, would deny the impact of race, because they are not allowed to.

But did you know they had a deep state problem, and it destroyed the republic? 8^) This shall not, of course, be recorded, as they were the ones making the records…

So Caesar was one of them – no.
The influence of jews was much bigger in Rome then, than the public is aware, but it was mostly, strongest in the imperial period.

The jews wouldn’t have been able to infiltrate the Roman empire if not for the greed and corruption of the Roman upperclasses. Basically the same as has happened in modern times. They had listen to the snakes forked tongues. It is always the same, ally with an outsider against your kin, get destroyed.

Strange that the Romans let a jew write the history of the jewish war.

The racial cucking problem started with (((christian))) infiltration into roman politics. Tacitus wrote how the jews were the ones spreading christianity and described the jews as having dark skin. This explains the missing connection between jews and their favored shitskin race, the nigger. The jews transformed into white as their assimilation into roman society progressed and most people don't think of the remnants of their true heritage, the mizrahi.

It happened a lot earlier. Even when the republic fell, there was already a marked degeneration. The Romans of earlier times would not have let it fall to Caesar. the entire reason the Roman Empire came into existence was because the Romans were already getting cucked.

This, everyone here should read Roma Contra Judaea ; Judaea Contra Roma. It goes in depth about the spread of christcuckery throughout Rome and the jewish involvement behind it. What also is interesting to note that the religion spread the fastest in its early days in the Levant region and Turkey.

Great thread OP.

Ruin a nation's gene pool, ruin the nation.

Does that come in an English translation?

Society is a racial construct.

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>The racial cucking problem started with (((christian))) infiltration into roman politics.
Yeah sure, the jews created the empire, Augustus, the lativundias and slavery.

There were no Christians when the empire was created, because Jesus was not born yet.

>i have only heard about the German Goths and Barbarians causing it. gee, i wonder (((who))) could be behind promoting a pro-immigration revisionist history blaming Germans for destroying the Glory of Rome?

Come now, don't you think that's a bit strong? The "northern barbarians felled Rome" line has been around for a long, long time. People latched onto it because it's easy, not because it's exhaustive - one people kicking the hell out of another for the sake of wealth is a story writ large throughout all of human history and much more accessible an answer than "there are between zero and several dozen smoking guns; here, have centuries of scholarship on the topic that you can work through and then form your own opinion". Of course I have no disagreement that this is wrongthink of the highest order but to attribute malice to centuries of historians at the drop of a hat seems asinine to me. Chill out a bit.

Nice find. I had to use jewgle translate but it's readable and fascinating. Someone who speaks Spanish should translate it properly; it seems like it could be quite a significant document,

Yeah, the Republic started to face many problems we see today for the same reasons. It's an interesting case study.

To blame it on Christians is just retarded considering the timeline. You could argue that was the case because many of the Germanic invaders were Christian, however your argument centers around the degeneracy that gripped the Romans which early Christians used as a warning against decadence.

The importance of Hellenistic Judaism as an intermediate transition which allowed the Jews to assimilate within the Roman Empire is greatly underestimated, many spoke only Greek and had Greek names.

What will correct the problem of the nigger europe future?

Jews conquered Rome by spreading slave morality (christianity)

One of the Roman names taken by Jews was Agrippa.

Certainly immigration from all over wreaked havoc upon Rome; but I feel that the German influence has been entirely overlooked here. The Germans warriors and later farmers who had no loyalty to Rome but just their generals were another huge factor in the destruction of the Empire. The new people with no connection to the land and little desire other than personal prosperity are much like the immigrants that the West is flooded with today; when they get into political positions, or become policeman, or soldiers; they have no intrinsic loyalty to their nation like a genuine Roman would have. Rome saved themselves due to Christianity creating a unifying force outside of race that allowed for them to continue on in relative stability - as all the people were actually loyal to the new faith it served as a bond that allowed for the people to strive for the 'greater good of Christendom', just as the Latin Romans had striven for the greater good of Rome; and in contrast to the Germans, Syrians and Greeks (both real and otherwise) who were only it for personal or tribal gain.

In our modern world there is no unifying ideology that can unite the Frenchman with the Arab or with the Somali. Those few Leftists who have understood this far might think that Communism could work; but Communists eat their own, they always have, and they still do to this day. The best solution at this point is deportation or removal by other methods. It is possible that a new religion could unite the people, but judging by modern standards and the extremism of most of these immigrants (and the fact that they were purposefully chosen because they were muslims with Christians being left behind); I do not think that will be possible.

What jews don’t want you to know the amount of jewish proselytism at the time. It is not possible to understand the sudden surge in jewish population without converts.

Jews try to peddle the lie of jewish non-proselytism, while there were mass-conversion to judaiusm on several occasions. The jew make proselytes even today, just more discrete, not only influential people like Ivanka, probably a born jew, but even Indios:

How 90 Peruvians became the latest Jewish settlers
When a delegation of rabbis travelled to Lima to convert a group of South American Indians to Judaism, they added just one condition: come and live with us in Israel.

Neither did the Germans disposes the large majority of Romans, nor did they flood the land with slaves, nor did they open the empire to the east and its influences, that were much more various and more influential than judaism alone.

Hired guns are loyal as long as they are payed. The Roman upper class first dispossessing and than disposing of the bulk of Roman people made its bed…

The Roman empire was moribund long before any Germanic crossed its borders.

This is purely a myth and stems from christian/jewish hypocrisy. Christian senators during the gradual downfall of rome were the most degenerate of all. Christianity being anti-degeneracy is nothing more than a jewish lie.

During the Gothic wars under Justinian, Italy was almost completely depopulated. Rome went from having more than a million people to something under 20,000. Afterwards the Lombards (a Gothic tribe) immigrated en masse, so it's likely that modern Italians, especially northern ones, descend mostly from 6th century northern tribes. Italians are white.

Why don’t you read a history book? It is quite obvious that Rome was decadent, that reflected in its politics. If you don’t trust “modern” historians, how about contemporary ones like Tacitus, not known for his preference of Christianity.

Jewish response: Shit, the goy know! Quick, blame the religion that rejects materialism and celebrates the family while calling us jews the synagogue of satan!

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It's like pottery.

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This theory would also explain the decline of the traditional Roman Pantheon of Jupiter, Mars, etc. and the rise of the semitic religions, not just Judaism but Mithraism, emperor worship, and various mystery cults. As the people were replaced, so went their religion.

This was really born of necessity, since they had nothing unifying them anyways. The glory of the Rome was a concept that only applied to true blood Romans.

I don't doubt that, but there were cries against degeneracy during the late republic and early empire. Many of the mystery cults were just glorified orgies, and they pulled in the rich and hedonistic with the promise of anonymous pleasure. The exact same thing happens today i.e Bohemian Grove There was an herb used for birth control that the Romans made extinct due to overuse, pic related. This is likely how the rot started, from the top down. A man has as many masters as he has vices. By indulging in them, the rulers of Rome found themselves being ruled by the (((pushers))) of these vices.

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It was rampant, the extent of Jewish influence pre-dating Christianity is greatly under estimated, they were expelled from Rome in 139 BC for conspiring to introduce the cult of Jove Sabaoth, and were well established even in the Crimea by that point.

By the time Tacitus was around the judeochristian influence was already taking its toll on Rome. Try harder.

Did you accidentally quote your partner's script but reply to the wrong post? Can't help but point out how you loaded as much into one post but didn't bother to address the topic. Furthermore, the exact quotation where the "synagogue of satan" phrase is uttered explicitly states that description as a warning against fake jews; as in jews that do not follow a jewish religion. This favorite phrase used by shills is used knowing that it itself is invalid. The bible constantly and explicitly urges against jews joining other religions. That's what the context of that excerpt is about. It's a callback to that repeated imperative.


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Same as the English, in an empire the best get spread too thinly
Same as mass immigration of lower class non-whites into England
Nearly there:
1 Already the mayor of london and the fucking HOME SECRATARY are muslim pakis.
2 As time goes on, with relentless race-mixing propaganda everywhere stupid sluts will increasingly father more mutts

It seems like all this happening now is no different than the collapse of rome.
It's quite a cohencidence that there were increasingly more jews in rome in the 3 centuries before it fell, much like cromwell letting them back in to england around 1650s

I suppose what I am getting at is: if the military was comprised 100% of Roman citizens, it would be near impossible for any other faction to actually take them down. This is why the Jews want women and muds in our militaries and our police forces. It wouldn't matter how well they did regarding infilitrating our governments if the military could just come along and be like: "So, you're clearly foreign invaders trying to take over our country - and we are the people with the big swords - and now you're dead, and now our people are saved."

I'm not trying to insult Germans or anything but even among whites it is a very bad idea to mix our peoples too much. Look at the problems that the Irish, and to a much lesser degree the Scottish have caused the British. Look at the problems the Catalans have caused the Spanish. Look at the Lombard areas of Italy (Milan/Venneto). To this day, after hundreds and hundreds of years and countless wars; they are more loyal to their own tribe than they are to the nation that they have been a part of. Now it's true that there has been some success with integrating whites in the USA, and it is true that there has been some success in the UK with Huguenots, Normans, Danes and so on; but even then you will find that the historically 'Anglo' areas of the UK are still predominantly Anglo, the predominantly Dane areas are still largely Dane, and places like Wales are near 100% Brythonic. So too with the USA; the old English colonies are still English, the old French areas are still largely French, the old Dutch areas are still Dutch. Even in the success stories it is a lot less successful than it appears.

So even we should keep to our own. Although I do of course advocate friendship and brotherhood among us all, let's just stay in our own homes

Agreed. It is worth mentioning though because a lot of people seem to blame Christianity for the fall of Rome, where if anything it was a desperate and semi-successful ploy that allowed it to survive. The truth is more important than what we might personally desire to have happened.

Oh, I see, so to the christians, who don't follow the laws of judaism at all and call the people who do judaizers, heretics, and unbelievers, only the jews who also don't follow judaism are a problem
So now the only question is, are you a regular mongrel burger brainlet, a nigger brainlet, or a jewish brainlet.

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Population West Europe = 398 million
Population Italy = 60 million

60 / 398 = 0,15

so it's not 99% but 85% you are welcome.

Mass repopulation from Zig Forumsand after the inevitable collapse.

The number of women who'
d willingly choose to have sex with muslims and niggers without being raped has already plateaued to about 40-something percent. It hasn't budged past fifty since. The real racemixing danger is children getting kidnapped, gangraped, and sold off to die from being fucked to death by muslims and raping every woman possible.

Oh, look, an angry Jew.

Except they do, entirely. And from there, the rest of your comment is just sort of a ridiculous joke.

Poland is shit m8.

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Every single major white civilization has fallen due to non white immigration.

Let us once again look at the Divide and Conquer technique, which in essence is very simple.

If you were locked up in a dungeon with two powerful brutes, and you yourself were a 97 pound weakling, and all of you were hostile to each other, it would seem that as a comparative inferior your chances of survival would be slim. If, however you were cunning enough to whisper incendiary provocations into the ears of the two brutes, one at a time, about what insults the one had said about the other, and goad them into a life and death fracas, your chances of survival might greatly improve. If you egged them on until they beat each other senseless, then you could easily finish them off separately and without too much effort.

This is exactly what the Jews have been doing to the White goyim for centuries. Divide the dumb brutes up into two hostile camps, incite them to war and let them beat each other senseless. We fell for this ruse in the Civil War, we did it again in World War I, again in World War II, to cite a few major examples, although the list is endless. We can cite the Hundred Years War, or the thirty Years War. No matter which we choose.
White Men killed other White Men and each time the parasite reaped a Jewish harvest in power and monetary gain.

The Polish aren’t reproducing.

What continues to amaze me is that the Romans, who have annihilated entire tribes and peoples in wars of total war and conquest, who have fought bloody civil wars Roman against Roman, didn't extend this bloodlust for exterminating the foreign hostiles. When even they couldn't bring themselves to do so, what hope do we have?

Degeneracy. From the beginning the Romans wanted conquests for slaves and plunder. They rarely exterminated anyone because you can't tax or sell a dead person. Emperors who tried to rock the boat in any way were promptly offed in conspiracies by the wealthy aristocracy, if they were lucky enough to first escape the wrath of usurpers or their own soldiers. Rome was a degenerate civilization and doomed to fail for that reason.

Empires are shit. The only empire that ever did anything useful was Britain spreading its people to the US, Canada, Rhodesia, NZ, etc.
Farm your own land and kill any foreigner who so much as sets foot there.

“Think not that I came to destroy the law or the prophets; I came not to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass away from the law, till all things be accomplished” (Mt. 5:17-18).

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Say you are one of the brute, but not an idiot like Hitler.
Unfortunately the other brute is an imbecile, who is easily guided by the jew like the Poles next year in Jerusalem?

You have no other option than beat as quick and decisive the other brute, otherwise the jews brute beats you to pulp if you try peaceful coexistence.

What are you going to do if the jew gives money to someone so he can build an army kill the king and massacre the Irish.
Appellate on his conciseness?

Not all white men are like the other.,Poland-experiencing-baby-boom-report

You always try so hard, Schlomo.

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We already established you're a brainlet, you illiterate fucktard. I'm trying to find out what subspecies of nigger you are. I'm going to guess israeli jew at this point, given how desperate you are to hate on Christianity and your astounding lack of basic english literacy.

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Gyrofag here. You are wrong. It's pretty fucking evident we are genetically inferior to our Northern cousins and Classical era miscegenation is a very good explanation for this.

We are saved!

This seems like kangz tbph

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Lel, Italian in the op text was code for white. What passes for "Italian" niwnis mixed with all that "orient". Most of Italy, Spain, virtually all ofGreece, I would guess over half of france, they need to be pushed across the Mediterranean if not into the oven.


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One drop Giorgio. Next Aryan army to conquer won't make Hitler's mistake and treat you as equals. You want survival then you go and start the fourth Reich. My guess is real Aryans will, and you will beg for scraps at the table. Italy like all other nations will be scoured for pure whites, and cleansed of the rest.


Stormman Shlomo again

Joogle has an English translation of "Roma Contra Judea, Judea Contra Roma", by the pseudonym Europa Soberana:

This text was included in the censored-by-Amazon anthology of redpill essays "The Fair Race's Darkest Hour", published anonymously by "CT"

CT's blog can be found here:

CT reads ike more of a Scholarly Blackpilll Siege NS'er than an Alt-Kike e-celeb who believe The System can even be saved any longer by working from within it to change it.

I only just found CT's blog when looking for a pdf "Roma Contra Judea", and have now spent a few hours reading his blog posts, which have led to discovering several other authors and books which I had never heard about.

In all, any thread that leads me to spend some time discovering new and forbidden authors and books and ideas is the best i can ask for from an image board.

thanks user for posting this.


I don't think that is a jew…look at it in the ephemeral…it is even more corrupt than a jew…whatever it is has dabbled in true decay, rather than just destruction. It NEEDS to be hunted down and exterminated.


Who programmed this shitty robot? The first image it posted clearly says that judaizers try to force Christians to keep mosaic law against the teachings of the new covenant, and the second pic is of poland.

To make sure I'm understanding correctly, so all this in its entirety is in The Fair Race's Darkest Hour? Or, by "censored-by-Amazon", are there portions missing? How do you mean censored?

It started with the 2nd Punic Wars when droves of Roman Republican Citizen soldiers were slaughtered and the rest robbed through bankruptcy of their lands, meaning slaves worked the fields which were owned by the Senatorial Oligarchy. And the Gracchi Brothers were too cowardly to lead open and armed revolt to exterminate the Senate and give the land back to the Citizen.

Thats where it started.