Angela Davis

Somebody redpill me on this divisive historical figure. I don't feel like I can get a trustworthy historical analysis easily. Was she a friend to the working class or a destructive cointelpro operative?

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I'm not sure about "COINTELPRO" as she was a genuine friend to many Marxists and visited the Eastern Bloc (Most notably the DDR where she met Honecker on multiple occasions) a multitude of times
But most like most Marxists in the west after 1991 she began to drift more and more towards SocialDemocratic Policy and the abandoning of Marxism

As of now her policy is effectivly just SocialDemocracy on par with Bernie Sanders

< black nationalist
< decolonial anti-imp
< intersectional feminist
< anything but an integral critique of capitalism
She's the prototype radlib activist/academic par excellence and an example of the poverty of ML-adjacent thought.
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Why not just listen to her and see for yourself?

She sounded pretty based

I have never heard of this woman before but I would have sworn she was younger than 30 and recently gave some university lecture or am I confusing her with someone else with an afro. I'm white so I honestly can't tell.

This is what she looks like now. Feel Old yet.

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Fuck that fed.

Damn. She even turned white.

I lol'ed.
polite sage bc irrelevant


Definitely churns my stomach hearing her defend Obama. She says little of substance otherwise. Typical of someone "trained in critical theory"?


Was rather based back in the day; became a feminazi bourgie classcuck later on.

Feminism infests just about everything.

Considering how her supposed arrest went down, I am inclined to believe that Davis had been working with the feds then as well.


don't forget, she also endorsed shillary during the 2016 election.

< black nationalist

< decolonial anti-imp

< intersectional feminist

< anything but an integral critique of capitalism

so she's basically everything I stand against except the anti-imp part.

related, I DO think the DDR was too nice to Vietnam.

almost all leftist women did. most men were pro-Bernie.

sex-based class division in action, huh?

Damn I completely forgot about that. What a horrible bitch.

Immediately following the arrest of Davis, the FBI began sending fake letters to Black Panther leaders that encouraged divisions within the group, which required first knowing where they were and what internal conflicts were at play. Also, while Davis was in jail (not prison) she was kept in a seperate wing away from all other prisoners, a common practice by police to protect the identity of informants. It preceded a series of arrests of Black Panthers leaders that decapitated the organization. Then she was never charged with anything beyond the gun charge while Black Panthers leaders were charged with everything but the kitchen sink before being locked away in actual prison for decades and denied parole.

It is all circumstantial, but boy is it suspicious. Oh, and then she goes on to shill for mainstream politicians. Maybe she was innocent, though. It is certainly possible.

Trust a woman…

It's not that women aren't trustworthy. She was a spook from the start. The feds picked a woman because she's more likely to be trusted. Common thing with espionage. Plenty of women are comrades.

Nice mental gymnastic 8/10

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Ebin buzzword friend.

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Tbh they would to lure men with jungle fever into the movement so she could seduce them and then snitch on them. Jamilla Bond 101