Looking for an interview guest

Hey people,

inb4 a thread died for this.

I am actively searching for guests for my interview program. The focus of the show is culture, politics, and literature. I would like to have an intelligent lefty or communist on the program, if anyone feels confident that you can talk about your politics, cultural views, or opinions, with an often critical yet often sympathizing host, please post here, We can exchange contact-info and discuss if it will be a good fit for both of us, something from which both of us can benefit, and ultimately the itinerary for the program.

I should probably post my politics here:
I believe in an international egalitarian federation where member states make many decisions on their own such as. whether or not to have electoral processes, state religion, ethnostate vs multi-ethnic, economic system, etc, However, I am not married to this idea, and am open and eager to discussion.

I am came here because I recently was dumped by the alt-right via purity spiral and am looking for a new vehicle to help me explore my political-philosophy.

Thanks folks be well.

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Yes I realize this is somewhat begging, if one of you could throw me bone, it could be the start of something great. A gesture like that would not easily be forgotten. ~potential convert here~

Why don't you link to your show first?

[email protected] send me an email and I will send it to you privately. thanks for understanding.


Not the kind of help I want.

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You're running a "show", wouldn't exposure be a good thing?

I can see it being a bad thing but i'll trust you

Nice fascist channel, reporting it to youtube

Yeah youre right ill post it, i was just worried about criticiam but im gonna get it anyways… faggots exist everywhere. The other two guys wont be doing it with me any more. The topics are kind of fascist leaning but youll notice i pushed back on a lot of that stuff. Im not afraid to talk to people about anything if they know what theyre talking about

alt right was invented by hillary clinton

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I was worried to post the link, because I know angry nerds would shit on it, possibly raid or report my channel, then i figured fuck it, i'll post it and see what happens. YOu retards never cease to amaze me…

We cover all topics, have an open discussion, don't promote one idea over another, and i push back on guests all the time. If you are a respectable human being with decent ideas then this show would interest you, but if you have an agenda or ideology that dictates who you talk to or what you're allowed to think, that's who I want.

that's who I don't want*

One guy says he'll report your channel and you cry like this. Maybe running a youtube channel isn't for you.

crying? I just said I don't care if people raid or report it lol.

Yeah you just said you don't care, and you also said you care, and you said you don't care at all, and we're all dumb faggots and you definitely don't care and you definitely aren't crying.

I don't care that he's a faggot, it doesn't hurt me in any way, but he is one… I didn't post the link to protect whoever might be interested in talking, and to protect me, then you asked for it so i posted it, and i don't really care if people downvote it, i was just anxious at first about it. BUt I don't want you to be a guest any ways because you're disingenuous so fuck off to a new thread

Lol you removed all your fascism videos. Fashy is afraid.

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mfw your videos on Codreanu and other topics vanished
Lol indeed

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Op deserves getting btfo not for asking for a debate but for being dumb enough to be a YouTuber.