Brit/pol/ #2849: Bowden Edition

Ukip's defeat in EU elections cast doubts on party's future

Labour MP Jess Phillips’ story to be turned into TV drama

London Bridge attack inquest: Steroids 'unlikely' to have affected behaviour

London Bridge attack ringleader passed TfL background check to work on Tube despite appearing in jihadi documentary

Muslim Council demands Tory Islamophobia inquiry

Equality watchdog launches Labour anti-Semitism probe

PHILIPPINES: New law requires that all high school and college students must now plant a minimum of 10 trees before they are allowed to graduate.

Scientists have uncovered an evolutionary paradox where men damage their ability to have children during efforts to make themselves look more attractive

Autonomous machine expected to pick more than 25,000 raspberries a day, outpacing human workers

Millennials are the first gen of women to reject marriage to instead pile up degree upon degree, resulting in debt that, while supposed to help them get established for marriage, instead dealt them a cruel blow: They can't afford to

Netflix Vows to Help Fight Georgia’s Abortion Legislation in Court

Leonardo? Sloppy and overrated, insists Germaine Greer

Growing up Von Ribbentrop: Nazi monster's son shares unseen photos of jolly family gatherings with Hitler and describes watching his unrepentant father hang at Nuremberg

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Good lad

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And you could be GCHQ, lad.

Being serious though, it's so vexing that supposedly right wing firebrands are so completely incapable/unwilling to make any bloody moral judgments about our society - and likely BECAUSE it is such a stinking cesspit. So the left are allowed to continue their inverted moralising with the tacit - and also, in many ways, active - support of the lone faction that allegedly holds itself responsible for opposing them.

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sick of this picture tbh

Good lad, good edition and good quads tbh

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context tbh

keeeeeek. goodlad

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He searched for big booty bitches on alexa


he's just 'mirin my legs lad smh

Good lad

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for her

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thanks lads

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bet she has massive nipples tbh

nice legs bro
*revs bike*

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hope he didnt go through with it tbh

why did he do it?

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said his wife and child died i think

How could I be 'mirin things which are broken lad?

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how are we going to save the shite race lads? it seems so hopeless

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He’s lame tbh

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I would probably do it too then


Good lad.


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I believe in Barney

they all go on to lead happy and fulfilling lives

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worked for hitler

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Finally finished the Witcher 3 tonight.

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and has never worked since

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Just assume that I died on the toilet shiteing after taking one too many codeines and having one too many dinners


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and hitler really saved germany didn't he lad


I'll be the lad knocking on your door to kill your libtard family.


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Trump saved america and he was voted into office lad

good lad unironically check Mlive if I ever stop posting

Into my frens folder it goes. Good lad.

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sad pepe will always be a good mene

that game is kino for wallpapers

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Good lad shit ending imo

this tbh

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yeah i saw it you big poo

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Fantastic plot and story. Considering getting the books now. Fuck the Netflix series though. They got a poo to play yennifer smh

You tried the first person mod for it?

Take this advice from someone who has a fair few of them: don't.


Phwoar I hope so

too lazy to play games tbh

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Apart from the first one which is basically a compilation of short stories before the author went full spastic

don't be gloomy

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Isn't that stairwell from Stalker?

Not yet, going to try the expansions first.

How come lad?

That Scottish housing project aesthetic

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Blood and Wine is fucking beautiful.

Oh right. Must be a polish thing.

always gives me a good kek

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Wasn't a fan tbh. Found it all a bit bland - other than the baron who beats up his wife sidequest. The gameplay's by the numbers tard-fodder and I can't help but detest anything set in a medieval fantasy type of universe which features american voice actors. It's so jarring. Like smearing shit on a painting.

Tried the Witcher 3 once, camera sensitivity was too high even on the lowest setting so I never played beyond the first room and balcony.

fucking amateur


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That dog nonce is trying to play the victim card.

I forget why but I distinctly remember the books being shit and posting with another lad on here about it, so bad I gave my copies away so I can't even re-read them to tell you why. Get The Last Wish though, it is good iirc but it is before the plumber decided to put Ciri in

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