Having a completely normal day on reddit

>having a completely normal day on reddit
>make a typically leftist comment, although one distrusting of the FBI specifically mentioning how they violated MLK's 4A rights

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I want to see this shit.

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Good thing the FBI would never manipulate domestic political discourse. I mean, it's literally never happened before in history, rite?

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It's worse.
Liberals and conserfs already divided the world among themselves. They surely love to play the left vs right game, despite being economically aligned.
They love to claim themselves "leftists" because that's what they are in their own tiny world they have created, but step outside the bubble to get the real picture. Those "leftists" are so far on the right economically, that when a true leftist speaks, they rather side with the conserfs.

This is the reason why I wish Hackerman Putin is real, albeit it's more likely that Trump got elected because Clinton (for real libruls? This was the best you've got?) and they are just looking for a scapegoat.

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Figure everything about the status quo is collapsing, instead of trying to ride the chaos they're desperately trying to shore up a house of cards. It is so beyond stupid when the left in general is receding, so they're trying to ally with parts of the discredited right (the very same people that they fought against in 2012, 2008, and 2004) in a failing attempt to pool resources and prevent collapse.

That said, assuming the people doing this are real in the first place they won't get the message until 10-20 years from now when Based Also Redpilled God Emperor St. Micheal Pence declares them nonpeople and sends them to porky gulags in rural Idaho. Trump will just be a memory then, like Obama a prelude to something much worse (and in Pence's case far more competent and aggressively reactionary).

The whining about Republicans is pretty lib tier but goddamn, the response to your comment is why tankies want gulags.

i sometimes browse reddit for non-political related business but reading through here just made me realize how fucking liberal the place is god damn it. Even the "left" side of that damned site just screams liberalism and lacks any "dialectical character"

They'll get outraged at China, Russia and Trump everyday but bring up one negative outside of this and it's impossible to get any idea through their head without first being labelled an "enemy of the people" (russiabot, chinashill, etc.)

The news and politics subreddits are 200% neolib. They don't have to be feds. They're bootlickers who will do it for free. More dangerous than feds tbh because you can't be outed as a spook if you're actually just a retard.

Him becoming president would legit unnerve me

Reminder that while the Clintonites like to imply that Putin "hacked the election" in a LITERAL sense, of electronically hacking voting machines, or by describing the popularity of openly foreign media outlets such as Russia Today among American audiences as "subversion", the only concrete charge they've made against Russia is about the Clinton eMail leaks. Leaks which nobody has denied the criminally implicating nature of for Clinton and the DNC.

Let that sink in. The heinous crime supposedly driving this ENTIRE circus against Russia, even if true which it quite unquestionably isn't, as it's been proven no hack occurred, instead it's the result of an internal leak exactly as the Clintonites suggest, would consist entirely of rooting out corruption within the American political system, like the FBI/DoJ are supposed to do themselves. This means, at worst, Russia would be guilty of saving us tax dollars.

Pence as president would be indistinguishable from Jeb or any other generic Republican. We need to keep populist momentum going, as it has with Trump and Sanders in the position of thought or thoughtless, in the right's case leaders for current political debate.

Going back to the "mainstream" neocon/neolib pseudoconsensus that's dominated politics since the 1970s isn't acceptable.


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It's really because you kinda just dropped this here when it's completely irrelevant. Some guy is just posting an MLK quote, you're not gonna change anyone's mind with your "well acktually" type post.

wtf even is that

Maybe he won't, but that response is still fucking bonkers. Reddit is a sewer. 90% of its membership are apparently so passive that they just unquestioningly swallow neolib talking points pushed by corporate news media. And they don't just swallow them; they do the neolibs' work for them by defending & spreading that agenda, completely on their own accord. I just can't understand people who willingly become puppets.

According to 4/pol/ and a YouTube playlist, those are ancient Jewish manuscripts exposing demon worship, but I believe them to be fake or made in the 1800's by a non Jew like the Protocols of Zion. Now don't get me wrong Judaism did originate from Paganism, and Judaism did get involved in ritualistic sacrifices, the Greeks recorded it at a time when they had no reason to be Anti Semitic without reason. But the manuscripts themselves include the Baphomet, a middle age concept not a Judaic one and the manuscripts were discovered in a Arabic country not a Judaic one. So it's most likely a false.

Yeah, downvote.

consider this: even a moderate centrist gets downvoted for even criticizing the FBI for being mean to moderate centrists

it demonstrates just how narrow their worldview is if they cannot even recognize even recent (

What did you expect

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I'd be ok with it if Bernie gets Treasury

a lot of really good subs got quarantined

r/DebateFascism wasn't too bad considering they let anarchists and Tankies have their POVs given out.

To be fair there are a lot of actual bots on reddit. It kicked into high gear in 2016 during the primary. Public opinion re: Bernie vs Hillary flipped literally overnight.

You do realize that Russia's HIV rate is due to huge rates of intravenous drug abuse, right?

I never knew it was possible to find something both hilarous and enraging simultaneously.

the last one looks like some jewish-gnosticism combination thing, can someone confirm, it looks pretty cool.

While Judaism and its predecessors were intensely opposed to human sacrifice, sacrificial offerings of animals and other items are core to Judaism, and their centralization at the temple in Jerusalem was the basis of Rabbinic Judaism that characterizes what are today commonly thought of as Jews. That sacrifice does not today occur among Rabbinic Jews is merely a consequence of technicalities arising from the razing of the temple and the scattering of its ritually purified priesthood. Jewish sects that never went along with this temple centralization (the Samaritans) still practice sacrifices upon the high places of Israel, as they always have.

That's the "hamsa", an ancient Semitic symbol common to all religions of the area (with varying symbolic meaning), including Judaism. Its most common uses were to ward off the evil eye, and protect families from infanticidal demons sometimes linked to the jealous Lilim.

Nader needs DoJ

reddit is much better without them