Jim Jones Appreciation Thread

Can we admit he was based? His use of religion to de-religionize people in such a reactionary environment as the United States was ingenious and continues to be a valid tactic to this day. Upon his move to Guyana he and his comrades, with their advanced conception of socialism, set up a pure communist society in the depths of the jungle and were fraternal with socialist states such as North Korea and the USSR. Jones himself was admirer of Juche. In the end, Jones and his followers were the victim of an organized and violent CIA plot and MKULTRA. Nearly a thousand comrades died in revolutionary suicide – in the sense used by Huey Newton. All true revolutionaries are doomed men, as shown by our comrades at Jonestown.

This is why I am a Pol Pot-Jones-ist

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Wrong. Huey Newton was talking about being willing to die fighting in battle despite overwhelming odds. Jones used it to mean suicide to protest an injustice.

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Ismail is a revisionist

bigger fan of Pol Pot than Jones.

Jones was just a queer opportunist.

The man had a lisp.

This tbh. Jones was a pedo, Pol Pot might have had good intentions at least.

He diddled boys and girls

Beria just diddled girls

No, Beria raped adult women and killed their families.

totally fake. kys.

Posadism-JimJonesism when?

There were elements of the People's Temple that were pretty based but it's clear that Jones was a deeply flawed man and the personality cult dynamic can only be detrimental to the aims of socialism. We have enough problems as it is trying to avoid the tendency of social movements to turn into sects controlled by a minority and steeped in repressive groupthink, and it's hard to tell if Jones' goal was to start from that point in order to move away from it (manipulating the church community mindset in order to transcend it and liberate his followers from their condition as followers), or if on the contrary he was an opportunist manipulating socialist concepts and the church dynamic for his own personal gain. I think it was a bit of both, Jones was not as clever as he thought and his strategy was not a coherent one. When that became apparent it was already too late and the tragedy that was Jonestown was the result of his (and all of their) lack of foresight.
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Jim Jones was a false teacher and CIA plant to discourage ChristCom from taking over

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Based. Christcoms belong to the circus.

Why don't you kill yourself, leftist excrement?

I've yet to see any evidence that Jim Jones wasn't the reincarnation of Lenin, so…

If you’re not a Pol Pot-Joneist with Juche characteristics in 2019 you are obviously not in tune with the dialectic

6/10 but I lol'ed

All leftism is a manifestation of the death drive. Do us all a favor and kill yourselves now.



this is now a Jim Watkins Appreciation Thread

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