Have you completely shed your reactionary views? Which ones do you still cling to if you're honest?

Have you completely shed your reactionary views? Which ones do you still cling to if you're honest?

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That word means nothing.

So all of them?

haha gotem

depends on what you mean by reactionary?

I mean I'm still a Gnostic Christian Nationalist, and believe women belong in the kitchen but my economic views tell a different tale.

If I'd deem a view that I hold as reactionary, I wouldn't have it. I think the most "reactionary" view that I have is that I am honestly sceptic of the beliefs that transsexuals hold, and I think a lot of transsexuals are really just transvestites or autogynephilic. When I am encountering a trans person on twitter with a bio that says "lesbian transwoman" I immediately assume that the guy just wanted to bang hot lesbians or generally girls he couldn't score as a dude. Being a "lesbian transwoman" is honestly something that I am extremly sceptical about it, and I don't think this will ever change, sorry to all trans people whon are decent.

And yeah I am gotta get a lot of shit for this but I believe that most trans people would be better off just not trying to change their sex physically, by cutting off their genitals or hormones, and genuinely trying to live as a man/woman that crossdresses privately.


I'm very skeptical of the narrative being pushed by neoliberals that this is established, settled science and that transgenderism is not a mental illness that they are fostering. I think it also gives into the worst aspects of modern capitalist society: individualism, consumerism and narcissism.

Rather than the "you're on the wrong side of history and future generations will ask how we could be so regressive" i think future generations will be asking how on earth we could think letting a child mutilate their sexual organs and take hormone drugs wasn't utterly insane.

It's not reactionary, it's materialist and rational.
Non-radfem gender criticals FTW!

According to me? Not anything I can think of

According to retards? Im appearantly litterally hitler or something.

Dealing with the transgender issues by using psychology/psychiatry to get rid of their dysphoria is less invasive and overall better than having them transition.


Please inflight over this so I don't have to deal with china stans when I try to organize.

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If you mean reactionary in the strict "return to prior state" then I guess I like some aspects of primitive or pre-class society like general egalitarianism, a communal "family unit" where everyone knows everyone, and sex being not only not taboo but a sort of positive spiritual thing.

What’s wrong with sex being taboo?

People are inherently sexual and shaming them for a harmless and necessary activity causes psychological distress for no reason whatsoever.

I legit don't have any. Even the positions I hold that make people here mad come from entirely within a socialist context.

gee why does no one like them?

People do have some sexual desire, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping this shit private. It’s fucking disgusting having people talk about sex and their sex lives in public. Also hookups are extremely unsanitary, they spread disease. Besides sex should only be for those who a person is deeply intimate with. Society today is over sexualized.

I utterly despise religion and I wish we could round up all religious people and execute them all. Religions and religious people are literally cancer.

Private =/= taboo. Nobody thinks you're a bad person for taking a shit. A lot of people think less of a person for having sex.
So does any social interaction. People are disease vectors. Safe sex is entirely possible.
Sex is one of the ways people become intimate with each other, and the only reason hookups make people feel bad afterward is because they've been socialized to think there's something wrong with it. People sometimes make brief connections, sexual or not, and never see each other again. Not every person you interact with should be part of your community/tribe.
That's your opinion. A lot of people say the opposite. I say that's a completely shallow analysis. Commercialization and commodification of sex is bad, but that doesn't make sex bad. Sex has been divorced from its biological function as a healthy activity. That's worth having a problem with, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Sex is very different from other functions. It’s the action of procreation. As such it should not be done with anyone, for this destroys it’s meaning and purpose.

Are you a thirteen year old boy?

If the meaning and purpose of sex (whatever that specifically means to you) is so fragile then maybe it ought to be destroyed and replaced with something even the slightest bit robust.
Are you a post-menopausal woman?

Reducing sex to merely the vehicle of procreation ignores how it actually exists within society and in relationships. I hope you are a teenage virgin if you believe this.

how is gay sex necessary if it doesn't make the proletarian stronger? it just spreads aids and poop dick.

The “sexual revolution” was caused by advertisers using sex to sell shit. It’s pure consumerism. Oversexualization reduces the meaning of sex in intiment relationships. Oversexualization also causes people to pick partners for superficial reasons, instead of on a more deeper emotional level. In effect oversexalization has reduced deep and intimate relationships and made them shallow and superficial. It was a mistake and something to be reversed.

Hello incel

Sex being shameful or taboo is a christfag meme. Before those repressive cunts forcibly converted people, folk religions basically worshipped sexuality and reproduction.

TIL gay sex spontaneously generates AIDS

t. used up whore who has STDs

Sexual taboo is a prerequisite for deep meaningful relationships. When you have sex with everyone, sex has no meaning.

Jealous possessive love is bourgeois.

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holy fuck why are all the mentally ill roasties who never form meaningful relationships and instead have casual sex until they die of AIDs on leftpol?

The butthurt incel has arrived
Does having casual sex mean you just fuck anything that walks and never wear protection? Wow today I learned


This is a Hoochie thread, isn't it?

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pic is misleading af

hoochie is way fatter than that

When you find out what the relation between anarchism and free love was in the 1800s, you'll shit bricks, user.
Then there was the new left. Or fourier. Or…

not really, besides women cause problems when not under a man's orders. most of the first wave feminists were childless, single harpies.

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anarchism isn't self-sustainable. free love in the end fucks everyone over.

Heres you're you.

My reactionary hot take is that /left(y)pol/ was better in the past.

my reactionary hot take is that left-wing nationalism is based

And it never worked out

Which was the biggest mistake leftists ever did

I am a bit of a tankie

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I don't see how any socialist would be against free love as the 19th and early 20th century thinkers discussed it, given that it is the rather inoffensive claim the (bourgeois) state should not regulate marriage and relationships should be entered into and exited willingly. Guess enforced monogamy is a good thing for the spooked nobooks around here.

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Wow free love btfo, I guess we should just have state-enforced strict monogamy for the sole purpose of rearing children.

Interesting, would you mind extrapolating? So do you believe in dualist cosmology or something?

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Cuba is the only country that avoided the AIDs epidemic.

Do you know why? Chiefly because when they realized it was predominately homosexual men contracting the disease, they rounded all known and suspected homosexuals up and quarantined them. Not for a short while either - for about a decade.

Despite 20+ years of awareness campaigns, homosexual men in the 1st world continue to engage in risky practices such as unprotected anal sex with multiple partners, attending orgies, and sharing needles for intravenous drug administration. Now with the wrongly assumed safety blanket they think PrEP provides, they are at the forefront of another crisis in mutating HIV, all because "dont let men you dont know fuck you in the ass, but if you do, at least make them wear a condom" is apparently oppressive.

recently with so called "progressive" attitudes being proliferated, the HIV rate in Cuba has shot up again. In fact, a 90% increase between 2010 and 2015 alone. This is one of those areas where the idealism of internet socialists doesn't meet the encountered reality on the ground. apparently homosexuals cannot be trusted to simply wear condoms or stick to one sexual partner at a time.

As a socialist, I have never understood why this ideology attracts so many halfwits who think this is compatible with their hippie bullshit and their narcissistic obsessions. "free love" as a concept is bourgeosis as fuck, but it wouldnt be the first time one of you privileged faggots pretended you weren't.

then you shouldn't be here

Super based and redpilled post

Gulag all homos

Anyone who pushes a) anti-border control narratives or b) sexual politics generally makes me internally label them a liberal entryist.
So far i've been proven right on that just about every time, though other people don't seem to get around to it until they start championiong libshit imperialist "democracy spreading" or try to marginalize worker control on the agenda over some idpol shit.

One man’s reactionary is another man’s conservative. It’s all semantics to me.

That’s not reactionary, it’s just a good observation. Combat liberalism.

its not up to you who should be here or not

they shouldn't be here, that's only place I'd make an exception

I believe Jesus killed the God of the Hebrews, and are using the US as a proxy to hurt other nations. the issue I have with people like Troy Southgate is now he's on a "muh oppressed Israelites" narrative and blames us of all people for crap that the regular citizen has no priori over. I saw it on FB, as much as I hate using that crap he made the Atlantic a little wider with that assumption.

none. I hate myself deeply for having been a neo-nazi, this self hatred is what drives me, I really want to be a good person, I'm glad I changed.

Kill yourself

I still don't feel Kingdom Hearts has good writing. I mean, killing Sora at the end of KH3 just after he finds Kairi? Really?

I think straight hair looks way prettier on black girls.

Isn’t that just a preference?

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[reaction intensifies]

I think most people are clinically retarded and ought to have minimal influence in society.

t. le big-brained imageboard poster

I want to kill all religious faggots. They are useless idiots for the bourgeoisie.

I think missionary is the best position.

This, but unironically

That islamic shitposting flag though?

wew lad no thank you.

I remember hoochie oh god the worst mod decision BO ever made.

Yeah, they absolutely should NOT have been allowed PrEP. We've seen the effects of man made evolutionary pressures on bacteria. I've seen quite a few posts on pinknews implicitly whining that it's homophobia to expect gay men to change their sexual practices and not burn through the viability of our antiretroviral treatments. I don't want to see another generation of gay men wiped out but having seen these attitudes expressed I'm going find it difficult to have much sympathy if it happens.

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You got it wrong. Aids is not caused by buttfuck or other vehicles of transmission. Aids isn't even a disease, it is just a symptom of faggotry, the real culprit. When you engage in this self-destructive behavior, homosexuality attacks your self and aids can appear.

Islam is a cargo cult based on gnostic teachings

wtf I love Islam now

No u tranny faggot.

Neck yourself liberal

Just stick the barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger.
It isn't that complicated, and we'll all be a lot better off without you.

Being a leftist doesn't mean I'd have to be a cuckold.

homosexuality is inherently capitalist

I fucking hate jews.
I know Marx was a jew but he was a noble jew so all right by me

what the fuck is this shit?

I'm not sure if "not allowed PrEP" would be the right thing, but the diametric opposite which was "just take this drug and go back to the behavior that causes the epidemic in the first place" certainly was dangerously wrongheaded. Its like obese people getting excited about these new drugs that inhibit carbohydrate or fat metabolism coming out. Does anyone want to bet money that it will have absolutely no positive impact except making the respective pharmaceutical companies significantly richer?

HIV is proletarian. Stop being anti-worker