Brit/pol/ #2857: Chernobyl Edition

MEP Ann Widdecombe sparks fury with gay science comments

7-year-old trans child wins LA Pride Parade with fierce strut in heels

Sajid Javid refuses to rule out extending Britain's departure from the EU beyond October and says he wants to find an alternative to the controversial Irish backstop if he becomes Prime Minister

Donald Trump warns he could stop sharing the US’s most secret intelligence with the UK if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister

‘Trump would have got Brexit done by now’: Farage blasts May’s handling of Brexit negotiations as new poll shows his Brexit Party leading NATIONALLY in a General Election for the first time – just 20 seats short of a majority

US flags line The Mall (although Trump won't parade down it) as London makes last minute preparations for US president's visit - as it emerges palace will use Prince Andrew to diffuse drama with 'golf diplomacy'

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Do so lad, it's pretty good and it has Jared Harris in it.

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Its taking ages to download

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Torrent? Post it

The best HBO miniseries in years tbh.

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idk just found the individual episodes on pirate proxy and they are like 2gb each

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Skytorrents best public tracker tbh

how long do you have to mew to get charles jawline

Ann is triggering sodomites by suggesting that science may be able to cure their disease.
Brexit party may have lost any faggot voters that they previously had after this."Ann Widdecombe"

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might take a month off from the internet to avoid having to see any gay pride shite tbqh

I think it's just genetics tbh

Kiltschkos are scoobydoos lAd..

Ann has always said stuff like this, it's not new.

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I thought it was gay pride every night down the Templar lad

Do it lad. Focus on the garden and the pub.

the acrobatics these people have to do and will have to do in the future is just untenable

When is pride even supposed to be? Or is it just accepted as all year now?

True, although this does not help the Brexit Party win power. The more recent anti-Sodomy comments are, the more this will reduce appeal to the faggot voter base. Our activities must be geared towards the winning of power.

Hope they do find a cure for gayness tbh

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The later I think tbh, the cities seems to agree to stagger it so it's always on somewhere

lol why do people think this, nobody voting bxp gives a shit about homos you retard

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There is, it's called mass depopulation.

9mm applied to the back of the head works wonders lad.

t. justine greening
No, but we do need a cure for degenerates covering fat slabs of meat in their brown piss in public.

most fags wouldn't want it

her hole is probably putrid

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at least half of the fucking year is dedicated to fudgepackers now

This, it's planned ahead.

couldn't do that to her smh, get me an electrotherapy kit smdh


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put fetid butts in the glasses reflection and brap smoke going into the nose tbh

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Their dad helped clean up the chernobyl disaster

Anime milkers could work too
Smdh need to ask him again next time I see him

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still no day for the wizards.

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That might work, anime willies for the lasses

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I put my height in my profile last night

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Kek, looks half paki as well


then why the fuck would anyone vote for them christ

Who the hell knows lad, it's what happens when you let a black arse bandit speak for you

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cuck harder

celebrating Saint Omar

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Congrats lad get a dna test

explain pls

Congratulations laddo

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Congratulations lad

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nice one lad me birds loyal though


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explain what i knocked me mrs up

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Why didn't you lads tell me about this new memi series?

cheers boys gotta marry her now


How did you do it, lad?

whats your situation I don't recognise you

Didn't know cookers used blanket insulation tbh, neat

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put me willy in her tbh

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Which way did you rotate it inside her? Clockwise or anti clockwise?

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my situation? toil, sleep, bonk

You have to do this?

what age are you, is she a slag, where did you meet her, did you intend to get her pregnant


Yes lad, a lad told me some lasses are righty tighties and some are lefty loosies. You need to figure out which one will impregnate them

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3 full rotations clockwise then up then diagonal then said the password then confirmed password and sperm deployed

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The Brexit Party is a syncretic movement between left and right wing, just like the NSDAP. Although Farage probably would just use the power to recreate the 60's.

'Civilisation Bad'

Kill all benders tbh
Good work lad, mine's due today or tomorrow

smh thanks a lot dad


you are such a retard

mid 20s, no, school, yes


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SA ban that fucking twat who shits the thread up with this shit