Zig Forums… it's time to talk. why are you doing this to yourself?

Zig Forums… it's time to talk. why are you doing this to yourself?

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As usual, the Tankies do it better. The weak fear the strong.

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Seems about right for radlib orgs. Glad to see the IWW keeping their masks on though.

biĵi biĵi

There's your problem. Now go back, BO >>>Zig Forums

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IWW then


IWW now

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burgers ruin everything

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You don't see any other country doing this type o shit tbf.

If we're talking about dressing up in aesthetics from movements decades or distances removed then it happens pretty much anywhere there is a left. Burgers are more obnoxious about it but a bunch of old fags taking pictures in front of the Soviet flag is pretty much the same shit.

Their costumes in the video are pretty contemporary and "Western". People do these videos all the time, if you go demonstrate it is pretty common for foreign trade unions to send the protesting trade unions video messages about how they support them and solidarity forever. They show these to the protestors who cheer and everyone is happy. I don't really understand what's so wrong with this particular video.

I assume others have a problem with the people looking like the (skinny)fat normies and few faggots/trannies that make up the actually existing workers in the west rather than the idealized lantern-jawed proletarian who exists in old propaganda posters or political cartoons. My problem is that often "solidarity" is just a socialist version of "thoughts and prayers" and that most shows of it are little more than performative, and that dressing up in costumes is silly. I'm not familiar with these groups aside from the IWW so they could be doing something relevant in the context of Rojava and the situations in burgerland, but the dressup still rubs me the wrong way.

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Nazbols do it better than anyone.



fuck Kurdistan!

The Commonwealth countries arguably do this shit worse than America.

Case in point: Victoria, B.C. is still pretending to be Edwardian England.

The problem is the juxtaposition of such military-looking attire (implying you are a fighting force) with such flabby looking physiques. People like that at a family-friendly march like TUC's UK Uncut, for instance, are fine, but wearing balaclavas and posing like an underground cell of insurgents with limpwristedly raised fists is pathetic.

Burger shitlibs are mediocre at worst. Grand prize IMHO goes to the Anti Germans, they're pretty much every seemingly contradictory and nonsensical Zig Forumsyp stereotype of the "left" made flesh.

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You don't need to deadlift 300 kg to firebomb a bank, you fucking retard.

It's not just physical condition (though that is pretty important most of the time), how many of those people do you seriously imagine have ever touched a gun in their lives, let alone drilled with one?

Other than the headgear they're wearing street clothes and aren't terribly more out of shape looking than . I lift and I can say that I'm decidedly the minority among the general population, when the revolution happens it will be these flabby fags who are fighting and they're not going to get a 3 month period to get into shape for battle.

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Don't worry, it won't happen.

I'm really not sure what you think the problem is OP, other than your perceived smugness. What we were doing is giving a statement of solidarity to the revolutionary movement in Rojava, and sending it to comrades THERE. Beyond that, this was a mere moment in a larger weekend-long gathering for social ecologists. If you're not doing the basic minimum of building community around your tendency, then you shouldn't even bother calling yourself a revolutionary.

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Are you in the video, user?

I was in the larger group shot, yeah


Can you stop abusing the meaning of this word please you fucking retard.
t. ecologist

Social ecology has been a meaningful term long before Bookchin when it was coined by Gutkind you dipshit retard. Someone isn't abusing a word purely because you don't understand it. Social ecology is taught at numerous post-secondary institutions

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>Question a person of this type, and you will often get the semi-frivolous answer: ‘I don’t object to Socialism, but I do object to Socialists.’ Logically it is a poor argument, but it carries weight with many people. As with the Christian religion, the worst advertisement for Socialism is its adherents.

>The first thing that must strike any outside observer is that Socialism, in its developed form is a theory confined entirely to the middle classes. The typical Socialist is not, as tremulous old ladies imagine, a ferocious-looking working man with greasy overalls and a raucous voice. He is either a youthful snob-Bolshevik who in five years time will quite probably have made a wealthy marriage and been converted to Roman Catholicism; or, still more typically, a prim little man with a white-collar job, usually a secret teetotaller and often with vegetarian leanings, with a history of Nonconformity behind him, and, above all, with a social position which he has no intention of forfeiting. This last type is surprisingly common in Socialist parties of every shade; it has perhaps been taken over en bloc from the old Liberal Party. In addition to this there is the horrible —- the really disquieting —- prevalence of cranks wherever Socialists are gathered together. One sometimes gets the impression that the mere words ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’ draw towards them with magnetic force every fruit-juice drinker, nudist, sandal-wearer, sex-maniac, Quaker, ‘Nature Cure’ quack, pacifist, and feminist in England.

>One day this summer I was riding through Letchworth when the bus stopped and two dreadful-looking old men got on to it. They were both about sixty, both very short, pink, and chubby, and both hatless. One of them was obscenely bald, the other had long grey hair bobbed in the Lloyd George style. They were dressed in pistachio-coloured shirts and khaki shorts into which their huge bottoms were crammed so tightly that you could study every dimple. Their appearance created a mild stir of horror on top of the bus. The man next to me, a commercial traveller I should say, glanced at me, at them, and back again at me, and murmured "Socialists", as who should say, "Red Indians". He was probably right-—the I.L.P. [Independent Labor Party-jj] were holding their summer school at Letchworth. But the point is that to him, as an ordinary man, a crank meant a Socialist and a Socialist meant a crank. Any Socialist, he probably felt, could be counted on to have something eccentric about him. And some such notion seems to exist even among Socialists themselves. For instance, I have here a prospectus from another summer school which states its terms per week and then asks me to say ‘whether my diet is ordinary or vegetarian’. They take it for granted, you see, that it is necessary to ask this question. This kind of thing is by itself sufficient to alienate plenty of decent people. And their instinct is perfectly sound, for the food-crank is by definition a person willing to cut himself off from human society in hopes of adding five years on to the life of his carcase; that is, a person out of touch with common humanity.

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It's the equivalent of calling yourself a biologist or a physiologist and attaching political implications to it. You have a word that describes your political desires adequately already: environmentalism. Ecology literally means the study of the environment. Do you study the environment? Is your everyday occupation concerned with teasing out how biotic and abiotic things relate to one another? Stop.

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Damn those fucking fruit juice drinkers! They ruined communism!

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