Why can’t things get better? Capitalists ruled the world during the socdem era of the fifties and sixties, why did they have to be such dicks, and take people’s few comforts from them just for a few extra percentage points of profitability? The fact that socialism is inevdible and a nice communal utopia is on he horizon is the only thing that keeps me going. I hope I won’t be to old when socialism happens.

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Sorry to shatter your hopes but that's simply not true. The fall of the Berlin Wall has effectively destroyed the marxist left.

The most we'd get is some sort of New Deal but given how tightly the ghouls have their grip on society, climate change, peak oil, etc. the entire earth and humanity are probably all fucked.

Heh, jokes on you, in the UK we only have to pay back our student debts once we're making over £25,000 a year and for half of us that will never happen.

Congratulations bourgs, you played yourself

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Why must we import shitty memes from 4chan? How is /leftydoomer/ any better than Bloom? Just read Tiqqun already.

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What about the non Marxist left?

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Is /doomer/ an op?

Jw. It hasn't been around so long, but already has a pretty solidified board culture. Like the Winona thing and "reality is a nigger." Is it halfchan stuff?

Also, that the userbase appears to be a cross-section of fascists and leftists seems intriguing, but also a bit concerning. A board for enthusiasts of radical left/extreme reactionary politics who are also hardline loser chantards who hate all of existence and want to see it end? Hm…

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It started working for Assad.

The impending doom of global industrial civilization as it currently exists is the only thing to be hopeful about. The proletariat has proven itself unwilling to politicize itself and bring about a socialist revolution unless they are existentially threatened. The compromise of social democracy is far more attractive, so long as it is possible.

If you're expecting a complex FALC utopia to emerge you're going to be disappointed, if such a thing is created it will only be for the benefit of a very few, while the majority are excluded and left to suffer or die. Our only hope is for a series of crises so sharp that it forces the workers to struggle together in self-preservation, hopefully to create a modest egalitarian society from the ruins of global capitalism, while avoiding total destruction.

Capitalism and yourself for the last one.

The type of posters to go to 4chan aren't the same ones reading fam.

You'd have ton define what the "Marxist left" is first because according to some folks it's anyone whose read Marx and accordong to others it refers only to some marxist-snowflakist cult with 5 members.

Haven't the tanks been stanning him the last 6 years or so?

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To what end?

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factually incorrect, we had less spending then
the tops were during ww1 & ww2 spikes

That obviously includes largely ephemeral military spending. OP was obviously referring to investment, infrastructure, welfare, subsidies, etc., especially domestic ones.

/doomer/ is just /r9k/ for people who had sex once or twice.

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To gather a bunch of people fixated on politics and hatred of society into one place to monitor/sting 'em? It sounds like a really mass-shooter/suicide/sabotage-y group, doesn't it? Throw in Winona and it's also evocative of the "celebrity stalker" in a really unsubtle way.


I'm ten years older. been waiting for something different for awhile. but probably not what you want

yeah but that's when I blow my house up in protest. fuck the cops.

they are gay

that's fine trades are superior. college is bougie