Statism is the real problem! States have always been the reason why there was oppression and exploitation! Every...

Statism is the real problem! States have always been the reason why there was oppression and exploitation! Every government in history has been corrupt and has used its power for its favor! Every so-called leftist, who still believes in parties and states today, is completely stupid and should kill themself!

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-t "anarchists"

Yeah, it is not a state! Anarchism means that the workers themselves are the "authority" and that, regardless of a government, they overthrow the rulers!

Sounds like how Marx described the DOTP. Anarchism is a mental illness

Statism is a mental illness! Keep licking the boots of your master, you pathetic slave!

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Reminder that this "anarchist" is the same guy who posts as a nazi on leftypol.

Yhea who would want all that technical progress the USSR provided, lets just all become hermits because modern technology requires massive centralization.

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He's also posed as a tank, ancap, and a nazi, he's going to several replies because anons still take the bait.

weird definition m8

I usually just cringe and become sad when anarkiddies are dumb, but this made me laugh.

Nice try.

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Socialist sates are superior to Anarchy, because unlike Anarchy they have the power to not be conquered by nearby fascists.

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Is democratic confederalism considered statist? What about consensus democracy?

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The government are not the problem; they are merely the tumor. They protect the interests of the bourgeoisie.

That's why we need direct democracy and trade unions. Only the proletariat can govern themselves. Anarchy is an utopian delusion.

Space shit bankrupted the USSR and achieved nothing.

You know what I actually agree with this hot take. Space is fucking useless.

You do realize without space shit we wouldn't know a fraction about our climate due to not having weather satellites.

Hmm, you need a nation with a military to protect itself from outside forces? And this National government also provides for the people through socialism? Is there a word for that?

Try again.

It's not a hot take. I love Star Trek, sci-fi, want to travel space and all that. I'm just being realistic. Humans can't thrive in any meaningful way in space or on another planet. People have visions of glass domes on alien planets, filled with greenery and cities. The reality is that if we were to live in space or on another planet it would be in a metal tube, vegetables grown in controlled environments, movement in and out of the series of tubes restricted. And when you do go out, you have to go out in a suit, breathe filtered air.

Imagine never taking a breath of fresh air again. Never hearing live birds chirp, wind on your face, grass and soil beneath your feet. That's life in space.

We are this planet and this planet is everything.

To develop weather satellites you don't need to put people on the moon or have a permanent manned base in space.

Barring some kind of hypertech or magic, If we don't colonize other planets we're all doomed to die here on this mudball. Conflicts are both inevitable and inevitably escalating while the potential for cataclysmic events continues to increase as well. All our eggs are in one basket, so-to-speak. Unless you're one of those misanthropes who wants humanity to end (and considering where we are I wouldn't be too surprised) you can't truly consider "Space" to be "fucking useless".


Anarchy is not chaos

Most of the USSR's progress was attributable to a preindustrial feudal nation being modernized

Reminder Marx himself described both capitalists and labor as victims of capitalism

No, I would describe it, in its fully realized form, as a stateless government.

Getting close!

First, without the space race, nearly all new technology since WWII wouldn't exist. Second, if we don't establish permanent human habitation both extraterrestrially (and eventually extrastellar), we will go extinct as the result of a catastrophe or the sun going red giant and sterilizing earth's biosphere. Third, if humanity fails to pursue a lofty goal such as space colonization, the human soul itself will be smothered by crushing ennui and autistic purposelessness.

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That’s also life in plenty of megacities on this planet.

Geo engineering, finding planets similar to Earth, and influencing your environment exist retard. Why is it that out of everyone on Earth leftists are the only people who have no imagination when it comes to space and just say "No man, we'll never get off this planet let's just all like do nothing but work and rest until the sun explodes in a supernova ages from now and we go extinct."

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Since you feel so strongly, you'll have absolutely no difficulty in defining what a 'state' is, right?
You would never suggest anything radical based on vague and subjective conceptions, right?

implying anarchists aren't nazi themselves


>>>Zig Forums

Why wage a revolution where you can easily die? Survival is more important than comfort.

More like building modern industrial society. Even the USA would be a backward nation by today's standards without Soviet breakthroughs in industry and science.

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like what?
legit question Im curious

The US modern education system was a direct result of Sputnik as was DARPA and NASA. As for breakthroughs Soviet scientists have received 25 Nobel Awards in areas like physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Especially ML has neglected the fetish criticism of Marx and therefore ignored the problems of statism aka state fetish. Gramsci saw fetishistic thinking in state, the nation and political parties. Trotzki said the state is the most cruel of all fetishes that the class society etablished to protect itself. According to him, teligious, economic and political fetishism can only be abolished together as an unity. Paschukanis imply that state, legislation and administration are fetishes since they are man-made but appears as overpowerful and natural. Lukács explains how state bureaucracy enhances the division of labour and thereby the objectification since the material quality of the things are more and more seperated from the formal-rationalistic dealing of all questions. Economy and state are both constitutive elements of the objectified totality! Separating them is a symptom of a fetish.The objectification of capitalism has two opportunities: the value and the state which emerges out of the commodity fetish. In the phase of real subsumption of labour among the capital and the real subsumption of society among the state, capital becomes mystified and fetishized.

Also this

So therefore the solution is a bigger government! Yeah!!

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Why? Why is it important that the Human race lives on after this planet is dead? Will we be some sort of enlightened species that is perfect in every way and we will have to spread the perfection that are Humans all over the universe?

Survival means fuck all, except in masturbatory fantasies about Humans having some sort of universal destiny. "Survival" just means "prolonging", because eventually the Universe will die.

Just because you call me a retard, doesn't make you look smart.

Because imagination is not the same as ability. I can imagine a Human society where we're mining asteroids and living in utopian terraformed planets with a Dyson sphere around the Sun for energy. Yes, imagination is a fine thing. A fine thing, indeed!

Bullshit. That's the lie NASA et al. perpetuate so they would continue to receive funding. I bet you're one of those people who believe NASA invented Teflon.

The catastrophe can only be man-made, due to nuclear war or climate change. In any case, we made our bed, now we get to sleep in it. Or do you want Humans to terraform and eventually destroy other planets, causing the suffering of billions in the process (like we are doing now)?

If the only thing "keeping you alive" is Sci-Fi, then you should take a good look at your life.

Just like every other life on this 'mudball'. Why are Humans so special?

A yes, a race that is in danger of destroying itself through reckless violence should definitely spread itself throughout the Universe!

YES! We are one planet, we have one chance. I guess Musk's Mars colony space shit has infected lots of people. We can't just pack our shit and leave to another planet. That is completely realistic and people would be better off not believing it.


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Not the user to whom you're responding, I'm , but I don't think Humanity should end. I'm being realistic about Humanity's prospects in the future. All things end, even the Universe. You're talking about prolonging the inevitable. Prolonging it in a shitty way, because no other Human post-Earth will ever experience the abundance and beauty we experience on Earth. If Humanity does survive past Earth, they will write/talk about Earth as the land of milk and honey. Many will probably deny the existence of Earth, or that it ever was like this, some will turn it into a religion and worship Old Earth and support initiatives that "bring us back" to the state of bliss.

Despite what this user says, comfort is more important than survival. Survival makes sense when at the end of that survival is comfort. But if Humans go off into space in ships or whatever, their life will suck. They will just perpetuate the species for the sake of perpetuating it. There will be no Earth to come back to to comfort us. No sea to swim in, no mountain air to breathe, no grass to sleep on. It will just be more coldness and darkness of space, generation after generation. Think about what that will do to our species. Hell! I bet a multi-generational Human ship, tasked with protecting the Human race and ensuring its survival will not make it past the first generation born on it.

"Terraforming" is a pipe dream. We can't feed the last few million people that are hungry, we can't ensure that people without a shelter have a shelter, even when they're surrounded by empty houses! And you think Humans can actually TRANSFORM a whole PLANET and make it look like Earth? WE CAN'T EVEN KEEP EARTH AS EARTH, AND YOU THINK WE CAN TRANSFORM ANOTHER PLANET TO BE LIKE EARTH.


Me thinking whether Humanity should end or not doesn't change the fact that Humanity will end. There's no right answer here, if I say "Humanity shouldn't end" then I am fighting against something that will 100% definitely happen and it's crazy to think you can stop things that can't be stopped. If I say "Humanity should end" I appear as some sort of anti-Human wacko nut job, which can't be farther from the truth.

I don't think we should accelerate the demise of Humans by exploiting our planet the way we are and destroying the environment, not to mention the constant in-fighting and wars. I also don't think we should waste time and effort into attempts at staying that demise for as long as we can.

Scientists predict the growing Sun (oh look, the Sun, like everything else, also has a birth, life/change, death cycle) will make the Earth uninhabitable in hundreds of millions of years, if not billions. Humans have been around for only 200,000 years, we don't even know much about Earth or ourselves. New plant and animal species are discovered every day, we don't know much about the Oceans and life in it. And we want to move on already!

Everyone here who is talking about space exploration as some sort of noble goal, go buy SCUBA gear and get a PADI deep diver certification. There's loads of shit still unexplored in the sea.

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