Brit/pol/ #2691: BBC Edition

TV Licences: Up to 3.7 million over-75s to pay licence fee
The BBC will scrap blanket free licences for over-75s, but those households with one person who receives pension credit will still be eligible

Theresa May urges BBC to rethink plan to scrap free TV licences for most over-75s
Theresa May has urged the BBC to rethink its plan to scrap free TV licences for most over-75s, as it announced that three million pensioners would no longer be eligible for the concession

Seeds of BBC licence fee decision deftly planted by George Osborne
Deal struck with BBC in 2015 was a win-win-win for Tory government

BBC bosses accused of 'sanitising' Islamist attacks after it emerges reporters will be told to stop using the word 'terror' unless quoting someone else
Reporters will be told to avoid using the word to describe any terror attack, unless they are quoting someone else. Instead, they will refer to terror attacks by naming specific details, such as the location and the method of slaughter used.

Brexit analysis: Why Theresa May's deal was doomed to fail

Labour: Jeremy Corbyn in 'heated' meeting with MPs

Grenfell fire: 'No guarantee' of criminal charges, say police

Conservative leadership race: Newspapers join forces for ominous warning to Tory hopefuls

Dominic Raab swipes at Tory rivals Boris Johnson and Michael Gove as he rages that Britain has been 'humiliated' in talks with EU

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Would rather live under stalinism tbh

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Summaries of each episode so far:
Episode 1: all about niggers, two friends play total emersion VR one is a female character the other male, they fuck but they're not gay, ends with them continuing to do on the condition that one of let's their wife be adulterous
Episode 2: man hates social media, kidnaps an employee and almost gets away with it if it weren't for a meddling mixed race female police officer, in hostage standoff all officers in authority are either black or women hilariously the sniper is a woman, ends inconclusively about whether both men die or just one of them, the message of the episode being that people move on from tragedies too quickly
Episode 3: a poor popstar is being oppressed and drugged up to perform for her aunt to make money, she gets put into a coma but with the help of a meddling superfan and her robot they free her to confront the aunt and let the popstar perform the songs she really wants to, I guess as Miley Cirus plays the popstar the message/story is meant to be allegorical about her but what lesson is it really teaching? None it's pretty shit tbh
I might be a masochist, watching all that shit.

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what did anyone expect of a homo?


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It's just meant to be an imperial mansplaining gold.

Yeah they literally have to whitewash nigger and paki behaviour/accents/dialects etc to make their hellworld work as the utopia it's supposed to be. Every layer of leftythink is smeared in wishful thinking and oozes desperation.

Just like everyone else

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Been too long since I've felt this

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Where is this from?
I said years ago that I assume that most of the alt shite e-celebs are lefty agents who will ultimately be outed as such to bring down the alt shite. This is similar (though more desperate/less believable).

Lana Lokteff on twitter

why do normies like to get so close to eachothers faces like that

at least Big Dickie will never betray us

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Because they’re married?

that's a banging beat tbh


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At least E Michael Jones has outed this cretin

yeah naah

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I hate charlie brooker.
He's the quintessential turncoat.
The second the normies started rimming him, he became the world's biggest retard.

he has explained those comments you dumb retard

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Still doesn't stop him you being a brunch eating homo.

when was this?

No.Jeremy Cunt is

Where's she got it from?
Is she one of the elite female hackers who take after the bletchley park gals who invented fucking hacking???

don't question e-celebs, lad


does anyone in the uk even watch that rebel media shite? thought it was all flyover boomers. we need westie's dad's hot take on the coaloaaon roaabertsoaoan situation

he outed himself tbh

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Only men say that. Apologise.

Ignorance is bliss.

Outed himself as what? He's the great white hope

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as a poof
also he's the degenerate who Goldy cheated with

what is it, lad?

Oh right, I forgot this place is famous for its defamers

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*hides bank statement detailing the thousands of pounds I've donated to rebel media this year*

Why is there Negermusik in the background?

You should just donate directly to Israel, cut out the middle man.

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I thought that was mike enoch kek. Not really, I thought it was someone else who's name I recognise but whom I've never seen a baste video of.

We're famous, where and with whom?

dno if original music, but Nick does like rap.

shut up

Noice lad, better be Speckled Hen or something decent. 3 beers and said bit of bourbon over here.

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Brunch is for poofs.

Could be both, she also cheated with an 18yo at a rally.

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*checks twitter page to make sure that the union flag, the stars and stripes AND the baste israeli flag are still proudly stamped above every one of my posts*

christ that noisy little spic is annoying

It was in here I think when he called people like Spencer out for using the term ‘white’ and playing into the hands of ‘oligarchs’ who engineered the term to destroy ethnic identities
From about qr mins in he goes into the issue of the term white

Need a jahans one tbh.

zoomers, lad

This elevensies is the proper way to go, tensies is also an option.

Ok. Jeremy Retard

Brunch is literally a hedonistic anti-Christian meal.

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brit is so shit tbh

just posted it lad

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Based Geordie lad

This man fights for you

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brunch is just an excuse for wealthy alcoholics to drink during the day

For what?
Are you lads all on twitter?
It's like being surrounded by zoomer girls tbh.
*sulks because he's not involved in zoomer thot gossip*

naah I meant the lad in the thread defending the poofter

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So what cunt, why don't you steal more of my OC to post on twitter and then I can *just posted that* at you

t. bins homo

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

don't make dutch posting into a thing kanker flikke

in defense of brunch, breakfast is a meal that is typically woken up early for and in a post toil era, there will be little point in including this pointless third meal. Plus it's been shown that eating all your daily meals within 5 hours is great for HGH production and part of a more natural intermittent fasting routine. Cut out breakfast and dinner and do brunch and lunch.

How do you react?

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This lad has a point

never eat breakfast tbh


strawcel is tsundere

Is that the one where they're mean at first but only because they're scared of their feelings for you?

Good lad.

It's like you aren't even muslims.

something like that yeah

rubbish (You)s lads. you don't have to give up breakfast, you could do breakfast and brunch. As long as you eat all your food within a 5 hour window you will get really good natty HGH gains

I hate that I associate with people online who know what gay weeaboo terms mean, which describe gay infatuations with gay anime characters with annoying gay high pitched voices.

The bison and the frog

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A true Brit should eat absolutely nothing all day, drink 8 cans of Speckled on the evening and then eat copious amounts of bacon and eggs at around 2am.