Trump trolls the elites once again

OK this is epic.

These elites are used to eating caviar and truffles while snorting coke of a whores pussy lips.
Its fucking genuis to serve them a load of Macdonalds fast food.
Its cheap and quintissentially American, but even better if they refuse to eat it they willl be turning their noses up at the food that common Americans eat. Which would further highlight the disconnect between American elite politicians and regular Murricans.

Im British and they did the same thing in the early Brexit negotiations when they made the EU politicians eat beans on toast. It reflected really badly on the EU elites when they demanded caviar and champagne instead of the crap regular British people eat. Shame they fucked the rest of the negotiations up.

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If you think Trump is being clever here you are braindead
It was a fucking sports team you fagtard, and this is just what Trump eats himself daily

Truly Trump is /ourguy/ and the entryist vanguard!

Hmm I didnt know it was a sports team.
I hope he does that for every foreign diplomat. And then releases their reaction on social media when they demand their stupidly expensive posh people food.



Professional Foortball players are among the richest 0.1% of society.

And lets not forget that male football players get paid on average far more than female football players. Despite them doing exactly the same job.

Even Soviet diplomats would be taken back as it would be below even the standards of the average rural Soviet worker in Siberia.

It would call into question how the USSR could provide fresh meats, vegetables and fruits to its hinterland for roughnecks in the oil industry yet the White House provides sub grade ground "beef" to its capital.

Its below the standards of rural workers in siberia yet Russian people in Red Square queue up to be able to eat it…
Really makes you hmmmmmm..

That was due to western propaganda. They were aware of fast food marketing of the west and it tied into this delusion that how capitalist advertised fast food was honest. That is would be better then their home cook food (most Soviets ate at home).

It is the weird contradiction where before they would go onto the black market for prime cuts (as they were rare) yet lined up for ground beef far below what was common prior just because it was western.

Sounds like Macdonalds is fine for the ordinary people of Murrica and Russia.
Just not for the top politicians who have developed a a taste for the finer things in life.

No, they are not. A handful of the quarterbacks are. Most of them make six figures for about four years before their careers are over.

Also, we are talking about college players, not professionals. Those poor bastards do not get paid at all even though the NCAA makes a fortune off of their work. A little while back they tried to sue the NCAA based on the Thirteenth Amendment.

You need to earn $770,000 to be in the top 1% of the worlds richest people. Heck, having 5k in the bank makes you richer than half of the world.
Niggers probably spend it just as quickly as they get it though. Your right about that. And the college shit I dont get cos Im not murrican.

I will downgrade my figure from 0.1% to 1%.

Not according to Khrushchev he figured the US of the 50's was great because of consumption of prime cuts (this was before the fast food boom in the USA) thus why he was so interested expanding corn production for feed stock. In the if he Soviet could consume steaks at the same rate as Americans they would have a similar living standard.

He is the elite

Anti-trumptards need to go back. This is a Trump forum.

OP is a fag and a retard.

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And their careers average only four years at which point their bodies are battered and often broken. Pro sports are a terrible way to make a living for people who are not Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, or Philip Rivers.

Even as a prole, I wouldn't eat that garbage. McDonalds shitty "food" is the reason why adults in tue US are a pile of cholesterol lardasses.

Fuck that shit.

Populism is next to accelerationism

The façade of hoity toity liberalism is crumbling

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If someone started a fast food chain that claimed to sell Hamburders and Covfefe I would unironically invest and patronise that establishment.

Burgers are the food of capitalism.

But what is the food of socialism?



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I wonder if it's the same stuff we get or if they made it with extra care since it was for the president.

god damn so deep

Why is Zig Forums so retarded?



Socialist food is potlucks and cookouts.

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Everyone eats McD's in the states, yes? I remember reading a press report about Bill Gates presenting a discount coupon at McD's. He'd just arrived in his private jet and was hungry.


this meme is great. Tony Robbins memes should be the next big thing

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I am American, and I also hate brainless "I hate americans" posts
Learn to read English
It's a literal fact that Trump loves fast food.

If you just replaced trump with Dubya this whole altercation would have been identical to some Adbusters Circa 08 "NonCommerical" parody shit about McDonald's or whatever

It is already similar to the parodies of Bill Clinton at McDonalds about twenty-seven years ago.

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