Brit/pol/ #2692: Spies Edition

MI5 criticised over 'unlawful' use of data gathered
The security service MI5's handling of large amounts of personal data has been "undoubtedly unlawful", a watchdog said

Pensioners will be risking a prison sentence if they refuse to buy a TV licence - while the corporation pays million-pound salaries to its galaxy of stars

BBC must do more for older people after TV licence fee change, government says

Channel 4 News blames BREXIT for sending viewing figures plummeting

Andrea Leadsom says Brexit on October 31 is a 'hard red line'

‘I’m a Big Fan of Immigration’: Javid Calls to Scrap Tens of Thousands Target in Leadership Pitch

Paedophile hunter, 21, downloaded 1,700 child porn images after 'becoming attracted to the pictures' while trying to snare perverts online

Paedophiles should not be prosecuted for watching child porn and should be put on 'diversion courses' instead, new report says

Sadiq Khan hosts £300,000 beach party despite claiming cash shortage to tackle knife crime

Rape trial: Man accused of sex attack in The Lanes, Brighton

Brussels’ future at risk as three crucial deals on brink of collapse warns EU expert

Merkel takes aim at Brexit Britain and Trump’s US in attack on countries going it alone

EU sees sharp rise in asylum applications from Venezuela

A man who is one of six brothers all infected by contaminated blood has told how four of his siblings died

Comic Relief will stop sending celebrities abroad in wake of 'white saviour' racism row, Richard Curtis tells MPs

Iran sends chilling warning to US - ‘Whoever starts a war with us will not finish it!’

Heathrow defence: Futuristic rifle can disable rogue flying drones in seconds

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>"Divorcee and trying to cope with the kids. Husband kicked me out after he caught me giving a blowjob to a smurf. C'mon engurlund"

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it's like a copypasta in every profile

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*swipes left*


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What she failed to understand is that a "real gentleman" is only going to look for a "real woman" and not some peasant whore with complicated baggage.

She doesn't want a "real gentleman", she just wants anyone who will provide for her and clean up her mess.

such a contradictory bio, all women may aswell write "If you are a chad I'm ready to fuck you raw right now but if you are ugly I'll make you wait teehee"

I like to think these days, blokes wouldn't bother with single mum trollops but I know there are a few cucks out there with more money than sense. Be good to see an opinion poll.

tbh how can anyone handle baggage at all? So many men marrying single mums

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very nice, lad

*braces for incoming e3 faggotry*

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really good, send it to Joe

Fuck off with the E3 shit go to /v/ you abosulte queercels

no way he has my email and I dont want to burn any previously cached goodwill lol

Nintendos conferences are usually based


simple as

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Getting really sick of the dragon quest theme.


Tell it to some fat overweight kike on a different board, Nintendo is jap queer shit like all gaming is.


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This lad needs to take one of my chill pills tbh


Cant wait to buy a ps4 for ff7 tbh

i'll take soy over wahmen posting but id prefer neither

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Just bought a switch for a laff

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Luigi got that succ

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Both should be banned, any lads doing either in reality are fucked beyond help tbh

this lad is probably a neet smh

I want more fucking footage.
Really not sure how midgar can take up two blurays tbh.

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I'd actually prefer dutch posting that's how low the thread has sunk smh

this lad needs to go to the infirmary

the thread has sunk because you are crying like a retarded women

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come on now lad

based sa

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although the vidya and tinder posts need to be toned down tbh

Go watch the Quatering lad or be a decent mod, this shit has ruined two days already.

SA posts need to be binned tbh

are you the cunt that contributes nothing but complains about other posters non stop until they get banned

Well unless there's an actual discussion going on that's what it's going to look like, also yesterday was somewhat justified what with the Watch Dogs being "muh brexit"
Stop complaining and start posting other stuff.

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When it's fucking zoomers gaming about jap shit all day, yeah, kill yourself you cunt

I agree. Not posting more.

its tbbk

no idea lad why dont you do it?
i dont hang around on those nonce sites

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ooooof reallygoodlad
It's literally impossible to become a terrorist in Sweden.

I reckon by the start of next year they'll have rebranded terror attacks to only being when it's a white perp

Yeah, it's such a fucking conundrum as to why a muzzie would attack anyone and have bombs present. Maybe he was birdwatching or making a fucking omelette.

This local lad in Sweden got the data from every court in the country on rape, and the stats were gang rapes 95% immigrans, assualt rape 90%. It reached the press but he's not 'educated' so don't look at the cold stats

terrorism is something only whites are capable of because of power + privilege sweety

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are you actually in those photos or are you chad fishing

decline to answer as spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) are listening

smh tell the truth, do we have a chad in our midst

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That's the cunt from QT ffs


plastic spastics

Proper stupid.
What I have noticed is that swedes have taken the issue of being ultra naive and using it as a cope or virtue.

Raab for PM. Simple as.

Bet he’s a scoobydoo

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The two 'blondes' literally souless thousand cock stares ffs, look at the difference between the horsey one on the left.


Tbf they all look like slags, but the paki one less so because she's not as desirable to deanos.

isnt that the one Williamson said Gove was fucking?

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what site lad

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Where are the CUNTS FOR HUNT? Load of scabby chinks probably smh

tried to go on that but everything was in spanish ;c

Raab is a kike right?


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Might become a tory just for the easy tarts

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the slags are all in it for money

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