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if this incel can make it so can you

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Nite lads

good lad spend your wages on a high end microphone so you can become a professional vocarooer

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really good lad. i'm a neo-luddite.

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couple of drops of lavender essantial oil on my pillow

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Does lavender oil lower T levels ?

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*plays dwarf vidya*

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Sorry I couldn't respond faster I was just waiting 20 seconds for your High def image to load up

good lad ridicule is nothing to be scared of

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always prefered the multi flavoured ones tbh, too much lavander for me

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Second, ALL of the essential oils mentioned are highly estrogenic and have been PROVEN in studies to RAISE ESTROGEN levels. This in turn throws off the estrogen/testosterone balance and indirectly LOWERS testosterone (lavender being the most estrogenic of the lot).
wtf have I done. mum put that on me all the time when growing up fuuuuuuk

honestly what can a lad do? i eat my cauliflower but what use is that when even that new car smell is tanking your T levels on the daily serfshuffle


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kino, the way they talk is like out of a film

is Zig Forums dead now?


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what were those spooky links you posted?

the nod video maker lad


that sketch scared me a lot. smn.


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Lad post your helper folder smh

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shakin' my noggin

flat pepsi for early brekkie before getting to bed

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keke, at least it starts getting darker in 2 weeks. smfn. it must be hard for 22st.

By the time you actually commit to killing yourself it will be too late. basically your body will just go through the motions before you can consciously register that you've done it



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don't do it lad, you can say the serf shuttle broke down or something

Feeling surprisingly fresh after only 6 hours sleep. Should really shower every morning. Today im going to do good. Work hard for bossman. Not overeat or masturbate. Smoke no more than half a pack. Clean my flat tonight before the rentman comes tomorrow. God will intervene to give me a good day. I can just feel it.

the dayposts are upon us graveyard lads

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nowt you can do about it lad. Gonna be linkpost mods soon enough. smn

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bad north sea storm lad? i watched a doco about one of those that happened in the 50s. ruined a lot of souflads.

storm surge and tides and all that kek

No just rain

that's good. are you really below sea level though?

I'm 2 inches above it

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riddle me this fen-man, when the sun and the moon align and the pressure drops, how many inches above the sea will ye be then?

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Morning, butties.

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Tommy Robinson let those two queers rob him and his wife, blackmail him and give information about his whereabouts to HnH, and did nothing, Lauren Southern MET with HnH and allowed the two queers to fuck over people knowingly, because she is a thot and they knew she gave sex for favours to people who could help her. She is going dark because the queer has been exposed and she is fucked because the truth will come out. She allegedly, to the surprise of nobody is pregnant with a nigger baby.

And people were crying that ecelebs are getting hit by youtube. They are all heathens, there isn't one who isn't a fucking degenerate grifter.

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Dutch Babies for Breakfast

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jk, tripfags and norfmen are good lads. smn. time for bed.

Council bellend came out a day early and replaced al of the window gubbins, got a nice cool breeze blowing indoors again and all my furniture back in order. Bliss tbh lads

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Disgusting tbh

Fuck off, you william

Yeah, that's kino.

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I think the reason astronauts can talk so fluently is because their IQs are so high. I heard the biographer of William Luther Pierce say that he responded to questions with extreme speed and precision, so that his interlocutor thought "this must have been what the guys on the Manhattan Project were like".

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The Englishman pre scoobydoo, still Normankiked, but untethered.

Not sure high IQ results in the best language choices tbh

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Interesting take.


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Maybe it's because the tweet combines the words "gay people" and "mistake".

It comes off looking like he was locked for blasphemy, which would be good.


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No sacrifice by Jesus means the entire human race goes to hell.

exactly what kikes want

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I think he might be turning schizo.

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Whos pickin the banjer here?

Good lad
*shivers me timbers*

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D-do you lads believe in ghosts?

Boomer and google gone awry

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The Holy Ghost

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Not human ghosts, but places can be haunted by devils.

Yes lad, they are very spooky

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>"hurr hurr rifle"
>"hurr hurr rifle"
>"hurr hurr rifle"
>"hurr hurr rifle"
>"hurr hurr rifle"

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Why is a scoobydoo using the Christian canon to make swipes at theism, not the Abrahamic one I wonder…hmmmmm

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Yes lad. I heard one making a racket at my funeral and no one could remember the sound but me.