Brocialists, Let's Talk Feminism

The major breadtube/lefttube channels are recommending this, I just wanted to know what your thoughts are.

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We should call it 'vaginism', by the way. When you look at things and people through the lens of genitals, you oughta be called out for that.

Not as good (persuasive) as Mexie,
but not as bad (off putting) as Twitter.
I had a look at Twitter yesterday, someone was complaining "one thing I've noticed about this platform [twitter] is white men always need to get the last word."
Eeeeek! Back to Zig Forums!
But here you've got Strasserites and Third Positionists here on drive by recruitment drives.

If might seem like we're caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea, sometimes, but the neo-Nazis are worse than the IDpolers.

The latter will end up with more female porkys, female lobsters climbing the hierarchy (which at worst, can't be any worse than the situation we already have).

But the former might get well people loaded onto cattle trucks ( The "final solution" wasn't the plan from the start. It was the result of anti-Semitism plus Hitler encouraging a jockeying for position among his subordinates to come up with extreme measures

Personally I'm not as interested in being someone's "ally" as finding if or how much my interests overlap with theirs.
If it doesn't, there isn't any basis for cooperation.

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wow never seen this thread on here before

yeah… everyone here agrees that women deserve equal rights and equal autonomy, and also that there are some crazy libs in feminism too. ok!!!! glad to have this conversation again!!!! i think everyone learned a lot here !!!!

mods should make that feminism containment thread a cyclical tbhfam

There is already a feminist shitposting thread. Don't encourage Zig Forums LARPers to shit up our board more than they do it already.

That aside, that guy is a complete faggot. We don't care about 1st worldist feminist "struggles". All idpollers are from very wealthy and developed countries, to the absolute surprise of nobody.

Literally liberal tier, fuck off op.

Also this we have a feminist containment thread already. Report this and if the mods make the right choice this thread will be down by Friday.

I don't know him but I'm gonna go with

lol just ban the MRAs that keep outing themselves
We should make feminists threads regularly so they keep self-selecting for the banhammer
Guarantee you board quality will increase dramatically

Leftists will eat their own. The infighting is unreal.

Gender abolition needs to be a central part of any serious socialist platform.

The intersection of MRAs and leftists is an empty set
Give up your reactionary views or don't be surprised when you get the bullet too

Fixed the image

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All men are reactionary, they shall perish into the REVOLUTIONARY HOLOCAUST


Kill all men, feminine men will be turned into women and never allowed to breed. Constant chastity. HRT, buttplugs. Women shall be artifically impregnated while their femboy cuck men watch on dressed in frilly dresses. Women shall collectivize the men as common property and communism shall rule the Earth

This is your brain on internationality. Also MRAs really aren’t a problem, their harmless compared to rabid anti-communists. Their a meme ideology.

OP here, I forgot about the fem containment thread as I've only been posting again after a while.

I just wanted to see where my favourite leftist board is at as a barometer on new video.

I myself don't get the tension and controversy that the video addresses. Admittedly I'm in a leftist twitter/YouTube echo chamber that's currently concerned with the fake anti-Semitism smear against Corbyn and the histrionics of Brexit, so I don't really get if "brocialists" are a problem or not.

Feminist containment thread already exists tbh. Also lazy thread, will just encourage shitposting and poltards

There's a significant crossover between the mras and rabid anti-communists because they both come from the lolbert milieu.

Don’t act like a Zig Forums fascist and anchor every thread you don’t like

The thread already exists. Check the catalogue.

This isn’t 4/pol/, is it?

Ok faggot

Yes, exactly. Nationalism is not, cannot be, and never has been, a leftist position.
MRAs are never, and never have been, leftists.

Nazis are 1000% IdPol (they burst into autistic screeching about "muh civnats" and "muh lolberts" if you utter the word on Zig Forums), feminazis are 1000% nazi.

Better yet, a broader shitlib cringe cyclical.

For something perennial but arguably off-topic for the board, shoveling it into a general makes sense. Like the trash thread.

This "let's make slow, boring videos with distracting images instead of writing an article" trend has to stop.

There are plenty of left wing MRAs though. They tend to get shouted down by the right wingers who got recruited by people trying to make money running MRA websites. It's not accurate to say MRAs come from the lolbert milieu in general since it's just that particular influx that did. The movement orginated with social progressive and lefty types who wanted to abolish gender roles in general and extend where feminism left off. They've become dominated by right wingers now because those autistic fuckers can screech louder than anybody else.

Maybe you're making a joke, but nationalism and MRAs aren't really related. I think mistyped and meant "intersectionality." It's entirely possible for MRAs to be left wing and anti-capitalist. The only contradiction I'm aware of is with Marxism rejecting the philosophy of natural rights, but "men's rights" is more shorthand than a technical position. MRA issues actually overlap significantly with class struggle when it comes to men in the workplace, e.g. workplace fatality and conscription.

Luckily, the far right's worse.

yeah but the clique/audience is on youtube
It would be alright if people put any real effort into presentation honestly. Contrapoints is a good example even if her specific style is annoying and her content is kind of retarded, but those are separate problems.

No, it was always the same type of coopting of progessive liberation movements for a false equivalence idpol victim narrative where "actually the oppressors are the REAL victims" that reactionaries always try to pull. It's literally their only trick. It's the same as "white genocide," "the war on Christmas," "straight marriage is under attack," and "taxation is theft."
Men are not victims *as such.* They never have been.
Women couldn't vote one hundred years ago, and were largely considered property. These two things are both still the case in some places, and even where they aren't society still has entrenched social structures, like marriage and the nuclear family, that are predicated on and perpetuate the subjugation of women.
The struggle for women's liberation and some some dude whining about his alimony are not even remotely similar. It's a false equivalence designed specifically to satire and distract from gender equality, the central tenet and goal of all types of feminism.

Are your conclusions based on any specific knowledge of the movement? Because it sounds like assumptions.

I'll keep you updated on how the bibliography for my post is coming along

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I misspelled it

Clever girl
Nice lying by omission, mostly child support and having their children violently ripped away from them by the state that they are "whining" about. Regardless how is being an indentured servant or being thrown in debtors prison if you don't pay child support not important to liberation?
Look sweaty, once men aren't violently oppressed by the state to placate women by giving them a comparative advantage thing will actually get better for women, not worse.
You sound like some liberal freaking out about the civil rights movement.

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Anyone can cherrypick, asshat


What a fucking waste of repeating digits.

Maybe men shouldn't start wars that kill everyone and then prevent women from stopping said wars.
Stop conflating class and gender. They aren't exploited as men, but as because of class. Women are exploited *as such* systematically, before and during capitalist society. This is in addition to class based oppression, and they often exacerbate one another.
Are you mathematically challenged? You do know what cherrypicking is, right???

What ahistorical gibberish. All of the original MRAs in the 1970s (many of them women) originated as feminists, ejected from the burgeoning 3rd-wave feminazi movement over their heretical observation that ending sexism would require sacrifices from women as well.

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Oh look, it's retarded



Cherrypicking is when you pick specific data points out of noise to give the appearance of a trend. It doesn't apply here, where the existence of the data points is the matter in question.

The feminist waves aren't clearly defined, and user pretty obviously meant they were second wavers.

Not in numbers approaching men's deaths.
The people working the most dangerous jobs are all men. Look at workplace fatalities. There's a glass floor as much as there's a glass ceiling.
Obviously you don't. Shit, the description is almost poetic regarding the way dipshits like you view how men are treated as men.

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Maybe men are just more warlike and also worse at fighting? Either way, I don't really care. The problem is war, not who volunteers for it.
Cry me a river. Not even a generation ago women weren't allowed to have jobs. It isn't surprising they still aren't allowed to have jobs that paternalist fucks like yourself deem to be too dangerous and won't hire them for or encourage them to do.
You know, like what you're doing when you point out a few problems that disproportionately affect men (usually historically caused by male chauvinism to begin with) while ignoring all of the clear indications that men, as such, are first class citizens while women STILL have second class citizen status even in the most "liberated" areas. That is cherrypicking. You're generalizing based on a few data points that don't accurately reflect the data altogether. But you already know this, and you're arguing in bad faith. I refuse to believe you're actually this retarded.

No shit, hypocrite
For each instance where women are oppressed i can give you at least 5 worse examples for men

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8/10 femdom shitpost. Next time slip some pegging in.