Now, for something a bit more light-hearted

Now, for something a bit more light-hearted.

Are there actually any legitimate links between anime/lolicon or whatever and the slippery slope? I just used Google Scholar a little bit but couldn't find anything but was wondering if anyone here knew of anything. Obviously people say "they're just drawings", but is there any real connection between looking at these drawings and people committing real life acts?

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No. I don't think the drawings cause anything, it's more like homosexuals already feel attracted to gay stuff like anime, not that it turns boys into sissy retards. They were already faggy sissy boys deep inside but just hadn't realized it yet.

How is that possible?
turd dimensional people are fucking gross once you have entered the 2d world


Crypto-conservative thread. Sage in all fields

All the studies show that incidents of child molestation in Japan where Animee is very popular are among the lowest in the world. Certainly far lower than here in the west.
So there does seem to be a negative correlation between animee and pedos.

I dont watch animee because the stories only make sense to japanese people.

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Well I watched one animee and the plot twist was that the main characters love interest was actually a river.
I guess thats from some Japanese folklore or something. But to me its totally insane.

Not politics

Life is politics

It is politics, I posted it as Hentai Haven got shut down by the FBI which would mean that it was likely due to the SESTA-FOSTA act. I wondered what evidence there was to support these claims.

I'm not even crypto.

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but it really is the devil





Threads like this are utterly pointless. Someone must create a non-politics containment thread ASAP.

You ever heard of mythology? I think Miyazaki's overrated as hell but river spirits aren't any weirder than what the Greeks and Jews thought up, you don't really need special background knowledge to get it.

I think you have cause an effect mixed up, anime isn't making people do shit, it's already sexually repressed incels who are attracted to drawings of their female fantasies. It's no different than the mid-2000's video game scare: find a few crazy people who happened to play GTA or Halo and connect dots while ignoring the millions who also partake in the same activity and never commit acts of autism.

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I like how people see nothing wrong with violence and gore in pop culture but freak about anime drawings. But, thats just Anglo folks for ya.

t. Body Odour

We don't. We just think this threads are out of place.

This is a board for discussing politics, not porn fetishes.

Everything is political, comrade.

Even fap materials, as long as there exist spooked busybodies trying to restrict our access to them.

t. dege.nerate

Just because something feels good doesn't mean it's not addictive.

Just go back to your cesspits /r9k/, oto-ch and himasugi already.

It's the opposite; conservative and repressive social morals and policy are the single biggest predictor of violent sexual offenses and incest.

It's too bad that anime doesn't "turn people pedo," because I like to bully pedos into supporting children's liberation. The left is a bunch of fucking failsons, but pedos are alright people and sometimes put in work.

shut the fuck up child molester


I dunno but Doki Doki Literature club is basically Frankfurt school psychological Marxism. Not that I care. Freud had his moments.

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T. Moralfag.

Not to be THAT guy but this board thinks incels should be at the end of a firing squad than armed revolutionary squads

No amount of placating that statement is gonna make human nature change.