Alt right white guy here

I agree with lots of leftist economic ideas as long as the ethncitiy is homogeneous and majority ruled by members of the same ethnicity. What do you think of this? I ask for individual replies rather than what some think the consensus is

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This is a fascist board, fuck off lefty leech

In a socialist system there will be literally no reasons to be spooked by brown people.


Nigger, in socialism evil-doers would be packed to Siberia faster than light. People, kept in check and crime almost non-existent.

All shitskins should be put in camps DAY ONE. It’s preemptive justice and enforcement for a race who can truly not control itself

not getting any answers here


There are no answers to give. Leftist economic ideas are Jewish and if you follow them, you’re a de facto spiritual Jew. Your blood flows Aryanly, but Hebrew flows from your lips. This is not a leftist board, it is for fascism

Racist socdem or liberal.

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That is how most successful socialist countries have been operated in the past.


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I think you're largely a moron. More homogeneous nations on earth are fuck holes compared to those that aren't.

Im not him but I think he means that he agrees with redistribution of wealth as long as its within the country. So people can make sure its spent wisely rather than gold plating some african warlords AK47 Before anyone from Zig Forums jumps on me, I really mean an AKM variant not the specific 47 model.

Spooky spooks



The dictionary disagrees with you.

When referring to a black person, the term spook dates back to the 1940s. It is used with disparaging intent and is perceived as highly insulting. Black pilots who trained at Tuskegee Institute during World War II were called the Spookwaffe. Some sources say that black pilots reclaimed this derogatory nickname as a self-referential term of pride.

Let me guess, you're one of those idiots that still believes in a "white race"?

Theres two races:
Straight white males and niggers.
If your not a straight white male then you are a nigger.

And yes before someone asks that does mean women are technically niggers. (they are the niggers of gender)

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I think the race stuff results from a combination of excessive self-regard and simple prejudice. Are all the good things in your life there because you're white? If you think about it for a minute the answer is pretty obviously no. It's because you're crafty or smart or whatever. There are plenty of white people who are wastes of oxygen. In any case I don't expect you to love other people in this squishy way – a minimum standard of mutual respect goes a long way and that's the most you can ask of people. Anything more demands too much. I don't really understand, say, black people all that well but that's not necessary or required. I try to mind my own business.

I bet you're one of those retards in denial of race existing?

Is the definition of leftism.
Everything else under 'leftism' is bourgeois distraction, division and dilution.

Your position sounds like nazbol. The idea that racial homogeneity matters is pure nonsense, because the ideas of which races are which and how to divide people racially are in constant flux. Racial divisions are primarily a product of the ruling class dividing the workers so they fight each other instead of fighting the rulers.

The question isn't whether race "exists", but whether or not it's a useful classification of arbitrary natural data.

Your arm, wrist, and hand exist as conceptually separate things, for instance, but that doesn't mean those classifications correspond to anything objectively useful, rather than culturally constructed.