Brit/pol/ #2694: /AreFood/ Edition

British food is stereotypically held in low regard by other countries, but a recent YouGov survey found that 91% of Britons enjoy their own national cuisine

Sunday roast and full English top table of Britain's favourite dishes as steak and kidney and black pudding fall out of favour

NHS watchdogs accused of 'whitewash' and failing to act on a damning report into hospital that abused its patients

NHS fraud squad investigation into GPs making money out of 'ghost patients'

New Ebola outbreak in DRC is 'truly frightening', says Wellcome Trust director

How Angela Merkel is key to new Tory leader's hopes of getting EU deal

Jacob Rees-Mogg clashes with BBC host over 'apologism' as he defends Boris Johnson

Met Police becomes the first force to recruit part-time constables in an attempt to attract more female recruits and tackle staff shortages

Labour SPLIT after 'worst ever meeting' - Labour MP reveals Brexiteers 'can't speak out'

BBC stars turn on corporation over licence fee decision as Ben Fogle hands salary to Age UK to help pensioners

London Bridge inquest: MI5 probe hit by 'unprecedented' threat level

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1st for condemning filthy early thread makers.

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Why the fuck is it allowed that literal pornography and porn propaganda is allowed on tv?
Yikes. Burn down unis

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been there lad I hope that good things come your way soon


hearing these wankers haemorrhaging money is beautiful tbh

Good lad.

pic is in minnesota

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That's what every shit school near me is like, the nicer the school the whiter it is.

Golden One?

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Is that you Varg?


No, I'm Welsh

keeeek good lad


10/10 lad

I win this game of noughts and crosses lad

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we need helmers to make a video of that with golden one shopped into a steiner chainmail dancing on green screen

For them

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Remember when puglad had… character… an arc… nuance

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Hope I have that dream about day of the Hammer again tbh

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Is he upset about Bojo or something?

nice memi Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad

*writes hot cross bun on shopping list

smh lad I might start a new mixed race lass arc
I'm just waiting for the writing team to finish up and do some quick market research before publishing

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Last night I dreamed Emma Watson liked one of my Facebook posts.

Lad I'm being environmentally friendly

Lad mutelass was the best anyone could do, don't ruin it with a shitty civic arc. anyway nigh nigh now


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night tbh

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I already had one civic arc ages ago

Very nice. Good lad.

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w-why aren't you watching my content, user?

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He doesn't realise that he'd be one of the reasons people decide to vote for Hitler.

Mutelass was a shite arc,doesn't compare to the thotwheels saga

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Thotwheels wasn't me, smh stupid lads that can't tell poster aparts

posters apart

All your arcs are shit

Not having an arc is the ultimate arc.

posters parts

post and partcel

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post parts

brap post

CD Project Red are doing their showcase at 1am

Should be live on yt somewhere. Anyone staying up to watch it?

1am our time?

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W-why are you still on scoobydootube?!/trendingvideos

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My tummy hurts

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Can't find any info about a cd projekt red showcase online tbh. If you post a link I'll watch it when it's on.

eat some ginger lad

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spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) tbh

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Based Lammy dissuading honest Brit lads from donating their toil tokens to ever multiplying wogs.

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CD PROJEKT RED: The Past, Present and Future -6:00
PM (LA time)

Should be 1am I think, dunno if there's a live stream tho


im wrong, 2am

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It'll probably just be some interview or something.

I just ended up going to the loo and pooing the food I ate 30~ minutes ago out. It still hurts a little bit, unfortunately I don't have any ginger at home to help subside it, thanks anyway for the tip lad.

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Based Lammy.

Good lads.

they have another game coming out in 2021 though and not said what it is

Ate a whole tub of ben and jerry's by myself

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feel like taking the lard pill myself, keep saying im gonna go back on the diet and havnt yet


I'm not going lardpill, just wanted to post a fatjak because I ate a whole tub

Can hear my neighbours having sex again.

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Ring the police and say you can hear loud thumps and that you think there is a domestic going on next door

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Pauline's penis

might learn russian

Well done


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user really fucked up

Lads I bought it in a moment of weakness a few weaks back smh

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really down because of too much drinking. Also life in general. tfw

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kek iktf rn