Operation Alicia Mk2

ITT: We fuck with porn kikes for great justice and the salvation of a literally-retarded waifu.

From the first thread:

(((Mods))) on cuckchan are deleting threads about this.
Quick rundown from cuckchan thread

Here is a video of her saying they wouldn't let her have her comfort animal with her at a shoot and she had to be hospitalized because of an anxiety attack.

Video with her being on drugs

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First thread:


Pick your anti-toxin.

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34°2'54.60"N 118°32'34.44"W

16537 W Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palisades, CA is a multi family home that contains 1,921 sq ft and was built in 1949. It contains 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.



Can anyone get me photos from inside or photos from a realtor ?

I already have a ward.

OP of the last thread here I'm back and I'm scared. Holy fucking shit last thread got way more attention than I expected and finally anons actually started researching this shit. I hope that (((they))) don't suicide me for the first thread. Why the fuck didn't I use tor, or at least a proxy.

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Wendy Treadway: Grandmother

Carole Johnson Johnson: Mother or Aunt

April Treadway Hernon: Aunt

Who the fuck is Mary Treadway?

Who is Tommy Johnson? He doesn't actually seem very supportive, or else he's just negging her…


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.perhaps "is this a mental level of an adult or a child?" would be a better phrasing.after pointing out the previous brain injury.

They expect one of us in the wreckage brother!

Watching those youtube videos now. On the "how did you get into porn question she basically says "I either took the job or me my mom and my two sisters would be homeless"

My urge to kill kikes has never been higher…

archive / save anything you find… they will scrub their data soon.

Fear profits a man nothing.

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Main book: facebook com/alicia.herndon.507


there isn't a single bruise on her body

Have we started the fire?

you did this

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Yes, the fire rises!

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I really liked the sparseness of the other one in the thread, but the amazon wishlist definitely needs to be included. Moreover, the compilation at the bottom seems out of place in this particular image. I believe that having it separate and put into a companion image is better. I've made this.

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Hmmm … to think of how many people have gone and done something incredibly stupid like shoot up schools, malls, country music concerts etc…, when there are companies producing mind and soul corrupting pornography and exploitation like this one. I don't understand the concept of suicide. Suicide is nothing but a negations of Life. If a person wants to leave this world, why would they not do so while doing something good? It just seems to be common sense to me.

We must find a way to hold back the night.

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yes! right on! get sum!

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Who is Levi Johnson?

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April is the sister.
Makes sense.
Wonder if shes also in porn… And if not, why not?

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My fucking god

Are there any 2007~ /b/ style raids going on anywhere anymore? Last time I saw anything close it was on /baph/ but I think those guys are apolitical.

Porn executives are some of the shadiest motherfuckers out there.

is this her current location?
what would someone do with a 19yr old retarded girl if they were to take possession of her?


April and Keisha, with Keisha probably being the twin of Alicia?

We also have location of one of her sexscapades

34°2'54.60"N 118°32'34.44"W

16537 W Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palisades, CA is a multi family home that contains 1,921 sq ft and was built in 1949. It contains 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.



When finding related websites. Don't forget to use whois.
For example whois.com/whois/blacked.com
Then search through every company/name listed.
I know most here no this stuff and maybe some have better methods. Please share if so.


Her relatives are taking her dirty money, pressuring her to keep providing for them. This is the behavior of drug addicts. This is also the vulnerability to be exploited.

don't worry mate. if the kikes martyr you that's a first class ticket straight to heaven with a confirmed highscore-life.

Maybe explain how she got the brain damage, and also add the nigger/blacked angle.

It is location from the video. It also says house was bought by someone. Suspicious. Can someone find info on owners ?



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Jez… Lansky looks as if someone spliced David Hasselhof with the the Happy Merchant.

that would be indicated by the text on the thumb sucking picture.

Also, this example is where it doesn't work because they are one step ahead.

Not bad at all.

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She made her choices, now she can live and die with them.

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They took a mentally handicapped qt 3.14 waifu away from you.
They will pay.

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Peak fucking Weimar

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suffer not the nation wrecking kike. filtered.

I didn't catch how she got brain damage for sure. Was it a car accident, or something else?

Im glad anons are waking up to the fact that there are legitimate victims out there. I mean, who would believe a porn star even if she said she was raped?

Where is the user from first thread who had a faceberg account and was posting these images, but who for some inexplicable reason will not post links to the profiles of these family members and the like?

Is that you Tommy?

She's literally brain damaged and, it would appear, being pimped out by her female family members after her father died of cancer.

If that doesn't effect your judgement in this context, well…
You are human trash and I would burn you happily.

In either case: Sage negated.

I've been trying to dig something on this. So far no luck. It's pretty plain from watching her videos and reading her posts that she is clearly not operating at a "normal" level but I can't find any clarification of an injury

Link + time stamp, NOW.

Well, you are trash.
And I've reported you for off-topic spam.

So, well monitor the board log and see what happens.
Have a nice day faggot.


You may be surprised how often this happens

Her youtube where she talks about doing porn or being homeless. Also has the video where she talks about her only friend, her pet lizard.

Sad shit bro


I'm not going to work on that image for another hour or two, until more digging has been done. I think what I've got right now is about as good as I can get until someone can say "who is responsible for this" and "how do we punish them."

Is this shit actually legit?

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Time stamp.
I didnt ask for a fucking link to her video, I asked for a timestamp on the thing you just mentioned about "being homeless".
Gibs and I will make an mp4.

I'm actually ripping all three videos from her channel now.

I doubt they will. It's not like you're attacking CP.

I have a pet lizard so I can relate. Guy means a lot to me.

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Check out the last thread, dude. It's totally legit.

Given her mental state, we kind of *are* attacking CP.

That video made the whole thing real. There was a filter between my brain and the situation but hearing her talk and watching her move I realize she has a condition similar to my brother. My brother is developmentally disabled and has the mind of an early teen. How could anyone fuck with someone like this? Be evil if you want, ruin a stranger if it gets you off I dont care but dont attack the only people on this planet who are nice to the core.


You want to be the user who tops Sky King, go and rescue Hannah Punisher-style and take the thrown.





Guys, listen a minute

The girl in this video is a heroin addict with a lot of money, not an abused retard.
There are no bruises on her whatsoever and she just got her lips done, as well as has impeccable makeup.
this is not an abused, kidnapped retarded girl.

Some of you know what an abused slave girl looks like, I'm sure. Think about this.

If only somebody stopped things before they began.

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Urgent anons , please send out help requests to crack this shit
Pizzagate / cheesybay

Requesting help across all Zig Forums threads
There is an owner dashboard tab on daveflinstone.com
Cheesybay - pizzagate
Need it accessed asap pls help

No, nigger. Chill out.

Everything is publicly accessible, and the link to her profile is in this and the other thread. Go look for yourself. Every screenshot is from public posts.

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Stats at about 2:30 in this video


Okay, I'm listening.
Very probable.
Its definitely a retard, the 'abused' part is only vaguely questionable.
There wouldn't be.
Of course, her jew manager makes sure thats on-hand at all times. Can't have his prize mare looking like shit in an interview, now can he?

I dont think it works that way

Lurk two more years. Not all scars are on the surface. Been there, dealt with that.

I asked you for links you dumb nigger, where are they?

>t. hannah's (((agent)))

They've found the thread.


Yeah, well, you ain't Jewish.

Ah, that makes sense.

got her youtube ripped. somebody get the twitter/facebook archived


Lmao, fuck you, kike.

Notice the arguments they use, "Is she bruised, goy? No, she's happy, goy, she loves her life."

cringey cookoo
I'm sure you'd make her a nice bowl of eggs

give me names and mails if they are on haveibeenpwned i can give u the passwords.

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double doublez

I just don't see anything more than an addict who might regret her decision here. Porn preys on girls like this, but nothing about her hits me as being especially disturbing.

Did she start porn after the accident?

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Yeah, that's cool, kys. Nobody cares about you.

Please help
Dave Flintstone.com
Owner dashboard section
I need a username and pw

Requesting help across all Zig Forums threads
There is an owner dashboard tab on daveflinstone.com
Cheesybay - pizzagate
Need it accessed asap pls help

Age 16 accident.

We don't need to be hacking into her or her family's social media. For one, if we hacked anything it would need to be the accounts of the kike that's expoiting her and two if there is any hacking the kikes/media would make that the focus and not the actual exploitation.

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nobody said she's loving life but maybe you don't understand what a porn star is and does? It's not glamorous and they literally make an industry on girls who fall on hard times (kek, hard)
I'm just comparing to actual trafficked girls / videos and this girl doesn't strike me as trafficking victim.