Brit/pol/ #2695: QT Edition

Gulf of Oman tanker attacks: US blames Iran for explosions

Brexit SHUTDOWN: Boris Johnson threatens to drag the Queen into Brexit delay

Nottinghamshire Police offers abuse victims blunt knives

Female German boat captain faces up to 20 years in jail for rescuing 'drowning' migrants

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Paul is based.

Is Ginnie here?

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So the band Rome stopped being gay anarchist catalanboos and are fascist now?

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I hope so, i've only heard rumours. They make good music either way tbh.

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that album is top tier.

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And the day they sold us out, our hearts grew cold
because we were never asked, no brother, we were told

All women belong to me

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gorgeous voice

That's an edit right?

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At the end of the Mandelbrot set is God.

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is that the tranny one or the real girl one?

smh lad, you should know a tranny when you see one.

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not implying nyannyancosplay is a tranny

Lad, apologise

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Delicious dancer thighs

Good lad.

to be fair it can be quite difficult
i need to spend more time studying human anatomy tbh

lad that stupid, impying. that was confirmed ages ago

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is phrenology a thing? any links

Are all neo-folk bands crypto fascists? Because it just feels like a market they're exploiting just like e-celebs.

some are, death in june's rose clouds of holocaust was banned in germany.


what is he doing lads?
how does this fit into the 20 year plan?

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also Douglas Pearce from death in june is poof and crypto fash too.

Has the Royal Navy been kidnapped by Iran yet?

Death in June's Douglas P wrote some stuff on his blog that wouldn't feel out of place on this board. Unfortunately I lost the links to all of it. That said he is gay, but I he likely has sympathies. Boyd Rice appeared on Race and Reason. The guy from Sol Invictus was in the NF. Most of them deny sympathies when questioned but I think it's just to avoid getting beaten up and having shows cancelled.

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He's trying to stay relevant by jumping onto whatever memmies he can.

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That twitter thread is pure hell

luv the tranny vs terf fight tbh.

men with wigs are btfo muh sports.

this is fucking hilarious

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Most are. It’s the truest expression of our age.

Werkraum I think are identitarian because Martin Sellner used to sell their albums.

That picture isn't real, right?

what the fuck is it with gay people and fascism.


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milo used to say that gay people are high iq therefore we should force them to breed

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its like when an elephant dies and all the scavengers come out of the woodwork to harvest the corpse

god that's sad.


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you should be banned for that post.



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Werkraums “Slafest du, Friedal ziere?” is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

did you lads know the old london bridge was bought by yanks and transported to the middle of arizona when we replaced it

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Moondog was a fascist too.

All of the greatest artists were fascists.

They should really stop trying to by culture.


Indeed I did know that. Did you know that the yanks thought they were buying Tower Bridge?

Wagner too

That part is fake news.

Yes I did, lad.

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really they were preserving our old culture and it's shame on us that we sold it to a random yank businessman tbh

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Luv Sol Invictus me


where did he manage to find a school that white?

I still think that picture of Tim sums up the oppressive feeling of modern Britain with impressive power.

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mfw never had a class so white

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Oh God that school needs more diversity.

Just wanted to a aeroplane memi tbh

*powerstances at you*

he'll take the good optics of posing with that class but then he's an establishment shill who has been destroying our ancient isle
stewart piece of shit GET BEHIND ME NORMAN

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It's like a glimpse into an alternate universe version of Britain.

fair enough lad

whats the difference between normans and scoobydoos tbh?

tfw had that indian kid's hair throughout primary school and secondary school

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"Rome" is an anti-fascist lefty iirc

nice to see masonry still comes with perks.

Yeah but that's not what their recent music is coming off as.

this cunt and his oversized clothes make me so uncomfortable

hes literally doing the "powerstance"
why do they keep doing this daft fucking pose
do they not see themselves?
is it cause its triangle?

you'd think with all their money they could afford a decent tailor

what do

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German neofolk, breddy good.

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Good eye. Not sure Rory's part of the Illuminati, but that would be an upside-down triangle representing the material world, according to Steiner.

this lad is a walking foreskin

Me too lad. All too late did I realise how stupid it looked.

Seeing HTG and Brew shill for him has been embarrassing.