So what is it with the USA where it won't even apologize for its past and simply pretends its perfect?

So what is it with the USA where it won't even apologize for its past and simply pretends its perfect?

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I think this is a problem with presidential democracies since the head of the executive branch is also head of state. Like, the queen of England wouldn't ever apologize for anything about her country but she's pretty much a wax dummy anyways and no would expect her to. A president is like a pseudo-monarch and Americans believe that changovers in control of the White House are like mini-revolutions with much significance about What It All Means for the country.

Because le big satan has an unmutable, abstract essence and you should support anyone le big satan hates on

Yhea but this is in context of Iran-Contra. It seems weird openly stating your policy is to pretend its not a problem.

also 天安門廣場大屠殺1989年6月4日

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It won't, the US will only apologize after collapse.

Other groups (including even Nazis) justify their actions (apologetics). Those that argue with "I don't care what the facts are" tend to be seen as idiots.

No they don't. Holocause denial is a huge meme with them.

That still isn't going "I don't care what the facts are" they simply justify by saying it didn't happen.

Here we have Bush not denying Iran-Contra but saying regardless of the facts, America has nothing to apologize for. As if by the US doing it, this automatically makes it moral regardless the US did.

Apologizing in this context is like openly proclaiming you're a criminal. Bush didn't pardon all those Iran-Contra thugs for nothing.

uh, you seem to forget that our citizens = / = leaders, especially now.


that's enough, chap.

To apologize is to admit guilt, which no one wants to do because guilt is for faggots. The only country to apologize for past actions is Germany and they were forced to by two superpowers who were occupying their land. The Armenian genocide was a lot worse than what the US has done, yet t*rkey isn’t going to apologize for it any time soon.

Which is silly when you personally didn't have anything to do with the injustice in question.

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It's an active imperial power that needs an ideological apparatus to match. Client states can acknowledge past misdeeds, if the global hegemon does so they'll stop waging imperialist wars, so American nationalism and war crimes denial is mainstreamed by its capitalist elites.

But its kinda obvious at this point to anyone that peaks behind the official story.

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Facts are subjective
t American PoMo Gang


yup lol

Oh shit, I can't believe I've never heard of Duckman but I've watched all of Xavier Renegade Angel (I was into it before it was cool).

To be fair it has been off the air for two decades.

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Better late than never I guess, I've always heard of those other shows like that fat bald movie critic's cartoon, Dilbert, The Ripping Men (I actually watched that one) and yet I can't believe I didn't know Jason Alexander was in a leftist cartoon as a cynical talking duck.

A shame adult swim doesn't syndicate it.


How the hell did this cartoon ever get made? Did the executive management step out for smokes a lot or something?

TV was different in the wake of the Simpsons boom.

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It's currently observable with the smears against Tulsi Gabbard, calling out her "homophobic past", which is ridiculous as Hillary and Obama came arround for same sex marriage years after Gabbard came arround. It's all a big gaslighting/brainwashing operation, and all Western media does this, but with the US media it's especially bad.

I fuckin wonder why

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It took a while before TV execs realized they had to clamp down on this kind of stuff. The Daria remake is probably going to be a perfect illustration of how this shit won't fly anymore.

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Duckman was written as an asshole on purpose.

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To be fair though it's legitimate criticism, just that they don't apply it to people they like. That's how they do it: best excuses for your pals, worst transgressions for the opposition. Basic shit that they assume will work because they're too myopic to realize people are savvier now thanks to the internet.

Excellent. I wish I had that pic memeing Richard Wolff as Earl Sinclair.

Sure but there's some things not even assholes/villains get to say anymore.

Remember how they had to ruin Bane in The Dark Knight Rises towards the end? They seriously portrayed him as some sort of anti-heroic revolutionary, but that went far, so he actually was just motivated by affection towards Ra's al Ghul's daughter because he helped him as a kid. So everything is boiled down to personal drama again, harmless fun. Same with the Star Wars prequels, where Anakin's beef with the Jedi isn't that they are a feudal oligarchy but the fact that he's spooked about Padme dying.

So basically, while villians were portrayed as caricatures of communists before, now even that goes too far.

Of course it's legitimate, so are her ties to Hindu nationalism, but I am with Jimmy Dore when he says (and got immediately smeared by the Sam Seder/Micheal Brooks crowd) "Why should I give a fuck?" Of course, nobody says "fuck Indians" but why should I give a fuck about this when Hillary got donors from Saudi-Arabia? Why should I give a fuck when Hillary manipulates elections in Haiti to keep wages low and enforce austerity? Why should I give a fuck when Obama drones thousands of women and children?

People screaming "Whatboutism" is nothing but a confession that you have double standards, and for a moral argument (because we are talking about moral arguments here) you need to define an universal standard for moral values to even be observable. It's the same when people claim that communism killed gajillionz of people but ignore that capitalism kills 25 every year. In the end, all these faux-leftists like Sam Seder, Micheal Brooks and the TYT crowd (except Dore) have never pointed out the flaws of the neoliberal establishment, they have never advised not to vote for YAS QUEEN, so their outrage and chain of argument (hurr durr pointing out that Hillary does bad stuff is not an argument for Gabbard) is fake and people start seeing through that facade.

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25 million*

The 90ies were a crazy time.
But watching all this makes me realise. They KNEW what was coming to them, they tried to warn us, but in the end it was for nought.

Yes they were

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It was back when cable TV just started going mainstream, corporate consolidation hadn't happened yet meanwhile there was a constant influx of new customers. The idea of cable TV promoting unique and interesting content was the norm, not the exception. Same for network TV in the 1960s and 70s.

It ended because eventually all the studios merged into one giant monster, which itself merged into Comcast (via NBC) or AT&T (via Time Warner) thus any decision made had to go up a hierarchy and be completely watered down. Reality TV was the first big thing, eventually being replaced by ice roads, truckers and pawn shops. It only seems strange now because cable TV subscribership is declining, a fact TV studios desperately try to conceal by roping in Internet views with their TV views (which doesn't work because that's not how advertisers see things and rightfully so). It all burns down as advertisers suddenly get a larger and larger voice in content, eventually to the point where sponsored content returns giving advertisers total control. Much like how TV was in the 1950s.

You're looking at the end of an era in this regard.

How the fuck is it "moral relativism" when you point out that the US is as murderous as Russia , if not more? Wouldn't it be moral relativism to ignore the crimes of the US and only highlight Putin's misdeeds? I mean, of course, they are libshits and just doing propaganda, but seriously, how is this even supposed to make sense?

Sometimes I see the liberal MSM as just one giant gaslighting and brainwashing operation - I mean, the way they use words is pretty much completely opposite from what these words mean: Capitalism is socialism, it's moral relativism to have moral standards, Russia was hacking the election when evidence points at Americans, etc.

Up is down, left is right, full is empty. Welcome to our new boring post-modern dystopia where everything can be everything.

The bigger problem is waving away US imperialism as a "mistake". As if the US invaded Grenada and reinstalled the US monopolies on the island by accident, more so for the US's backing of the Contras in Nicaragua.

This line of thinking dismisses the US as an empire that historically has brutally crushed any power within its sphere of influence that doesn't want to be dominated by it.

This line of argument gets you called a conspiracy theorist/antisemite or w/e on reddit these days or any other social media hellhole. When you tell them that even mainstream authors they get cuddly with like Chomsky has that line of thinking, they will ignore it as well. At this point you have to delusionally force yourself to either a) ignore all this shit and become apolitical or b) become a professional propagandist if you want to remain a liberal. I think this is ruling attitude of normies these days, it's either full-on neoliberal agitprop to dominate the discourse of apathy.

Exceptions sometimes slip through. Pic related basically has the protagonist pick off porkies at their homes and then slaughter an entire investment firm, after the first 3/4 of the film goes through in exhaustive detail why all porkies are depraved murderous parasites and how the system will never stop or punish for their crimes. Then, the final scene goes one step further by having him get away with it clean, and vow to continue, basically becoming a classic 1920s-vintage "propaganda of the deed" black terrorist by the end.

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Because look at the things that are right now.
Did these cartoons change or prevent the shit we have now? No they didn't.
Despite these cartoons being woke as fuck, despite predicting what will happen, despite all the broadcast they received, their message didn't reached through!

Is this in the Rampage Extended Universe?