Brit/pol/ #2696: They Aren't Even Trying Edition

G20 ministers to discuss oil tanker attacks at meeting in Japan

A visual guide to the Gulf tanker attacks

US releases video it claims shows Iran removing unexploded mine from Gulf tanker

Gulf of Oman oil tanker attack: US military releases video 'showing Iranian navy boat removing unexploded mine from tanker'

Japanese tanker owner claims crew saw ‘flying objects’ before attack, denies ship struck mine

Gulf of Oman tanker attacks: Iran calls US accusation 'unfounded'

Tory leadership contest latest: Matt Hancock withdraws from the race as he concludes Tories were not ready for a 'fresh face'

Boris Johnson shunned by top Tory donor over his no-deal vow and backs Jeremy Hunt for PM

Chuka Umunna joins Liberal Democrats as Change UK renamed again

'What would Churchill say?' Jeremy Hunt savages Boris Johnson for 'hiding away’

Macron's Brexit intervention: France in bid to convince EU leaders to hand UK ultimatum

'BBC are wrong!’ Question Time host Fiona Bruce stutters trying to defend BBC decision

Sudan news: What is happening in Sudan as violence flares?

HBO ‘Chernobyl’ Creator Calls Out Influencers After These Pictures

Grenfell tower fire: Two years on a moving account from heart of community

Christchurch mosque hero slams gunman Brenton Trenton for ‘LAUGHING’ in court as he denies killing 51 worshippers

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Sad about them. I liked a story about Easter Euro teenager who evacuated from the building then went to do her exams in the morning.

who gives a shit about niggertower, there's an article in the OP anyway

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all a candidate has to do is say they are pushing No Deal and they'd win public support

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That's 33m in total, what a fucking beat down these wog lovers took

All according to plan

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Fuck off yank scum

Top-notch comedy-writing
kek the absolute state
Count Dankula is a complete tard who should be buried 6 feet under

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The young generation are too racist for me

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Britain can be a lot better than this.


Lads holy shit what the fuck am I reading? This is disgusting utterly disgusting

He didn’t kill 51 worshippers though. He killed 51 invaders.

what did you expect

Yeah, that's real evil. Good to hear about things like that now and then, keeps you sober.

Remember that we're in the middle of a massive spiritual war.

So what I've never understood is how money is made at all by speculation on the price of goods? Are you just gambling on how popular or unpopular something is going to be? Then how does shorting work how do you make money on something that's losing speculated value?

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other papers have said he was flexing lmao

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er lads..

Just how though how can anyone let alone a mother do that to their 9 year old son? It’s sickening. If I was the father I’d have gone to prison for killing the bitches

It’s pure evil and gays deserve the rope.
Another article that made me rage.
Makes me think fuck peace just kill all these shitskins on minecraft pvp servers

This is what happens when your country forgets God. The rot has been setting in for a long time. Adultery was legalised as early as the Victorian era.


this is jo brands entire comedy career and shes been around ages

Whenever I’m low on energy or willpower I look for articles that piss me off because it reminds me to keep preparing through it all best I can for if shit kicks off on my lifetime.

What does that have to do with anything lad?
Alerted the police? I’d Breast iron those whores slowly before scalping them and burning them at the stake.

I guess they didn't even need the Pakis help this time.

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Hey lad who are the telekinetic user supposed to be in Astrates?

With things like crypto it pretty much is gambling since their value is decided almost entirely by supply and demand. Because of this the price is the most volatile. High risk, high reward. In other assets I'd say there's far less gambling involved. Investors will buy into firms with the expectation of future dividend growth, as long as a firm can promise that then the price will remain relativly stable. Bonds are even more stable, legally, if a firm collapses it is required to pay debtors first, thus bond holders incur the least risk, and so bonds have the least volatility.

Shorting is a big risk, you'd only do it if you have reason to believe a share would fall:
Of course, if you predict incorrectly then you've just sold a load of shares that you don't own and will need to buy them back at your own expense.

the BBC have kept her around as a public figure, when her career as a "comedian" was actually over decades ago

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Chaos psykers.

So how is the cash generated from the speculation for currencies? Is it just how much of another form of currency people are willing to pay to gain the currency you now hold?

thank you.

Oh No, That sucks

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Yeah you get it lad.

Is that how the value of a new currency is established? Also how is the purchasing power of currency worked out in relation to each other, just demand for the currency?

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state issued debt free currency, finally.

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Can you imagine if every EU country in debt did this?

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End of the EU tbh, I have no idea why the Greeks didn't do something similar.

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Man the thicc mongreloid is unpleasant

I expected a bit more

Tough talking shitskin proves shitskins are innately violent and in any case my money would be on Tarantino to wipe the floor with him in a showdown
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That could be a tag line for that video


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Can anyone explain to me why Master Brew is shilling for Rory Stewart? He's the remainer's choice, and total globalist shill, and probably a deep state asset, so why would anyone that supported Farage and Brexit endorse him?

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what the hell did he expect?

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Crypto is still a new feild so there's unfortunatly little about determing the intrinsic value of a currency (if such a term could even apply). It does seem to be based mainly around supply and demand for the currency lead by a vague hope that x currency is going to be important. How such a belief is quantified is beyond me.
To a degree I think there is purchasing power parity between currencies. It's not perfect but most tend to track bitcoin.
There are things that would impact the demand for a currency such as volatility, how it tracks bitcoin, veloticity and so on.
I thought about doing my dissertation about the value of a cyrptocurrency but there's such little information out there right now and most of the standard ways of understanding value can't apply. It's a weird asset and I'd be cautious of anyone who would say that 'x currency is worth y'

Because master hebrew is a shill or a tool.

this is true of all fiat currnecies though. It's true of the pound

You’re just jealous because you have a little willy

Well I suppose there's always the goods and services you can buy with that currency that give it value.

Because MB is and always has been a twat, same with his weirdo "High Tory" lot.

that's teh same with any currency though

That's a retarded lie even for a paki

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is he just doing it to annoy peole at this point? I don't even get it

So how is it say a tenner can last you a week in Tanzania when traded for local currency then?

Reminder that the Holy Bible commands men to be grave and sincere. Hypocrisy is evil.

I should have meant relative value, I don't think currency has inherent value other than what you can trade for it in the form of labour and services.

🤷 honestly he's probably just a sperg.


The pound is benefited by the fact that the British government has never defaulted on its debts. You also have the British government guarentueeing a certain amount of cash if a bank collapses (I'm not certain on the current level though). It's seen as a safe investment that will be paid back. It tends to be more stable because of this. It's helped the pound stay at a relativly normal level considering the absolute state of the government.

Nah he's a spy account

I knew I couldn't be the only stinky here.
Bought in at 20p. Unfortunately I took out half my stack two weeks back to attempt some swing trading on other cryptos. Lost money doing that, then missed the big green candle. Still hugely in profit though.
I told you lads to buy.

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Stewart doesn't have the minerals to kill a million kids

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Given his past credentials, I wouldn't be too sure about that


it's 75 grand but is the faith in a currency really just based on the ability to pay the currency bonds.

maybe, but I bet he would feel guilty afterwards

Unborn kids are getting killed every day in this bloody country.


No one in politics feels guilt.

The fuck is this shit 20 years late and now the people who would have agreed with it are full globohomo and muh gassed babbys


I wonder when the superhero trend will end.


I avoid that stuff like the plague because it's generally how Hollywood seeks to canonise a narrative.

Lad when it's something like that or corporate fuck ups people feel zero guilt. Unless they do the dirty work themselves they have more than enough space and spin to not only delude themselves but have others defend them to the death over it.

But they disconnect totally from todays events, wasn't there some big actor doing some shit about Bush era stuff and then when asked about something related to Trump on the issue was like NO TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Think it was Tom Hanks maybe?

we don't have trading accounts or the will to grapple with the scoobydooish casino lad.

Tom Hanks is close to the top of the paedowood pyramid lad. They all act in bad faith.

Not wholly but it certainly helps to keep a currency at a steady level.
To make myself clear I would consider myself a Kantian when it comes to value tbh. I think it's almost impossible to mortal minds to comprehend what X is truly worth. We may be able to understand why it is at a certain level, but to understand the meaning of that level and why X is something noumenal.

>"it's a lie they are making it up!"
>"also Syria definitely used sarin and Iran definitely attacked that tanker!"

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Speaking of Pedowood, I recommend Jamie Dlux's YouTube channel for people interested in that topic. His "Pedogate" playlist has no fewer than 108 videos.