have a vps, experimenting with creating some sort of leftist community that isn't chan-based. I dunno, forum, mastodon, radio?, zine?, etc. open to suggestions. It's a forum right now and it looks kind of ugly by 2019 standards, but looks great by 2005 standards. I don't think it matters, boats still have sails and paddles. Again, open to any and all suggestions. If someone thinks they can do better they can have a crack at it.

Currently decided on a forum, anonymous posting allowed on some parts. Want moderators to be 'elected' from the userbase, i.e. people who use the site decide who gets to 'run' it. I'm happy just playing with the technical side of things and being a regular user. Would be nice to have help. I'd like to be part of a community where everyone has a say and plays a part. There's so many online leftist things that are either missing or lacking. For example, everyone complains about shitty leftist youtube videos. Unlikely that one person will embody the ability to be a good speaker, do good research, write well, be a good editor/animator, or have the time to do all those things well. If we crowd-source scripts for videos, someone volounteers to present them, someone edits a video and puts it all together, the quality of the work would be much better. Why not create a place where people are able to collaborate on projects? There has been a lot of complains around these boards, not only at how the boards are run, but also on the website on which they're hosted.

Maybe some sort of longevity of written work would encourage higher quality posts. The book club was a great idea, but would people be more encouraged if they could write a short essay/critique of the work, or part of a work and have that text cleaned up and put online somewhere? I'm just asking.

I feel that being limited to an imageboard, without archiving and good threads that just disappear isn't ideal for our type of discussion. It's fine for consumer interests, where new fads and fashions allow for recycling of threads and discussion of the same topics. For our purposes to be able to search through discussions that already happened is fantastic. How many times do we need to answer the same questions, repeating the same talking points ad nauseam?

I see the value of anonymous imageboards. I enjoy posting on several, in fact. I've just stopped expecting any kind of 'serious' discussion, advice or sense of community. You may laugh at that last bit, but right-wingers globally have their own communities, websites, discord, they even do meet-ups. In my own city someone advertised a "Traditionalist Meet Up", basically for "classic libertarians" who want to go back to a simpler time in the past. What the left has is sectarian pockets of people who think they alone follow the true Marxism/Communism (bit of a People's Front of Judaea vs Judean People's Front vs The Popular Front situation).

What I want to be part of is an "all-inclusive" leftist community. Not a movement, not a Left Unity political party. Just a place for leftists to come together and associate with one another in an environment where their words won't get them in trouble. Where they won't be denounced as 'tankies' or 'anarkiddies', because that doesn't create a welcoming atmosphere. I haven't found a place like that yet, so here's my attempt at creating it. Last place I knew like that was revleft, but that's dead now. And as time passed revleft also became more sectarian. I reckon it had something to do with the site moderators picking favourites and being sectarian themselves.

Regarding how being tolerant of one another will be enforced the truth is I don't know. No one gets banned. No IP bans, just username bans. You can just create a new username. Maybe that works, maybe it doesn't. Maybe the site gets overrun and I just nuke it and start over. Email isn't required to register or validate either, if the registration asks just type in anything that looks like an email.

I am aware how unimaginative the name/address is. Open to change that as well.

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Not to post in the Misc. subforum. You can still read every part of the forum without logging in.


Still nope. Does it allow TOR posting?

I don't have a TOR browser. Have you tried? I don't see why it shouldn't work.

How do we know you're not COINTELPRO?
Beside that we just need a more modern forum software, otherwise I'm all in.

You literally can't be against this site while using TOR, which is funded by the US government.

literally what isn't a honeypot these days? Do you really think the FBI even cares about your shitposts?

Allow anonymous posting

okay. "failed communists" a good, open name of a board?

Lol, you're an idiot if you think Tor doesn't anonymize you. You know the internet itself was made by the government.

Yes. You can post from TOR.

Not many options, sadly. A lot of people and discussion moved to facebook groups and subreddits. I don't think that happened for any other reason than convenience. It's just easy to start a FB group or subreddit. Same reason why a lot of people choose Discord over IRC, mumble, teamspeak, skype, is because it is convenient. But that convenience costs control and user data.

In the Misc. subforum it is allowed. I don't see a reason for it in the other parts. Creating an account is literally typing in a username and password. I don't think a 10s registration process is too much of an inconvenience.

Also, IRC server: leftist.site port 6667, use 6697 for SSL

It's not about privacy or convenience. If you don't allow anonymous posting it builds social climbing into your forum.
People can see what a person has said in the past and hold it against them. This kind of stuff is what Twitter and Reddit are built on.

Not necessarily. When you type in a username and password, you're still 'anonymous', you just chose a nickname. Don't think about it as registering yourself, it's more like creating a persona. Would it be an improvement if you could change your nickname any time or use an alias?

You're not limited to the amount of times you can register. Here people put on a flag, that is a sort of identification, and people use that to judge the person's post. If anything, post history is a much better guide to go off on than perceived ideological alignment. I'm hoping it will allow for better discussion and people actually making more of an effort. Also, people no longer have to explain they're joking, making a sarcastic or ironic post, because you can check post history.

Or see what a person has said and give them the benefit of a doubt and be more favourable to what they have to say. Right now, on these boards, people are always on guard, always borderline hostile or outright hostile because the person to whom they're responding could be a Nazi. Seeing a person's post history would eliminate that.

I don't think that's a fair comparison. People on twitter depend on likes and retweets for popularity and 'social climbing'. On a flat forum everyone's posts appear in order, just like on an imageboard, while on reddit users have the ability to upvote or downvote posts, effectively editing the page and what people see.

The Nazi issue has more to due with this chan being a Nazi haven. This board being in such close proximity to Zig Forums on the rankings. And Zig Forums actively trying to run interference on this board. Just not having a board for Nazis on your new forum would eliminate that.
The hostility would subside as Nazis and other extremists wouldn't have a hug box to run to.
>Would it be an improvement if you could change your nickname any time or use an alias?
Yes it would, I think having a setting where the nickname or alias changed with every post would be good as well. Giving a pseudo anonymous option.

If anonymous posting was allowed then there would be a social climbing issue, cause you would have registered users with posts vs. Anonymous users who may or may not be there in good faith. I think it has to be either one or the other, can't be both. On chans people don't like when anons use a tripcode, the reverse would be on the forum with anonymous posting.

OK, you can change nicknames and use aliases. I think nickname changes are forum-wide, and change the name on all posts, while aliases are on a post-by-post basis. Not sure. If you can still click on a person's name and see their post history then there isn't much of a change. Remember, board volounteers and board owner can see everyone's post history here (as long as it's from the same IP) while users can't, on a forum everyone can see each other's post history. I think the latter is better for a discussion forum.

This is the pseudo anonymous option. The nickname isn't tied to an email address or your name. You're free to create as many accounts as you want.

I checked it out and it's pretty cool. The UI is outdated by it's easy to use, while registration says it requires email you can literally type in random shit and it does not matter.

It absolutely is. Namefaggotry kills any hope of having a decent community.

We don't need one, and the people who do are the people that we do not want.

The obvious solution is forced anonymous. That was how old 4chan worked back when it was still worth browsing.

That would only be appealing to dedicated imageboard users. Most people wouldn't want to go onto a forum like that, besides it is quite easy to create accounts, ect, and you can change your username, and anonymous posting is allowed. It seems like a good mix to me.

Not seeing a problem there. In fact discouraging redditards, Fedbook liberals, and others who feel the need to promote their online personas from posting sounds like the best possible thing. Their type already has plenty of other options already, like Twitter or tumblr or the new 4chan. You do not offer them anything that those other places don't already.

It has some elements from here as well, and there is no karma or anything. Besides, a board that you want would only have a tiny group to appeal to. Most people are not imageboard users, and would prefer a system with usernames.

Old 4chan was huge, and it grew explosively when forced anonymous was in place. If you want to appeal to people you have to offer them something that they do not already have. Zig Forums is not analogous to old 4chan no matter how many of the oldfags we have collected here. Give people that, and they will come. They will be the people that are actually worth a damn, too.

What community is there on 4chan and 8ch? I just see people who are attracted to boards based on interest. It is easy to create a "community" around a shared interest, like video games. Leftism, politics aren't an interest or a hobby where discussion might benefit from some rare talent, or some passing expert who decides to chime in on a topic. Hopefully, we will gain valuable information, experience and knowledge to apply in our struggles in the real world. I think for a good community forum/site to operate it requires a level of trust, and anonymity doesn't build that.

People take on personas on here as well. What do you think the flag is?

I don't think that is an obvious solution. 4chan is still anonymous, there are very few users with tripcodes.

There are no avatars, and there are no signatures. I don't see how people can "promote their online personas". Besides, I'm sure reddit and facebook are full of Real Leftists(tm) who are there because of a lack of options.


It exploded because of edgy high schoolers and because it was "a secret place" full of vile and gore, "the asshole of the internet". It gained in popularity because of its notoriety. Its notoriety was due to forced anonymity. So yes, the forced anonymity did attract a lot of users, it attracted the kinds of users with whom I don't want to share a forum.

So where are they now? Between anonymity and facebook, people overwhelmingly choose to give facebook and google, and other services, their real name, address, phone number, etc. Seems like people don't want anonymity. Besides, I still don't understand how choosing a username makes you any less anonymous?

Then why is "effortposting" such a rarity on imageboards?

This is not what it was.

The cancer that killed /sp/ back in the day.

4chan hasn't had forced anonymous in over a decade.

How new are you? See: Gadsden, Milo, and every other cancerous namefag that has ever infected Zig Forums.

What you are talking about happened after Chanology and the end of forced anonymous. The boom around 2006-2007 was an entirely different demographic.

If it's Fedbook drones that you are after, then you had better be ready to have that kind of community. Also, you had better have something to offer them that they do not already have.


The subject matter does not usually call for it.

In any case, it is clear that what you are building is not something that I am interested in. Have fun with your reddit friends.


You know, someone can't be a cancer if it doesn't spread.

There are forced anonymity boards on Zig Forums, and I used a couple of them actually. All you have to do to get rid of namefags is have that and remove ideology flags.

Honestly, namefaggotry and flags are useful in distinguishing the 'ideology' of someone, and user distinction does help in 'debates' here. Posting anonymously, I've had people confuse me with someone else and sperg out on me, thinking my statement is related to a previous one.

Of course, namefaggotry and user distinctions do lead to popularity contests and an 'elite' of tripfags, but we already have an invisible elite in the form of BOs and mods. And, I honestly prefer an accountable and visible elite who have trips over a shadow elite who ban users over the dumbest shit. Like ☘️certain☘️ people here

Just remove the "optional information" section from the registration menu to stop idiots from filling out any personal info.

I can't. I've already removed as many profile fields as I could. There's a big warning sign right above the optional information bit letting people know whatever they type in is publicly visible. I think it's harmless.

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In the leftypol thread someone made a telegram message group but it is NOT affiliated with leftsite.site and is NOT endorsed by the owner.

Info here:

And already there is mindless drama between people who care about their e-reputations.

what are you talking about…?

I once thought experimented about social platform where users are required to log in (with minimal registration information to prevent abuse and all the greasy stuffs) but appear as anonymous, with randomized thread specific ids (which remain static within thread but changes as user engage in other thread). Individual users cannot see what actual account is behind randomized username, only moderators (global or not) can observe overarching history of each accounts. user can request mod to selectively reveal the fact that archived/past posts belong to them should they desire but such request can only be made per thread on just cause, not for pseudo-karma mining

I thought this could potentially be good compromise that makes samefagging and namefaggotory bit harder while motivating effort posting. I'm newfag to imageboard culture in general but IMHO the real problem of current imageboards are shitposting that overruns valid conversation.

What do you think? Is this kind of feature even implementable?

Okay, now that is an excellent idea. I could get behind that.

…why not have the computer randomly select one?

And make them change at random times.

Thats not fair the creator of the telegram never claimed that he was associated with the site. This was addressed on the leftypol thread. Ive joined it and we have 6 people now. Its a good group abd the discussion has been good

Link for those interested


Reminder that leftist.site is still around and still has active users.

Leftcom thread:

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A while back I started brainstorming a few ideas for my ideal forum in a few threads on a different board with the help of some other anons. It seemed like most anons wanted things to stay more or less the same and that's reflected in the design we came up with. I know C and Scheme, but neither of these is particularly well suited to this project, I'm going to be learning a third language soon in hopes of building a prototype. Much of it I'm still unsure about, especially the tree reply structure. The following is a set of quotes from my other posts and a end comment on democracy:
This makes the most sense to me just because it's more or less a system composed of well tested parts. We know the effects of invite-only systems (lobsters), we know the effects of a account system with a imageboard (tsukichan), we know the effects of having stricter moderation (lainchan), and we know the effects of having skill dependent topics (/lambda/, lobsters, etc), persistence likely has no effect but is simply a nice convenience.
The way I just thought of to at least partially deal with this if it was a issue was to have the entire tree always be visible and to have some sort of visual cue for the relative age of a post (perhaps as little as a time stamp with a different color relative to the time of the root and most recent leafs creation) so that you can at a glance check a sub tree of a thread you've been in to see if there have been any new developments further up. If it's not a problem it's not a problem though.
Other than this perhaps a real-time sockets based sexps or edn api, a consistent UI which works well in w3m, and perhaps the reply scheme I mentioned above. I also really like the tilde "BBJ" idea where you have a community with access to a multi user UNIX system and on that system you have a internal bulletin board so that everyone can talk to one another and a public irc, email, gopher, etc so that the public can look at and use the projects they make. I'm not sure if this idea is relevant or not though nor am I sure about the potential of such a thing.

I like the idea of a democratic election of moderators, but it has to have some way to prevent entryism without being excessively unfair, it also requires a way to build reputation among the community, which can't necessarily happen on a anonymous platform. A good compromise might be to have completely transparent moderation and recall referendum while allowing the people to promote volunteers. The closest I've seen in practice is: democraticunderground.com/?com=modsystem