Brit/pol/ #2697: 3am Edition

G20 ministers to discuss oil tanker attacks at meeting in Japan

A visual guide to the Gulf tanker attacks

US releases video it claims shows Iran removing unexploded mine from Gulf tanker

Gulf of Oman oil tanker attack: US military releases video 'showing Iranian navy boat removing unexploded mine from tanker'

Japanese tanker owner claims crew saw ‘flying objects’ before attack, denies ship struck mine

Gulf of Oman tanker attacks: Iran calls US accusation 'unfounded'

Tory leadership contest latest: Matt Hancock withdraws from the race as he concludes Tories were not ready for a 'fresh face'

Boris Johnson shunned by top Tory donor over his no-deal vow and backs Jeremy Hunt for PM

Chuka Umunna joins Liberal Democrats as Change UK renamed again

'What would Churchill say?' Jeremy Hunt savages Boris Johnson for 'hiding away’

Macron's Brexit intervention: France in bid to convince EU leaders to hand UK ultimatum

'BBC are wrong!’ Question Time host Fiona Bruce stutters trying to defend BBC decision

Sudan news: What is happening in Sudan as violence flares?

HBO ‘Chernobyl’ Creator Calls Out Influencers After These Pictures

Grenfell tower fire: Two years on a moving account from heart of community

Christchurch mosque hero slams gunman Brenton Trenton for ‘LAUGHING’ in court as he denies killing 51 worshippers

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1st for nuclear war

Rookie numbers smh

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for her

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steiner is based and woke

nite lads

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smh going bed too night


How can all of france and hong kong be out on the streets but no one in any english country is? There something really fishy about that.

For her

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you underestimate how old our population is. we're going to have to wait longer. Also so the young and old are more separated here than they are in France, especially the mediterranean south. basically boomer are shit.

wait a minute >no one in any english country
smh i thought you were english. my reply is irrelevent.

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doesn't matter, no toil on the morrow surely?


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toil is eternal lad.

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Guarantee she plays with horse knob if she does gross shit like this


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oh good, it's you again. with your ebin menes. w/e lad

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This one has always been my favourite pep memi. I don't know why exactly, but it always makes me piss tbh lad

older version of that mene

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where did you get that pic of me lad?

sayonara lids
the laddo lies down to sleep
time for eyes to rest

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took a snap of you from a QT audience a month or two ago smh


watching documentaries about the battle of iwo jima. i always thought iwo jima was some pacific island that had to be liberated from invading Japanese but it wasn't, it was literally always part of japan. i never new that.

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same with okinawa i think


smh, i know, i just grew up with the mene that there was no invasion of Japan because of le nuke. and tbf to me all pacific islands have weird gook names. it also took me a long time to figure out that the famed "guadalcanal" battle happen on the british solomon islands. i feel like the pacific part of ww2 is much better known by americans than by brits.

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anyone? i just got some b&h ciggies in the post. gonna be a good smoke lel.

Pagan mummy is a bit slow

pigeons shagging very loudly in the tree next to my window smh

based reproductive lifestyles

they've replaced every other bird, i never hear birdsong anymoer just crows getting cross at eachother ffs. i hate them and wish i could shoot them.

smh poor rubber snake keeek

they are infringing on your right lad

Crows are based. Rather welcome a murder of crows than some gammy footed feathered rat like pidgins

mummy recorded this for me and my sister on le vhs back in the day. miss her

Drug dealing refugee kills coke dealing foreigner
We need a purge.

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Corvids are BRYTONIC af tbh

love the song and visuals tbh

Can't find God? I got just the thing you need

yeah it's kino

Don't remember much from the cartoon but it's kind of a harsh world isn't it? Or maybe I am confusing it with the farthing wood series.


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Is that Snufkin's book?

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that was very good too


Took out my contacts lenses last night and went to sleep about 3am. Woke up an hour and half ago with a cold. Now i'm helpless. Blurred vision, chills, runny nose, cant sleep but cant get out of bed. Just typical after a difficult weeks toil im struck down for the weekend.

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watching iraq war documentaries again

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recharge those batteries, lad. Tick tock toil

watch letters from Iwo Jima, it's good.

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Also if it were a mine why the fuck would they be removing it like that? It's extremely dangerous as it is and they just went up and yanked it out? The yanks aren't even fucking trying.

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um we have evidence m8


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The scoobydoos are going to slaughter him this time, I hope he says "google the lavon affair" on national TV

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yeah naah

Are Oman Tanker Attacks Another Gulf of Tonkin?
Internet databases confirm much about the incident, but the Trump administration hasn’t provided convincing evidence of Iran’s culpability

also lmao at the jpost

You can bet that footage is from a drone that did it tbh.

Tuition fees are going up

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stop posting this poof


Gotta challenge your ideas, lad

Mixing Kids With Drag Queens Sets Gay Rights Back Decades
Promoting adolescent boys as drag queens and setting up events in which adult entertainers perform before children has reignited fears the LGBT community spent 30 years fighting

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The evidence is that the drone was shot down and that drone had ther real evidence

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here's a spooky conspiracy for you, the bombs dropped on Japan weren't nuclear but were the normal firebombs dropped on wooden German towns during the end of the war

Fucking helll put on the 1956 'Around the World in 80 days' and the start is a preamble about Jules Verne and space and the moon, fucking get to it.

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All of the boys in drag in footage I've seen have looked under 12 tbh

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oh yeah sure bigot, next you're going to be telling me that this is an adult

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Do most universities charge for using toilet paper and soap?

poofs need lobotomies

naah they need a pickaxe to the top of their head

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can't wait to see the train with no brakes US will be when the democrats take full control. I don't see how there can ever be a republican president ever again.

I just want the States to collapse so the globohomo ends and the arabs all gang up and bomb the fuck out of Israel tbh

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tfw you think about all these kids being told getting nonced is empowering

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Consider the fact that this man doubled down, but conservatives give in.

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stab them with dull knives!

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