Cheap livingg

1. HOW TO LIVE IN YOUR COUNTRY IN CHEAPEST WAYS POSSIBLE, without expensive rent, 50 year mortgage etc ? you can propose many different options and what's upfront and/or monthly cost
examples: living in RV/van/car, homeless/homelessness shelter, some cheap land and mobile home, sharing a flat or house with someone, etc

2. HOW TO LIVE IN YOUR COUNTRY ANONYMOUSLY - that means, to have different official address (to get letters etc), but different true address (where you sleep, make food)? so the police or your enemies cannot easily come to your place to "suicide" you

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Imagine being this big of a poorfag

that's what capitalism does to you

Stop being a jealous poorfag

being homeless is very cheap

Being poor is actually really expensive.

if you are woman, you can offer your holes for free room

Seems the way things are going, RV living will be the only way to live if you're not super duper rich.

Also not bad idea for you pedo motherfuckers. You can download all the pizza you want and as you long as you stay mobile and duck out local law enforcement and try to stick to public wifis, you're practically untouchable!

As a mexifag from a shithole of a country, I usually share room with another dude. Rent is very expensive here, compared to minimum wage, but we somehow manage to survive on a tiny-ass mancave.

We eat mostly vegetarian, meat being somewhat occassional (albeit not that uncommon). Eating healthier is actually far cheaper than eating McDonalds every single day; at least for us in Mexico.

I wish eating healthy was cheap in the US but we have "food deserts" where fast food is straight up the only option.

Forgot the name, but there's some subreddit for Brits who live rent-free on boats.

How to live anywhere in the cheapest way possible: live in groups and share stuff. When a group of people moves into a flat and each individual gets their own room, it's always possible to allocate rooms and shares of the rent burden in a way that nobody pays a bigger fraction of the total rent for their room than what they individually stated should be paid for that room.

Here in Mexico, only petite bourgeois eat McDonalds. Of course they offer "cheap" meals, but they're still, on average, far more expensive than eating local meals. McDonalds here usually offer some breakfast meals at $5 USD (approx.), while local food tend to cost about $2-3 USD.

We also have one of the lowest min wages. $5 USD a day is balls, all thanks to NAFTA. That's why the US has a fuckton of economic migrants from here.

Long-story-short: Free trade and neoliberalism fucks up your economy and benefits the wealthy assholes.

1. Move to a country with no death penalty for murder.
2. Go immediately to an area populated by rich people.
3. Break into rich persons house.
4. If rich person appears, kill them.
5. Eat rich persons food.
6. Use rich persons stuff.
7. Sleep in rich persons bed.
8. Return to 5. until 72 hours have elapsed.
9. Return to 3. possibly changing area once in a while, until captured by police.
10. Confess to multiple homicides.
11. Enjoy free state provided board and lodgings.

Unless you're literally asking for advice on how to live cheaply for reasons of survival then this post is pure lifestylism


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I am trying to wrap my head around the concept of paying more money for McDonalds "food" than I would have to for real food.

this is basic option: share a flat or share a room. but it has drawbacks, especially sharing a room
and problem is you need to pay rent. rent goes into owner of place

so maybe: buy a flat with few rooms, live in one room and rent other rooms to other people
but how to buy a flat? mortgage?

I don't believe you. you go to supermarket and buy unprocessed food, grains, vegetables, meats, then you cook them at home.

yes. I need it for survival reasons and to fuck jews and capitalists

how about buy a flat with few friends? 3 friends, each one pays 1/3 of flat price?
but is it legally possible to buy single flat with few people?
what if those people will stop being friends? or if one of them will want to sell their share?

Do you ever see someone's opinion and just

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2.tell your parents that they shouldn't say you still live with them and get a postbox
should apply to any country

only issues with this plan are that your parents will likely die before you and/or might be dicks and wont cooperate

1) Make enough money that rent or mortgage isn't that big of an expense. Any intelligent white man should be able to make at least $60-70k/yr. More than enough to get a modest place in a decent neighborhood.

2) Have enough money, friends/family and connections that "disappearing" you or any similar bullshit would be unthinkable because they wouldn't get away with it.

Living small makes you an easy target. Being a well known, popular and wealthy pillar of the community makes you a hard target.

I have done this, in real time for 30 years in silicon valley.
I bought a duplex in San Jose in 1987, it was all I could afford by myself.
Today the mortgage is paid off my renter pays me $1700 to live there and is happy for the low rent.
I retired 4 years ago at 55 from my wage slave profession with a modest pension. Since that time I have taken zero funds out of savings as I adjusted my lifestyle to match my pension income. In 6 years I will begin social security and will double my income to basically what I was earning when employed.
There are a tonn of things you can do to live cheap. Number one is to cook at home. When I was working I ate out all the timeā€¦$$$ Now I eat much better for 1/4 the price. I 'stock up' when groceries go on sale and have 5-6 months of dried/canned food in my pantry plus a chest freezer. I feed myself WELL on about $2-3 bucks a day and I eat steak at least twice a week.
If I had developed the skills to eat cheap when I was working I would be a millionaire today, no shit.
Feeding yourself starves the jew.


Honestly just buy a trailer house, its paid off fast get a few acres innawoods and you are set, save up for a real house.

Live cheaply, but not terribly? Get a job, buy a trailer (only like $5k). Lot fees and utilities should be cheap. Far better than renting. Then while you're still young, keep saving and don't waste money on bullshit. Look for a better job that won't kill you, physically or mentally. Injuries pile up over time, and become really big problems when you're around 40. That time when you cracked a vertebra when you were 25 doesn't bother you much when you're 30, but around 40, it feels like it's broken again.

Live anonymously? Hide your fucking power level. Don't publicly say or post anything that would get you the stink-eye. Security through obscurity, hiding in plain sight.

not possible when job market is controlled by jews, capitalists, SJW
and working is slavery. if you rent, you need to work till death or pension. that's for slaves, I am not one of them

That won't work. If a sniper kills you from far away, how will your people find out who ordered him? Or what if group that killed you is even more powerful than your group?
If you are well known and your actions are public, they know it's you and if they kill you, your actions will stop
If your actions are anonymous and hidden, they will be mad but won't be able to kill you because they don't know who you are

Not if you live in a food desert where the only food is at gas stations and Wendys. Not everyone is fucking shopping at Trade Joes.


Why should they pay the same for different rooms?

There are many things to consider. I've recently been binging on jewtube "prepper" content and learning a lot about various ways to approach and embrace the frugal life. Things like solar energy aren't particularly viable at the moment, but in 5-10 years there likely will be cost effective. Learning to grow food and can/jar things is great as well. >turn your boiler to the lowest setting
These are just some electricity saving things I've learned about. 99% of your savings will simply come from eating a proper diet that consists heavily of beans and rice. Any other penny pinching methods honestly pale in comparison to a bare bones bland healthy diet of rice, beans, oats, fruits, and vetetables. I'm trying to find and compile a collection of decent and rare prepper/frugal living books, but some are only possible to find in paperback such as "Simply Prepared: A Guide to Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage". Maybe I might buy it and do scans of it, could be a nice little hobby.

lmao where is the proteins faggot? also fruits is completely useless

What are beans?
What are vitamins?

Is anyone audacious enough to try hooking up and having kids in the nuEconomy? I thought porky wasn't far enough along building Skynet to start genociding the proles quite yet.

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How would increasing your own expenses help you to live more cheeply?

selling your kids

a good source of carbohydrates
eat raw cabbage idiot

Ah, the great ancap industry!

I'm living in a mobile home, If you're employed full time and have good credit you can get a loan to buy the trailer and the lot rent is like $500 in my park which is a desirable area while apartments go for $800

I'd rather spend 300 bucks more and shit in a real toilet

It's a mobile home not a travel trailer, all the shit is real.

There is literally no way to upset our establishment without causing problems

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