Tfw consumerist gf

Why are women the biggest consumers?

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Maybe find another, less materialistic gf?

I get what you mean, even speaking out against Disney's hegemony over intellectual property rights and consumerist kitsch business empire feels like I'm blaspheming amongst the adult women in my group.

Men have their own wasteful indulgences too though, like sports cars, gaming rig neons, obsession with meat consumption, steroid use (been there), supplements, health magazines, watches, gadgets etc

Being anti-consumerist is uncommon, even among self proclaimed anti-consumerists.


there's literally no physical possibility of "anti-consumerism" that isn't complete spectacle in a society based around consumerism.

I mean, you can go innawoods like an anprim or refuse to work and beg others for your needs like a monk

Isn't anti-consumerist in a capitalist context someone who doesn't make frivolous purchases? Ie someone who doesn't partake in disposable and designer fashion, doesn't buy the latest tech, replaces and only buys new things when one needs to, doesn't buy things as social signifiers, is utilitarian in their assessment of goods etc

Class 5 liberal spook spotted.

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Capital creates new needs based on consumption for you, and you have to fulfill them if you want to meaningfully participate in society, besides extreme measures like I mentioned. Try getting a job without buying destructive transpiration to interview or paying for internet service. You won't be able to go gather some food, so it looks like you'll need to pay for whatever a few mega agrocorps decide you should feel like "needing" and you'll also "need" a fridge or a can opener. I guess you could instead say you only really "need" the can opener, but at some point it costs you time that you could be spending elsewhere doing something productive because you "need" to prop up the economy and show everyone you matter. I guess you'll "need" electricity for that. What's wrong, feeling depressed? Alienated? Isolated? Maybe you "need" a dog or some yoga classes. Maybe you even "need" some psychotropic drugs.

Here’s a solution, don’t buy shit unless it has a practical use.

Exchanging at a profit is the most practical use in capitalist society.

It is a spook to attempt to change the personality of someone following their wishes, therefore you must find someone compatible to create a union with.
Got it?

Wow, went straight for the fences huh?

That's larping/lifestyleism

Whatever happened to there is no ethical consumption under capitalism? SO many spooked Rousseau style utopian socialists up in this bitch.

being an annoying moralist is not anti-consumerism

Not really. You can do either of those two things and still be a committed social anarchist.


Depends on where you live but OP is usually right

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Never implied that.

And when have either of those options been an effective strategy for anybody other than the unabomber?

Here's your solution, OP. Never date a liberal.

Women are overwhelmingly liberals. That's a fact. Otherwise they wouldn't embrace feminism. And no, thots are worthless sacks of shit. They are self entitled cunts LARPing as based women, but every bit as entitled as their über-liberal feminazi "left-wing" countertypes.

You must be a miserable lonely person in real life if all you can do on this board is bitch about women instead of talking about something interesting and actually socialism related.

t. roastie

brocialists unite

this is exactly what i expected you to reply with. i bet you're the one guy who autistically posts about AOC laws all day so i'm not even going to argue. just know that you are getting the wall in any society be it fascist or communist.

the absolute state of feminazi """logic""""""

this, women dump money into their dumb shit and guys dump money in their own dumb shit. Having a holier than though attitude in capitalist is fucking stupid.

Imagine getting this triggered over someone criticizing your bourgeois lifestyle.

And no. I'm not even the guy that replied you in the first place.

Disclaimer: This post is about gender roles, not all people/men/women. Thankfully some of this is already changing, and of course there are always people who defy assigned roles. This is about normative behavior - how people are supposed and expected to behave.

Men have aspirational manhood from accomplishing stuff. The idea of a real man includes being useful (although in capitalism this often just means getting exploited).

Women sort of have aspirational womanhood in the idea that women should aim for the best lifestyle possible. Women still do the majority of consumer spending.

It's useful to capitalism to instill these values into people, and it's easier to do it based on gender because of historical inertia regarding gender roles. The male equivalent of a basic bitch consumer whore is a man who slaves a way at his job thinking hard work will get him that promotion. Both suck and both are kind of necessary for capitalism to keep going. The big difference in social relationships is that a man doing more work may earn more money at the cost of less sociability (a legit trade-off in the relationship) while a woman buying shit just to feel good that she can is basically throwing money away on personal insecurity she could get over. Ironically, there's a lot of tension regarding the trade-off a man makes by working longer, since while she might be glad for the money, the woman is liable to feel emotionally neglected because of the social sacrifice involved in working longer. This would be much less of a problem if the woman did not consume for consumption's sake since the two could live on less money if they had fewer expenses, and it would make it easier for the man to drop his own insecurity pushing him to work. Once again, ignoring women's choices and responsibilities blinds people to a pretty simple and obvious dynamic.

nice take comrade cockblock

Literally what did I say that was bourgeois? Are incels proletarian now? I guarantee you that 90% of incels are sheltered middle class suburbanites.