Brit/pol/ #2698: Populism Edition

How populism emerged as an electoral force in Europe
Populism is spreading across the continent but has different characteristics by region, one in four Europeans votes populist

When will the resistance in Britain to populism properly begin?
It’s now getting late, at least in terms of Brexit, for opponents to get their act together, start working goys else they'll notice me!

''London’s DNA has always been diversity, not its ‘Englishness’'
from some uppity furriner

Mixing Kids With Drag Queens Sets Gay Rights Back Decades
Promoting adolescent boys as drag queens and setting up events in which adult entertainers perform before children has reignited fears the LGBT community spent 30 years fighting

Are Oman Tanker Attacks Another Gulf of Tonkin?
Internet databases confirm much about the incident, but the Trump administration hasn’t provided convincing evidence of Iran’s culpability

Operator of tanker says sailors saw 'flying objects' just before attack
The Japanese operator ship operator of one of two oil tankers attacked near the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday said that sailors on board its vessel, the Kokuka Courageous, saw "flying objects" just before the attack, suggesting the tanker wasn't damaged by mines'flying-objects'-just-before-attack

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This Nick look alike wants to taste their arses so bad

Translations, here, lead us to error! The word used is “theopneustos”. This is neither yahweh/jehovah (two ways of saying the same), nor is it elohim, nor any of the other variations. It’s distinctly of the Greek.
So, the graphe (writings) which are of the general type “theo”, these are the ones.



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fools, tbh. ritual remains, the religion is dead.

smh this heart chakra!!!!

take your psych meds lad

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❤️ ♥️ 💜 💕 🥰

Don’t get too bent, it might just be acid reflux!


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How much does a massage chair cost? I need one of those. Ideally, one that fits the john.

Let me know if any funny/interesting questions are asked lads, din dins now

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check his hard drive

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The fuck, absolute disgrace. Single people have no business adopting, nor do fags needless to say

Having horrible flashbacks to my own political opinions when I was doing my A-levels tbh lads.

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That's why nobody gives a fuck about anyone under 28's opinion, even that is a waste of time most 28 year old have the mental age of an 18 year old from the 80's

oh get bent, he thinks bumders are quintessential western society


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sure is

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this lad's browsing right now isn't he

Turned it off because of that, he is such a shit eating faggot

what are you watching


I cannot agree. Historically, widows and widowers were not rare at all. The issue is that people refuse to grant authority over their kids to people like grandparents or other family members. And, there’s good cause, of course, because so many people are immature, and not to be trusted. A non-fag raising kids? A change for the better!

I'm out.

has there been a shift change gchq

o i am laffin


weren't sure if it were something else tbh


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Has a pop at BoJo, not Sadiq who's in charge of policing London


mega civic

A widower would be sent some relative. Nobody has a right to children and single people certainly don't. Parenting is two parent family job, not man on his own job. It's ludicrous and rife for abuse by pedos

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I agree with your last bit. But, it happens that nature has often caused situations where either a widow or widower has been the lone parent. This was a common issue on the prairie. Of course, he or she would make every attempt to locate another spouse. So, I do definitely agree with this kind of idea of the ideal, yet we know that the kinds of people churned out by hard times like those have been far better than the faggots we see today. So it’s not simply single mothers. It’s shitty mothers.

Reminder that Dudley is a perfect place for organising resistance

Generally, the women who succeeded as widows, raising their kids, were tough as nails, and not particularly warm. They certainly had no time for wokeness or Twitter. They gardened, and made things with their hands, for sale.

Lad that's people raising their own kids, blood or relatives. Nobody say's that's wrong, it's the best thing for the kids. This lad is some nobody who turned up looking for kids, it's wrong

19th for Tim

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hope he didn't die of thirst on the dry fast

Worried for him tbh

what 21 yr old wants to adopt kids, disabled or otherwise ? I wonder how much he gets in benefits a week?

you should be

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There’s another point. What’s the matter with women, that he can’t get married? I’ve just about had it with the shit state of women. They’re useless whores!

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fucktons I guess

one who can't have children of his own


SOS - Please rescue me to the USA Me Timothy James Byrne on 15 June 2019

can't do hangovers anymore

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There are towns like Dudley all over the country.

oh fuck right off

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El abominacio de los Americana

NEETs btfo

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is he helping his la raza brothers cross the border

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Activate the fat signal

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this is the future the neolibs want
tbh if I was in that situation I'd try my best to see what money I could get out of them in court, but they're probably cast iron

yeah the whole "prank" thing means they can get away with fucking murder so long as they finish off with a "bazinga"

love prank shows me

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There's a new prank show? Sweet can't wait

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talk about ticking all the boxes.

Absolute relief tbh

Fucking hell. This is the modern circus, our nation is turning into a freak show. I don't want to know.

People love it

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Truly end times

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it really makes you think

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Keeek how is than not a losing defamation case from the headline.

Wish we could neutron bomb London, and watch the inhabitants slowly of radiation sickness.

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yeah but at 21! he should be worrying only about where his next fisting is coming from tbh

LOVE this pic


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This tbh, they usually don't go this risky

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How do people get away with posting this sort of shite?

No need for the bomb

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