Brit/pol/ #2699: Localism Edition

How to take over your town: the inside story of a LOCAL revolution
They are passionate about their community, know what the issues are – and are sick to death of party politics. Meet the independent groups from Devon to London who are seizing control

How populism emerged as an electoral force in Europe
Populism is spreading across the continent but has different characteristics by region, one in four Europeans votes populist

When will the resistance in Britain to populism properly begin?
It’s now getting late, at least in terms of Brexit, for opponents to get their act together, start working goys else they'll notice me!

''London’s DNA has always been diversity, not its ‘Englishness’'
from some uppity furriner

Are Oman Tanker Attacks Another Gulf of Tonkin?
Internet databases confirm much about the incident, but the Trump administration hasn’t provided convincing evidence of Iran’s culpability

Operator of tanker says sailors saw 'flying objects' just before attack
The Japanese operator ship operator of one of two oil tankers attacked near the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday said that sailors on board its vessel, the Kokuka Courageous, saw "flying objects" just before the attack, suggesting the tanker wasn't damaged by mines'flying-objects'-just-before-attack

==Corporations Suddenly Realize That Once-Coveted Millennials Are A "Screwed Generation"
Millennials represent the largest single consumer group in the United States, but corporations aren’t getting the ROI that they anticipated

You saw me covered in blood on a bus. But do you get outraged about all homophobia?
The photo of me and my date went viral after our attack – but only as we’re white, feminine and cisgender. Sympathy and action must be for all

LGBT Pride Flag Replaces POW Flag at Vietnam Memorial – Officials Made to Immediately Regret It
Local officials in Maryland responded to community outrage after a POW/MIA flag was taken down Monday and a pride flag was put in its place

Mixing Kids With Drag Queens Sets Gay Rights Back Decades
Promoting adolescent boys as drag queens and setting up events in which adult entertainers perform before children has reignited fears the LGBT community spent 30 years fighting

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2nd for esoteric localism

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xth for the Hate Bus

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i support localism
but i dont like talking to pakis lads

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Oh fuck I was wrong,

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u buying one?

It's just a Corn Cob style one isn't it?

Missouri Meerschaum have different corn cob styles.

Sometimes I'm tempted to take up smoking so I have an excuse to go outside during family gatherings but I'm not a fan of the fact that it slowly kills you.

Ah ok.

got one off ebay years ago and its the style he has lad prety sure its the standard corncob

Pretty sure it's a Missouri Meerschaum Short Stop

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Interesting to think that, if Rockwell could see modern America, he probably wouldn't be surprised at all.

The fight for Europe's last primeval forest | DW English

Is inglorious bastards secretly based?

How so?

The audience laughs at the nazis being killed while also being shown an audience of nazis laughing at American's being killed. It's saying the propaganda goes both ways and the liberal American is just as brainwashed as the German national socialist.

Small group of vicious scoobydoos wipe out Hitler with the cinema

The spirit of McCain endures, we must cast is corpse into the fire of the San Francisco volcanic field.

The comments in that guardian article are basically oy vey concern trolling lel.

This was always the impression I got from it, the Nazi audience and the US audience is interchangeable.

I doubt it was meant to be viewed that way tbh

not sure if previously posted
Christians getting scoobydooed in Israel

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Will Americans stop throwing money at Israel now?

No, it's fueled by the weird rapture cult evangelicals have created, they would likely support this since it pushes the various prophecies further.

pray for them lads

The absolute state of America.

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Is she in holland or britain? Or maybe germany?

it doesn't look very Dutch

Limburg, they a have pie/tart called a Vlaai.

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That's because Limburg is a very German part of The Netherlands.

So holland. I was gonna say maybe france, because they're the sorts of sick fuckers who would serve nougat with tea (or coffee).

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well the geflikkened Duitsers kunnen neuken op then

This is asking for a brap edit tbh.

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Fuck them
This should be spammed to all the pro Israel cuck Christian US accounts on Twitter
Our greatest friend indeed


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nah it's not a normal thing in NL, probably just the type of posh cafe she's in

This entire article is rage bait. The fucking contrast between the way (((our elite))) bends over backwards for the kike scum, and the way they treat christians in their lands (which are funded by christians) is sickening.

I'm a pan-nationalist. Europe for the Europeans. Asia for the Asians. Africa for the Africans. Except when it comes to the Middle East. The Middle East belongs to white Christendom. Full stop. No debate.

There shouldn't be an Israel and there shouldn't be any Islamic countries either. There should only be one Abrahamic faith. More than one is an abomination, and it is Christianity which holds the truth. Judaism and Islam are fraudulent pretenders to the tradition. Hindus, Buddhists, LARPagans, should be allowed their cultural zones to do their silly little rituals, but Muslims and scoobydoos are direct existential competitors to Christendom that must be destroyed, with every one of their nations taken over by Anglo-European Christendom, and all their houses of worship torn down and replaced with Churches. God wills it.

Wrong way round, lad.

They are pathologically ungrateful.

Ban-bait tbh.

King Billy did nothing wrong.

They will never ever excise “anti Semitism” or destroy European and Christian history

tfw footy fans dont sing these songs

She looks like she's about to get in a bout with the wall and the wall has a perfect record

The kicker is that there is no guarantee of prosecution for an blatant crime. One rulebook for scoobydoos and another for the goyim in "the only democracy in the Middle East".

meant for

So glad Trump is giving them everything they want so they can burn every shred of Christs legacy in the Holy Land as Evangelical retards cheer

Where are the bible verses relating to Jesus beating the scoobydoos in the temple?

Matthew 21:12–17, Mark 11:15–19, Luke 19:45–48, and John 2:13–16.

They live off of the pathetic altruism of fatmerican christian evangelicals. Such an insufferably psychopathic people. Fuck em.

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Good man.


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Thanks Jaap



Kek fucking based. I clicked on it once ages ago and it was beta orbiting around her ugly friend who was reveling in the attention of her attractive friends popularity by proximity. One of the most pathetic things I've seen.

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fish fingers tbh

Is there a secret meaning to django then? It seems beyond cucked to me

You havin a laugh? It's Tarrantino he's a fucking cuck.

If you want real patheticness go to >>>/agatha2/

I don't think any of them have secret meanings, just accidental ones.

Looks like a pedo board ffs

Jeremy Cunt

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Legit don't think the country could handle another offensive war tbh.

I'd like to see this.


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Would be inadvisable
Would weaken us to the point where we could be easily attacked from within or without
America would be in no rush to help either

Bring the nuclear holocaust


C4 tory leadership debate about to begin

it's starting

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Seriously, london needs to be showered with napalm at this point. Followed by salt.

Wouldn't that be just awful

Bwoi! Back dem wypipo out mang

Not watching that tbh.

That was Tobias Elwood being a retard, Hunt said he wanted to de-escalate tbf to him, suprisingly.

More like nigger-monkeys run around in packs sucker punching random white people. Hate em me.


Truss fam

Well it wouldn’t be the people that would be attacked. Would laugh hard as the government railed for patriots to defend them

Nothing will happen to them either



London’s great



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