Antifeminism containment thread

Stop shitting up other threads and make your arguments for or against antifeminism here you chucklefucks

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Urban dictionary to the rescue, once again (LOL).

The feminism containment thread already exists to contain anti feminist incel retards too.

Antifeminism isn't just about being against feminism. It's also about hating women and about lowering the board quality by derailing threads on completely unrelated topics.

Ok buddy.

Why are you pretending to speak for all antifeminists?

I'm not 04 apparently is. That's why the greentext is there.


Yeah, you're saying he can't be an antifeminist if those are his reasons.
That's literally gatekeeping.
Why are you doing that? Who died and made you the antifeminist leader?

Misogyny isn't anti feminism.

Why are you pretending to speak for all antifeminists?
You're saying you can't be antifeminist and misogynist.
You're clearly a woman and a feminist trying to ruin the thread and make Antifeminism look bad.
Fucking whore.

I'm not a woman, I'm saying you can be antifeminist and not misogynist.
If you want to be misogynist and antifeminist then okay but some of us aren't since feminism has a million more aspects than just "Rights for women." 664 was the one speaking for all anti feminists by accusing us of being "Woman hates who shit up the board" as well. At this point you'd have to be shitposting if you can't see that.

*Woman haters

You're the only one ITT crying about "muh soggy knees" bitch
You're trying to make us look bad by saying we capitulate to women
It's not going to work
Feminism doesn't work
We tried to let women vote and be people and make decisions for themselves and it failed

Maybe you'd feel more comfortable on Twitter, slut. This isn't a website for women.

Nigger are you fucking deaf blind and retarded?
Never brought that up.
Fully agreed.
I'm literally not and if I were I'd probably be more masculine than you since I'm not as retarded or insecure over what I'm arguing about. Although you did mention Twitter so why not go there since apparently you know it's a website for women. Go back.

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Even if you have a penis, you might as well be a woman since you sound exactly like a whiny bitch
Go make me a sandwich, cumguzzler

Holy shit you can't be this much of a fucking idiot.
Read what said and tell me what you think he was saying.
I bet even a woman would have a bigger clit than whatever you call your cock since right now you're the biggest cunt in the thread.

This isn't your safe space sweatie
We don't need your triggered tantrums
If you want to promote feminism and talk shit about antifemnists or wave your vagina around go do it on twatter
This thread is for real men only
Tits or gtfo

Post your dick to prove you're a guy then faggot, go ahead and validate your masculinity before you try validating mine, if not I don't need to enter a dick measuring contest with someone who doesn't even have a dick.

You're asking to see my penis just like a woman would.
I knew you were just some dumb bitch.
Did you really think you could outsmart a man with your little girly brain?

Also hold on
Literally no one but shitposting teenagers on /tv/ or actual women have actually used that word.

If you want a dick measuring contest I'll give you one, unless of course you're too much of a chicken, or an actual woman behind that screen faggot.

Listen up you dumb thot
You only get the dick when I say so
What you say doesn't matter
You only exist to please men, so no one gives a shit what you think
Now shut the fuck up and sit down quietly like a good girl before a man has to put you in your place

Lmao okay I'll level it down for you, post your arm size with a time stamp. It should be at least 18 inches before you can even be considered a man right? You can crop out your face, just do it to prove you're actually a man and not a woman pretending to have a enlarged clit like you have all thread.

There is a thread for this already
Argue about this shit there.


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Only a hopeless thot only good for taking cocks would believe the only difference between a man and a woman is skin deep
How about to rotate some three dimensional shapes for me to prove you're a real man? Or you could always just post your tits for me bb

This bored is not for triggered feminists like yourself
Did you misclick on your way to /safespace/?

Anyday pal.

I don't give my dick to just any diseased thirsty slut on the internet
If you need some dick there are plenty of men out there for you bb
I'm still waiting on those tits, you dirty whore

You don't give your dick to anyone because you don't have one.

Actual incels don't talk like this, OP. Protip: If you want to do a convincing false flag you have to learn how to realistically imitate people.

What's wrong feminist? TRIGGERED?
Maybe you got hit in thot patrol?

That's rich coming from a pinkhaired feminist apologist with milky cow tits

Still haven't proven you're a guy bud and quite frankly I don't have all day like you probably do, being a woman or effeminate dickless tranny so you get to sit on the computer all day. Men actually need to go out to work.

What's with all the penis envy baby? I'll be back to fuck you real good tonight if you just learn to talk less and have my lunch ready before I wake up.
Surely you're capable of doing what you're told without forcing a man to slap you around a bit right?

This is how I know you're a woman pretending to be an incel.

Only women tip their hands like this. It's how I know you're the type that can't keep your mouth or your legs shut too
Didn't you have to go to work, stupid bitch? Or did you just have to tell daddy to have a good day?

It's been 5 minutes since I said I had to go to work retard. But you're right I do need to go soon.
Nice buzzword there dipshit.

I hope that this thread is a ban trap.

Cry moar my little pussy bitch
I know it's making you wet since you keep replying
Don't forget the timestamp

I actually need to go now but I don't want to leave anything unresolved so here's a old photo of my cock. Literally all you had to do and you still couldn't because you're a woman pretending to be male. Don't worry though Fem user one day you'll be able to get through your gender dysphoria just not here. Go back to your friends at Twitter since you apparently know that's where women go online.

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wow, so this is the power of the female mind

Ok bud.
Hey mods can we ban this guy if he doesn't follow through? He's starting to annoy me.

Either way I need to go now so have a nice day Ma'am.

Look bitch, if you want some of this dick you're going to have to work on your etiquette.
I don't send dick picks to slovenly whorish landwhales who post other people's dicks without their permission.


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Antifeminism is not a troll weak Mom

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It's mostly two people, and sage next time you reply, fuckers. Don't keep bumping the thread to the front.

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t. feminist subversive

Why no pp touch

You're lucky mods are anything but that. All idpol threads should be deleted and their creators banhammered.

Sage this already.

Age lol

Why do people keep sageing my threads???

I need feminism because age of consent laws and harassment of sex workers deny and suppress the agency of women and girls.

if you are the one who screencapped that incel dont ever hide them. always expose them thanks.

incels will be gulaged, literal psychos dont belong in fair society

anti-feminists on Zig Forums are misogynists. Anti-feminists on Zig Forums are egalitarians who realize that supporting gender equality makes you anti-feminist.

LOL go back to whichever internet shithole you crawled out of.

Feminism pretty broadly denies the agency of women and reduces them to objects. Any time someone tries to discuss what actions a woman might take some liberal feminist screeches about victim blaming, as if being a victim necessarily makes a person blameless. The idea that being victimized necessarily removes a person's agency is one of the most hateful ideas imaginable to me, and reinforces the dynamic of "oppression" by telling someone they have no power to do anything about the bad stuff happening to them. It's exactly the kind of shit a would-be rapist says to intimidate the intended victim into compliance.

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There does not seem to be any difference between socialst feminist theory and liberal feminist theory. All forms of feminism seem to have the same suspect underpinnings. Differentiate between socialist feminist theory and bourgeois feminist theory, and don't just say that one wants socialism and the other doesn't. Where does the theory diverge?

Why opine about topics you don't even have a basic familiarity with?
Is outing yourself as the dumb guy your hobby or something?

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And an angry deflection. Of course. I would be disappointed, but my expectations were already low.

Yep, that was anger. I'm definitely not laughing at you, Mr galaxybrain.
Why should you have high expectations when our society neglects your special needs and no one bothers to spoonfeed you?
I wouldn't expect much help reading wikipedia if I were you either.

Here's a starting point though, since I'm not a monster that wants to see you put in an oven like your Nazi friends.

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The difference between liberal feminism and marxist feminism is that the latter butchers class analysis by declaring the nuclear family a feudal society where the man-wage-laborer is a lord and the woman-homemaker is a peasant, even though it's the wage paid to the man for his labor that sustains the house, which is completely different from the economic basis of lordship. It's idealist analysis based on the rhetoric surrounding the nuclear family rather than examining the material relationship.

There are relevant points in marxist feminism, like the dependence of women on men, but most of it is largely irrelevant now, but it has always ignored the fact that supporting a family on a single income is a privilege. Poor working class families had the women working too. And the children, let's not forget.

Wow, yeah, you're so different from liberal feminists.

Facts don't care about your feelings

Do you have a counterargument or are you just going to appeal to authority?

That doesn't even apply to this discussion.

I'm sorry you feel that way

Arguments without evidence can be dismissed without evidence


So are you denying the central thesis of marxist feminism while also defending it as important?


If you can't either defend marxist feminism or correct why the given description is wrong, you dno't have an argument here.

So how long have you been fucking your underage dog?

Don't bring up a topic if all you're going to do is say another person's definition is wrong while never providing your own definition. You're the one saying it's true that Marxist feminism is good and we have to agree until you're proven wrong, then ignoring all criticism.

Can you cite where I said that? It should be pretty easy, since all you need to do is scroll up.
Or are you completely full of shit or something?

Feminists are the only ideologues I know who get upset when asked to explain their ideologies. People generally jump at the opportunity to talk about their respective passions, but for whatever reason feminists refuse to subject their own views to criticism. It is like they know that it does not stand up under critical examination and so hide it away while calling everyone who doesn't profess devotion to it nazis.

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Ok I'll point it out.
Here's the distinction being made from liberal feminism
Here you're asked to explain the difference
You don't, instead deflecting
Some time passes
I post here, differentiating between liberal and Marxist feminism
Then you just spout a bunch of barely related catchphrases

Did you think I couldn't be bothered to point this out or what? Like you said it's all right there.


So if we've misinterpreted your posts are you going to articulate your actual position or just act superior for being misconstrued?

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I'm not trying to communicate with you.
I'm just being polite since it seems like you don't have any friends.

This is why feminists can't have nice things.


lol why are feminazis so retarded? They think calling people incel automatically wins the argument. That may work on reddit but not here, whore.


more sliding… yay. Why don't the mods just anchor one of these stupid threads

fuck forgot to sage

sage negated redditor. sage is not a downvote.

Combat Feminism

We should have an idpol containment thread on cycle tbh

Yes, that will definitely stop me from making posts that trigger you, white snowflake

name a feminist who supports equality user. Because we can name plenty that oppose equality.

Fuck off and don't come back until you bother doing some actual research on feminism.

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super based and redpilled

death to the feminazis

Kill all men

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Unfortunately for you, even rationalwiki, aka the regressive left wiki, acknowledges that using dictionary definitions to support your arguments is utterly flawed:

So where did this happen, and with which assertions?
You're also aware that that's a joke article to make you look stupid when you try and win an argument with it, right?

Your post sucks but on the topic of feminism talking about men the way white racists talk about black people…
A lot of feminists early on were awful racists and you can see the influence of racist rhetoric on feminist rhetoric. Pointing out the similarity isn't a "haha gotcha, you're like this bad thing!" it's just observing the ideological genealogy.


Feminism is reactionary.

All feminism is derived from white girl feminism so kind of.

It's not though
Women's liberation didn't begin Anglo suffragettes.