Brit/pol/ #2700: Spies Edition

FBI Search Warrant Issued For Anyone Who Commented On Poway Synagogue Shooting Forums-fbi-issued-search-warrant-anyone-who-commented-poway-synagogue

The spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) expose themselves

Police and the Army swoop on remote farm near tiny Welsh village and arrest man, 57, for 'plotting acts of terror'

Theresa May threatens to block No Deal Brexit 'by joining forces with Rudd and Hammond' as friends say she voted for Remainer Rory Stewart in Tory contest

Brexiteer MP questioned about 'electoral pact' between Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage

Royal Navy plans to deploy marines to Gulf as Iran blamed for oil tanker attacks

Attacks on oil tankers in Gulf spark fears of return to 1980s 'Tanker Wars'

Oil tanker attack sparks Cobra crisis meeting as Iran poses ‘serious danger to region’

East London furniture maker told to stop using broom in his factory over 'serious' health and safety fears

New Chernobyl shock: Russian disaster KILLED 200 British babies – deformed 100s more

Belgian Trappist monks forced to go digital to fight black market in beer

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xth for non-degeneracy

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4th for William of the Wadi

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Lads if glowies knocked on your door right now realistically what would you do?

What’s the smartest thing to do?

Don't open the door. If you do open it say nothing.

laugh tbh

Ask if you are under arrest, if no then tell say nothing, if yes then ask for a solicitor and still say nothing

Show them my badge.

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Based tbh

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Ask if you are being detained over and over again while recording and call politics bolitics

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Gonna need more opium

keeeek. What would they actually do to me if I had an encrypted device and I don't give them the key?

I'm always tired smh. I'll ask mummy to get multi mineral thingies

Eat red meat tbh lad too

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stop wanking lad

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Free speech for all but anti-semitism laws are needed

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I like htis timeline

I recall seeing an article about sex-toys from one of those teen oriented memmies

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Zoomers aren't vapid enough to read shite like teen vouge, right?

lad, you’re a faggot.

They blame men for this, there should be make up tips in the mens one and STEM STEM STEM in the teen thot one

Even if they don't read it, it will be forced in their faces anyway. Look at the shit snapchat floods their app with.

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What if the FBI is Putin?

>"grrr the patriarchy is forcing this"

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I’m still laughing that the FBI trolls Zig Forums with “muh russia”.

BREAKING: 'Suspected explosion' near China-North Korea border causes small quake: authorities

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It's amazing how bad they are.

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This shit is pushed onto then constantly. Hate the scoobydoos for this and hate the parents for allowing their children to use it.

omg yaaaaass
fuck patriarchy 😭😭😭😭😭

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Post Chink explosions



the utter state of modern education

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Attached: Massive EXPLOSION in Tianjin (CHINA)

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Good lad

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That's the most concern I've seen in one of these videos

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hit the break keeeeek what the fuck. Or did breaks suddenly fail smh

Love leftists tbh

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The law seems pretty based from that tweet

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its usually panic and people just slam the accelerator into the floor

did she die it don't look that bad

if only this were true

*blocks your traditional lifestyle*

the fbi caught trying to sell the standing desk meeemie

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ikea has a hand crank standing desk that has to be the cheapest one out there.



He is a rich bwoi and a gay bwoi too

Having a proper British lunch lads, chicken tikka

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Awful lad. If you are going to go British have a Madras or a Chilli Masala smh


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Smh. I don't even know who's legitimately baste anymore.

luv chips and kebab me


i'd shout to the mosque over the road the zionist agents are here tbh
i swear last year or something there was a mussie kid running round the street shouting 'death to israel'

Police turn to Hollyoaks to help combat neo-Nazi groups
Officers from Prevent, the government’s deradicalisation programme, are acting as advisers to Channel 4’s Hollyoaks on a storyline involving one of the main characters getting sucked into far-right violence

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It's one of the agent's posts.

I knocked in to the old lad upstairs a few weeks back and he was watching this, it was hilarious

Idk lads. Used to be really into all this nationalism stuff until Hoolyoaks said it was bad. Anyone else having second thoughts?

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Police and the Army swoop on remote farm near tiny Welsh village and arrest man, 57, for 'plotting acts of terror'

I disavow all Welsh posters

kek scoobydooden Peterstien btfo'd

someone went daft and had loose lips like thotten

Of all the fucking shows to try and push this message, they choose the one where half the fucking charaters are pozzed poofters. What the fuck are they doing.

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In one scene all the xenos gathered round him in a shop and we're bullying him smh

they know almost nobody is going to be convinced that daftyism is actually wrong from watching normalfag shows, they do it to reinforce the agenda and scare normies

Men literally can't be victims to these cunts

death to israel and death to america

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irl kekking

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so does sex exist or not? i thought "male" and "female" are social constructs?


kek, best brainlet woj I've seen.

What does that mean?

Internalised misogyny.

Women arent in control of their lives because of the patriarchy therefore they can't kill themselves.
at least I think that's what she means it's hard to tell. The whole thing is a big loop of female unaccountability

Tom Watson is calling for Labour to outwardly back remain

He has no influence, same as Thornberry. Still funny to see what a shambles Labour are when the Tories are literally the worst group of shit they've ever had about trying to become PM.

Always immediately lose respect for someone who is constantly looking at a script, you'd expect if these people actually believed in and researched this bollocks they spout they'd be able to piece together a basic talking point

>Welcome to Fascistic Park

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nofap cucks BTFO'd

they will never be resurrected from their semen stains

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If they start openly cloning humans, things will get surreal.

does that mean we can kill them?

mecha-hitler soon