Brit/pol/ #2701: Streisand Edition

oy vey the goyim know! Cusack&src=tren

FBI Search Warrant Issued For Anyone Who Commented On Poway Synagogue Shooting Forums-fbi-issued-search-warrant-anyone-who-commented-poway-synagogue

The spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) expose themselves

Brexit betrayal: Maastricht Treaty 'was drawn up to fill Soviet vacuum' – Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson's Brexit plan: Leadsom promises Macron showdown after secret late night talk

Leadsom backs Boris: Johnson will have 'up to 150 backers' in knockout vote tonight and is 'LENDING supporters' to 'safe' Jeremy Hunt so he doesn't have to face 'biggest critic' wildcard candidate Rory Stewart in final two

'I won't do a deal with Boris', says Farage as poll shows almost HALF of Tory members say they would be 'happy' if the Brexit Party founder joined their party and became LEADER

Perfectly-timed photo captures RAF Typhoon creating its own cloud at family airshow

Dying Army veteran, 78, facing trial over Troubles killing 45 years ago says his final years are being made 'total hell' as he reveals he's on dialysis and has a failing heart

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There's only so many dads with car emporiums lad.

And they all have sons called deano. What's your point?

Just carb cycled

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get out scottish poof


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you must be well hard

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I don't think I've ever seen a shameless grifter like this fucker.


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Enough for lads to realise that they are going to make a mistake accosting me.

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oh boy, what's he done now?


Fuck off he's starting the new lifestyle next monday

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Wants to be Prime Minister

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Top kek.

So lads, is he guilty or not.
Reading through the details it seems like he's being set up.

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Alex, he's being accused of sending child porn.

He's innocent, he gave the Lawyers all his emails for discovery. He was sent CP images. As if any of us would be guilty of our spam folder

really makes you fucking think

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when do you reckon the press will apologise for all of them dogpiling on and smearing him
hahahahha as if they'd fucking do that

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Stuchberry libeled him already, hope he gets sued.

What country is this?

I hate living in london

Please God get Alex to sue the bollocks off of that greasy kike.

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Race mixers need stringing up tbh.

The more the press spins the stories, the more the wogs are encouraged to chimp out without repercussions, the more people start to notice

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Insult Harry and his pet?
Four years!
Send him down

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baste poles doing the daftyism the lazy native saddos won't do

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seems her concert didn't kill enough children

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I hate him lads

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How does that count as terrorism?

One day Britain will be prosperous as Africa.

Weren't they underage when they did it?

fuck off, just FUCK OFF

Paul Crowther, 32, admitted common assault against Nigel Farage in court today

This lads is getting community service.

why would you do that?

didn't the people who threw eggs at corbyn get six months?

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what a time to be alive

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makes you think

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my sides

he didn't buy the milkshake to throw at nige, he'd bought over five quid worth of sugar to drink

the absolute state of Sonnenwhateverthefuck

This is just the various stages of Italian.

writes itself

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Good lad

she actually looked cute before the self-woggening

reality and art are becoming impossible to differentiate

the shit eating thing was probably flase, but the atk natural and hairy grrrl was real

Wow what a shocker.

there were pictures of him dressed up in gimp shit and I'm pretty sure there was one of him eating shit

That was fake news. The autists really do more damage than good sometimes can't recognise faces or the fact the guy was DEAD kek.

Political stability requires ethnic hegemony. This, before anything else, is what forms together a nation and defines its boarders.
I think multiculturalism has revealed that to the modern man pretty effectively.
History also proves this.
How to convince a lovie of this? Ask them about the boarders we drew up in Africa.

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I thought the shit eater died of cancer?


my sides at the edgelord level of sonnenwtf

Blatantly obvious point, the US is the lame argument used to push back against it but that was strong white Hegemony until the 90's ffs.

the absolute state


is she doing a reverse michael jackson?

Unconditional freedom

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fair enough lad that's my mistake, although it doesn't change the fact that these people fit into a stereotype almost perfectly

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his blog was literally
good jerb I wasnt on the jury or I'd have been irl lolling hard

she's got re-vitiligo

Bring back our girls and boys

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When do I get my new life?



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found the babbie

the funniest thing is that his obvious edgelord is obvious blerg is only as fucked up than abortion that is promoted by the media

Thank you lad.

Agreed, it's blatantly obvious to us. To others however I think this entirely escapes them. Was talking to a centrist friend about this the other day and he'd never considered nations or boarders as being a creation based on blood and soil combined. He was previously of the lefty mindset of 'boarders only limit things and are inherently evil'. I should stop letting him hang out with commies but I find it too fun using him as a political guinea pig.

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The US is a terrible example though.

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They claim the success of it as multicult, not the fall of it,

yeah but people aren't that thick

Then you ask for a specific example.

They are though. Yanks especially.

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Lad I know how to blow a lib out epic style ffs

Why aren't you toiling?

got a day off from weather its too wet to frame today

Tbh that twitter feed made it feel like alot of people know what the issue is they've just had their language policed to the point of not being able to say what they mean.

I thought you'd be in the uni toil cube, watched over by the campus stasi today.

no that is later this week