Brit/pol/ #2702: Hypocrisy Edition

Paul Crowther, 32, admitted common assault against Nigel Farage in court today

Moment teenage neo-Nazi marched on Britain's streets as pair who shared 'abhorrent' far-Right propaganda are jailed for total of five years after branding Prince Harry a 'race traitor' for marrying Meghan

ITV will no longer commission comedy shows with all-male writers' rooms, the broadcaster's head of comedy has said

Racism 'won't go away' even if we're all mongrels in the future

Morbidly Obese Sex Therapist Compares Weight Loss to White Supremacy

Brexit betrayal: Maastricht Treaty 'was drawn up to fill Soviet vacuum' – Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson's Brexit plan: Leadsom promises Macron showdown after secret late night talk

Leadsom backs Boris: Johnson will have 'up to 150 backers' in knockout vote tonight and is 'LENDING supporters' to 'safe' Jeremy Hunt so he doesn't have to face 'biggest critic' wildcard candidate Rory Stewart in final two

'I won't do a deal with Boris', says Farage as poll shows almost HALF of Tory members say they would be 'happy' if the Brexit Party founder joined their party and became LEADER

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ball stretcher

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let's not turn the board into an unironic ball torture forum lads

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bit gay lad

Even if they could actively monitor and record all wrong-think and put you on some list, which I doubt they can (yet), you still should never self censor and should speak the truth online. It's a spiritual failure and defeat to do otherwise, and it grants them permission to further dehumanise you as you've basically consented. They are not God's to judge us, this is a spiritual war, fuck em.


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Good lads.


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yes, now dust your bollocks kiddo

He sounds pretty based tbh

on my rosary

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You lads see Mark Collet get absolutely blown the fuck out by a bunch of Jews.

The fuck you on about lad

floss your frenulum

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Now this is real Kazar Milkers.

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she's pretty for a kike

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In order to be truly become a man one must learn the hardships of having his testicles crushed in a vice. Then - and only then - can a one become a true man. A coward lops his balls and cock off. Be a good, moral man: vice your ballbags.

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Just embarrassing how mark went down the typical alt right article screencap with no context avenue when he could literally just quote the original founding fathers of Israel. The debate was about Zionist hypocrisy in being opposed to white nationalism. An easy slam dunk he somehow fumbled. It astonishes me how dumb alt righters are.

Condoms are not biodegradable
Condoms are not biodegradable
Condoms are not biodegradable
Condoms are not biodegradable

If you care about the planet have unprotected sex with your wife!

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Mark Collet had a debate with 4 Jews over Jewish hypocrisy supporting ethno nationalism for them and not white people.

yeah don't link it or anything you lazy nigger

fuck off mark

She's got la 56% goblino face smh lad

Just look it up dickhead


they are called the alt-kike for a reason, lad.

God how I wish nationalists would stop cargo-culting retarded boomer tea party snekfagism


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Jewish Bolshevism is a big redpill lad

Mark Colletts brain has been raped by Americanism. “White nationalism” is just a less gay alternative to American cultural imperialism. White nationalists outside of the colonies should just fuck off the America.

I'm still laffin

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each update is at least 20 seconds iirc, so sometimes it gets backed up with posts he says, nervously putting all night shift staff on standby

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might have a cuppa ovaltine soon

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might allow the night shift to start an hour early tbh



don't like the whole "le altshite" discourse tbh its like brands of the same thing arguing tbh you all have the exact same views as these people but talk about them as if they are a separate entity

might ban you tbh

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no we fucking don't

anyone have the varg video where he is fighting with sword and shield against his children? Bitchute is absolutely horrible to look through

00:00 - 04:00 is Night Shift
04:00 - 07:00 is Double Night Shift lads are few and far between this shift
07:00 - 17:00 is NEET Shift
17:00 - 00:00 is Day Shift

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I am the night shift

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come up with cooler names lad. I like graveyard or limbo for late night/early morning tbh

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If I was a mod I'd ban you.

I'm tempted tbh

inb4 he has a gchq ip

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Why? I am supporting our heroes. What have you done for the movement? Can't really spare many bucks these days as I'm working shorter days though smh

You’re a major brainlet if you think identitarianism and white nationalism are the same or even comparable.

Aren't most NEETs asleep until atleast 14:00?

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is this the NA poster?

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Remember back in my NEET days daddy'd slam the door hard when he left in the morning so none of us neetbois could sleep. The toilmen taking out their frustrations on innocent neets msh

4am to 7am. The thread is quiet and chilling these hours. Posts are sparse and only a few lads lurk. Be wary around this shift, many horrors can be posted without deletion as staff are asleep.

Tbh, just called it that cus wagies are working

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lad, I haven’t fapped in over 336 hours, so everything I see is through a red tinted fog.

no it's fattie


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the alt right is a loose term for anything that is pro white on the internet and is not a neocon you retards are just splitting hairs

don't be thick

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good goy, take your pills and don't ask questions
you fucking poof

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Aren't you a neet now, lad?

I stopped taking them years ago, lad.

yeah but I still keep to a routine

it’s random, lads, but deepL now supports realtime updates, so it translates as you type. This makes it the best teaching tool for main euro languages. The one thing it lacks is tts. I’m sure it’s coming. Google & Bing offer these, though.

What happened?

You don’t know what identitarianism is, you’ve never read identitarian literature. You believe your people are “white people” and you’re probably a gay atheist. Fuck off.

crippled and waiting for the NHS endlessly

must of missed that saga

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reveal your secrets, lad. Myself, I’m relying heavily on meditation.

boomer dad will be enraged to discover that Samsung is including a free pair of iems (effectively earplugs) with each of their top of the line phones.

I never had a very high sex drive fapping only feels good for a few seconds so most of the time I can't be arsed to do it and I have some okay self control.