Brit/pol/ #2703: Death To Cities, Freedom For Forests Edition

Paul Crowther, 32, admitted common assault against Nigel Farage in court today

Moment teenage neo-Nazi marched on Britain's streets as pair who shared 'abhorrent' far-Right propaganda are jailed for total of five years after branding Prince Harry a 'race traitor' for marrying Meghan

ITV will no longer commission comedy shows with all-male writers' rooms, the broadcaster's head of comedy has said

Racism 'won't go away' even if we're all mongrels in the future

Morbidly Obese Sex Therapist Compares Weight Loss to White Supremacy

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good lad

been reading about the boxer rebellion lads, rare take, I think the boxers were the good guys, they were fighting ahriman


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It doesn't open the thread up more lad, still shows as 700+ posta

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Why is the board so full of tripfags?

hullo newfren

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Asking questions with a loaded >(1) smh

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frens here

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good lad


Late stage empire always conduct shit wars.

Answer the question Jew.


Wasn't there an article or something about that recently? How dying empires start petty wars to justify themselves?


death to israel and death to america

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I work for Russia. Fuck GCHQ and fuck not rigging elections.

Well survival, we literally need to fuck China up soon or we're done. But that would be a big ol casualty list

These rozzers seem like they really don't want to be there. They probably know they're in the wrong. The one is pretty quick to immediatly throw his inspector under the bus.

Our wars at the end war just spending honest lives to line the pockets of the cunts running the empire.

Desperately clinging to life and starting external conflicts is an indication that the body is rotting from within.

Lads let’s spread misinformation and bot accounts to swing the next election in favour of the most pro Russian candidate.

GCHQ are gunna FREAK!

im going to make it

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Lads my Russian contacts have given me the codes to hack into voting boxes and use nanobite technology to change the graphite on the paper.

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Listening now to that angelic voice

no bully keep doing vocaroos

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Just hacked into the government mainframe and made Putin the official prime minister. You were too late GCHQ.

Especially 'Bureaucrasised'

Good lad.

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lmao look at the reaction of this girl when hearing the strange noises of Jess Phillips. around 4:35.

It's rich for us to mock the Chinese for conformity when we went half a century without standing up to industrial-scale child-murder.

Still comfy one tbh. If you record a few of them then redo them for a bit of polish they'd be good youtube vids tbh

chopping the samples to make jungle choonz atm

unironically he should do a channel or something just to archive this

She needs to wash her hair, she looks like she smells tbh

Don't you just love how it's not a matter of "doing the right thing" or "doing what's best for the local community", she just cheers someone supporting her side for no reason other than it being her side.

Moggs car reg almost visible, I think that if someone downloads this vid we could get in full.

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why gchq?



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I'm sure C4 did it on purpose.

Yeah for antifa drones.

Not dressed modestly enough.

Tfw have same bigboi as RM, would never have the shame of running the spare wheel on video though

lad his home address is a matter of public record he lives in a 15th century mansion he's not exactly hard to find

Gournay Court, Bath Road, West Harptree, Bath and Somerset, BS40 6HB

I've got one of those shitty sabers the chinks churned out during the boxer rebellion, it must weigh about 10 pounds, hardly any grinding whatsoever, those lads were really in a hurry to get them out there

Wonder what his security is like

Probably got a squad of battle hardened Chechen mercenaries in the summer house

What are you planning?


you're welcome lad please note that any information posted is for edutainment purposes only

I actually like Mr Mogg despite his flaws.

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then you should fuck off back to 4chan tbh lad

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ok, bye

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like a dao

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Like a Dao made in China, made in China, if you know what I mean tbh.

that william i posted suddenly reminded me how banging the joe 90 theme tune is

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Did Paul Crowther lose his job at sky?

Yeah Carlos Maza got him fired smh

I remember sharing this with a koreaboo lass and she was disgusted jej

Saddam smoked some massive cigars, no wonder the yanks raided and then blew his palace afterwards tbh. Probably nabbed and smoked them all while they were busy pissing in his pool and eating from his store

Just wondering :^)

Saddam loved listening to his Mary J Blige CDs. True story

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Pupil is thrown out of class and reprimanded by his teacher after saying there are only two genders

I feel sorry for the poor little lad who got bullied by this clown world brainlet so called "teacher". I even feel like going down that school and put that teacher in his place. Think I'm getting broody lads


Any news on the Titanic?

What would Anglo Ba'athism be like

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BUF tbh

i like this one lads

I was thinking it might be closer to the BNP tbh.

It's board culture from back in the days when we only had threads instead of our own board.

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The fuck are doing answering lad

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Hold on a second, in French there are two genders this kid ain't wrong and it's about time we had this set in stone. French and many other languages have two genders. I don't care what you think in your stupid mental heads male and female are the only two genders

end of

That metro article on 'racism' in the top post cites a National Geographic article on Morton's craneology theories as proof that
Incredibly disingenuous. How do they keep getting away with this lads?

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The contrast between his professional clothes and his insane words gave me major whiplash. I suddenly got reminded of how crazy the country is.

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They keep getting away with it because our country rejected the truth in favour of lies, so we get to enjoy the reign of lies. This is what happens when you betray the Lord.


We need scholasticism back and to support based Godly scientists.

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I like this rip and tear Joe.

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