Indigenous Peoples March

The irony of a bunch of Catholic pro life marchers chanting "build the wall" (presumably to keep illegal immigrants out) to a Native American Elder singing spirit songs at an Indigenous Peoples March is at least a galactic achievement level 99,000 mega irony event.

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Fuck wypipo amirite

The kid in that photo looks like he would have his dad sue if anyone assaulted him.

I can see him saying "go ahead indian man hit me" then getting decked, running home to his mama, calling the police and having his dad sue the Indigenous Peoples March.

The elder is a vietnam veteran so soon we'll see some friends of ours critically stand with private catholic school boy in his anti-imperialist struggle.

wew lad… tankies sure know how to build a movement based on appealing to a broad swath of people using coherent political messaging.

Red Hats crypto fascists truly are pieces of shit

That kid needs his skull caved in.

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here is the video

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Are they actually 12 years old?

I find no no irony here. Honestly? What else could we expect from the religious?

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Are you sure tankies will side with the white kids? They were just assembling after the March for Life, chanting their school motto or whatever american shit when this happened

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The fact you don't show what happens beforehand is telling, but it's ok, I was tricked too at first

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I don't even know why I bother lurking American politics threads.

There is plenty of posts using videos with sound. Just google. There'sa few badly compressed videos floating around.

There were reports saying they got inbetween the kids jeering at black protesters, and were pushing their focus towards themselves. There is a video showing them get between black protesters and the kids, but hard to discern the purported reason they do that from the vidya.

I have no doubt.

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"Black protestors"?They were Black Hebrew Israelites, an extremely racist and antisemitic group that denies the holocaust and hates white people, there's tons of them in Baltimore and DC, so I doubt they were simple protestors the kids were jeering at, rather they probably were doing their street preaching stuff when they found the kids and went for them
If they were trying to draw the attention of the extremists harassing the kids it wouldn't work since they consider Native Americans one of the lost tribe of Israel, but since the shaman was moving towards the kids, I'm guessing it was just some good old solidarity between racial separatists: Black Hebrew Israelites and the American Indian Movement

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Like, the kids are with their backs turned while the "protesters" they are "jeering at" keep taunting them, until they accuse one of the boys of being an Uncle Tom for being around whites

You want to believe we Catholics are evil so much that you'll just eat whatever propaganda the libs spoonfeed you. Don't get me wrong, those kids are massive reactionaries for sure given their hats, but they're literally just standing their ground while others harass them and get cameras on their face

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It's like they didn't even try. Could have at least used BLM or something vaguely related to an identity.

This whole thing is a clusteefuck of shitty ideologies

Its also just a tactic, are.some of them idpolers? Yea but not all.

LMAO Fuck vets. Praise Charlie.

antifa isn't 1000% pure distilled larp just like the "fascists" they perform collaborative street theater with
>>>Zig Forums


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I seriously expect no less from christcucks. Religion is yet another ipol tool for the bourgeoisie to control proles dumb enough to actually believe some k¡ke zombie actually created the entire universe in 6 days.

And because I know some moron will call me an "antisemite"; no. Religious identity is a spook and religion is cancer. You embrace judaism, you deserve to be called a k¡ke, same with christurds and goatfuckers. It's all the same garbage.

Hello fellow leftist


Waddup homie we out here dispelling myths and making edgelords shut up

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I hope he gets his shit beaten out of him by some actual nazies, like that "these are good memes!" guy.

I know this is probably Zig Forums trying to be schizo but the d&c meme aside, you can tell the guy is of Jewish decent from the nose and eyebrows alone.
I just didn't want to bring it up because the thread is seemingly Anti Trump not Anti Semitic. Guy's probably there since Trump supports Israel.

Zig Forums never fails

The native Americans wiped out a lot of species.
Like awesome Sabre tooth tigers.

I think they should fuck off back to mexico with the spics.

I am surprised that they have not tried to say that Trump is a secret Jewish agent yet.

It's a private catholic school there for a pro-life march, I'm pretty sure that fag doesn't practice judaism.

Obviously he was planted there by his Jewish parents just after his secret bat mitzva and made to attend that catholic school for years just waiting until the opportunity arose to embarrass the defenders of white Western society by acting like an incredible asshole at a protest. When you're Zig Forums things don't have to make sense.

Their 1/256th Cherokee Great Grandmother would be ashamed.

Im so sick of peoples space daddy magic getting entangled with world problems. Its like yea im glad youre on my side, but like, dude your shit doesnt real, get out of my face.

No, you shut up. I will never take it seriously, it is not relevant.


Who cares lol, this is basically e-celeb drama but irl

That's ok, the masses won't ever take you seriously either while you pose yourself as an intellectual who has all the answers for reading 50 pages, a couple more reddit posts and a few jpegs

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Fuck off. Soldiers and Veterans are super-exploited by capalists.

How? They are not even wage labourers in the Marxist sense.

How do you extract surplus value from soldiers when they don't produce any value in the first place?

How are they not? They turn themselves into a commodity to sell in exchange for survival.

workers are exploited out of their money
soldiers are exploited out of their lives

Workers are exploited out of their lives, too. What do you think alienation is? Time spent at work is dead time.


They play a part in primitive accumulation, but not in the circulation of commodities.

The smug kid is allegedly Nicholas Sandmann, whose mom is Julie Sandmann the VP of relationship management at Fidelity.

Soldiers are some of the biggest allies of capitalists. Are you going to defend cops next?

Except when they are not capitalists.

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Watching the Black Israelites stand their and preach makes me want to gather up some of my IRL comrades and preach the word of Marx in that fashion. Might have to do that this summer

True. Look at Vietnam

More videos released.

Videos: (1/4) (2/4) (3/4) (4/4)

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Amazing how nazis can turn everything into some anti-white sentiment. The victim complex is real.

its incel ideology they are psychopaths give them no quarter they deserve 0 humane treatment. either exile them, execute them in if they try to execute themselves or keep them in labor prisons forever. They are not compatible with a society other than psychopathic society.

This is sounding more like an episode of South Park than an actual political event

It was some march of "Native American Vietnam vets" (See: Uncle Tomahawks) vs'ing some Stupid Reactionaries there on a school trip

If some Missle Defence system outside of Washington malfunctioned and a missile fired and vaporised both of these groups no one of significance would have been lost

You accused him of being a psychopath incel deserving of 0 human treatment, all for the crime of being an idiot teenager. This has to be a Zig Forumsyp falseflag. Literally all he did was stand there and smile and you want to crucify some teenager. Is nobody allowed to be a stupid kid anymore?

Petty bourgeois kids deserve mass graves

When stupid kids present themselves as political subjects they become participants in the political discourse. If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen.

But yeah of course you didn't bother reading anything.

Ftr, full video and it's fucking nothing basically.

He's the spawn of a porky and will have the same smug smile on his face when he cuts your wages so he can get a 4th house. Anyone who defends this fag is a classcuck.


There's so many Black Israelites in my city, I just walk up to them and call them niggers because they deserve it.


we blackface now

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If you think post modernism is idpol than you are fucking dumb.

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Vietnam became a capitalist shithole for western tourists anyway my guy.