Why are capitalists constantly promoting interracial relationships in their media and advertisements...

Why are capitalists constantly promoting interracial relationships in their media and advertisements? How does this generate more profits for them?

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Primarily: Culture war distracts from the class war.

But also some genuinely want to make it normal as a way to dilute racial animosity. But the other capitalists want to go back in time and be cultured Roman soldiers or some fairy shit.

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Some fairy shit is good shit, though :

"Consider what you should be like in both body and soul when death overtakes you, and the brevity of life, and the abyss of time that yawns behind it and before it, and the fragility if everything material."
(Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 12:7)

Its the parasitical nature of Rome we should reject. (Rome's hinterland, Latium, couldn't support it, so it fed off its conquests, subject provinces, sucking out wealth in taxes, rent, interest and bribes. Bread and circuses cost denarii!! )

But culture is different. Under communism proles can become gourmets of culture. (In fact.. , why wait.. .)

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Ipso facto Ancient Rome was less gay than Greece

Capitalists need their reserve army of labour, and the most desperate workers come from non-white countries. This needs to be shoved down people's throats as an issue 'completely, totally not related to capitalism'. It also gives new tools to nip class consciousness in the bud. 'Anarchist terrorist radical' is getting a bit old to shame workers who've had too much to think, but 'racist' works pretty well for now.

The Nazbol thread exists to contain this.
t. Not a NutSacc trying to shill anti Semitism out of the rest of Zig Forums's eye.

Why promoting? I don't know about your country, but in mine, interracial relationships are sometimes depicted but that's far for being a big chunk of the total media production.
Something being made to fill a segment of the market can be hardly called a shilling campign.
Unless, of course, you go by the retarded assumption that merely allowing something tobe represented on the media is actual endorsemnt and promotion of it, like Russia do with gay stuff.

And the fact that disagreement exists is a conflict that can be exploited for attention and outrage, which is way more important to the capitalists than what they believe about interracial couples.

They don’t. It’s just natural for people around each other to date and marry. Race mixing is human nature.

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Are you implying you are manipulated into something?

Racism cannot exist where the only color that matters is green.

So much conspiratorial garbage ITT. People want to appeal to new demographics beyond just whites while at the same time virtue signaling towards these demographics (eg capitalists co-opting social justice, etc)

People don't want to read Marcus Aurelius anymore because they know there is Stalin waiting of the end of that journey. He was unironically based.

To increase sales. With cultures and milieus with middle-class purchasing power consistently blending together, more diversified products can be sold. SJW stuff, despite what the alt-right and the Sargonites are telling you, is actually decently popular, and the small portion of the population that gets triggered by it watches it anyway so it can rage about it online later.

For the same reason you see increasing amounts of Asian actors in non-stereotypical Asian roles in Hollywood, because the Asian market is the biggest emerging market ever.

It will remain a mystery forever.

They aren't separate, the class war is used as a tool for culture war and vice-versa

That is not true, Marcus Aurelius is a popular author to use for virtue signaling, he is read and recommended by just about every self-help and sales guru

inter racial adds perform worse and generally decrease sales, no-one connects with the message. It just feels weird and fake, having an exclusively black add (or any race for that matter) performs better with all target groups

if that's the case they would stop doing it.
In the end corporation do not promote values, they promote their product.

THIS. Both the SJWs and the Zig Forumsyps that respond to them serve to generate distraction from class war. Only by continually creating and reifying new "identity" spooks on a continual basis, new market demographics to "compete" in the "free market" for commodities, new political lobbies to squabble with each other, new cultural bubbles for people to isolate themselves in, can capitalism protect itself against class unity.

>Capitalists need their reserve army of labour, and the most desperate workers come from non-white countries. This needs to be shoved down people's throats as an issue 'completely, totally not related to capitalism'.
And also this

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No, that's why they don't read Stalin.

The Sargon of Akkad and Stefan Molyneux YouTube videos denouncing Roman Stoicism are just a matter of time then, obv [/sarcasm]

Self-help and sales gurus recommend their own books, not other people's.

it isn't, you just have sever autism and are creating patterns that don't exist by projecting your lust for bbc onto the popular consciousness.

It's called virtue signalling. They give lip service to certain groups to try and expand their customer base.

Ah, the good old "everything that isn't about my ideological fixations, is to distract people from those fixations so it's actually all about me".

Why are marxists so much like narcissists?

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