Government shutdown happening?

guys….. I think this is crazy but it's also not too crazy to actually happen.

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let it burn

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Very few people understand just how fragile modern infrastructure is and how easily it can be disrupted. Trump's people are stupid enough to allow this kind of thing to happen.

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It would be great, but I don't think it will come that way.
Before the situation escalates, there will be a word of power to whom the DNC, the GOP and Trump listens.

They're already there though, no company wants the government shutdown because it means the courts are closed and they can't sue people for doing things like piracy. But Democrats can't cave in because the anti-Trump rhetoric is such that they cannot afford any concessions over a wall (as stupid as it is) and Republicans can't cave because the anti-immigrant rhetoric is such that they can't afford any concessions over a wall either.

Nobody can plausibly win this except Trump and the military itself.

Declassified CIA documents revealed that they were spreading a saboteur's manual in Nicaragua against the leftist regime during the Cold War and of course targeting freight was crucial.

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What would happen if a faction of Democrats and Republicans sidestepped "muh wall" by offering the (not only cheaper but far more effective) compromise of mandatory eVerify for all jobs public or private, with greatly increased penalties on both employers and customers caught using illegal labor?

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Does the government shutdown has any impact at all in a state that supports small government?
I can assume that the military (that one thing, that keeps the US superior) is secured from petty politics.
Other than that it seems to have zero impacts on their markets.

Trump is already losing by continuing this. You think the people affected are just going to forget?

As mentioned the government controls all air traffic through the air traffic controllers and TSA, meanwhile Amtrak's workforce is joined into the broader rail/port workforce at large (and not compartmentalized off like transit workers are), and markets offset that with the fact that the SEC is closed too, so the law doesn't apply to porky until the government reeopens. Basically now's the time for them to any sort of fuckery especially if it involves complex financial magic or HFT, because any legal filings in regards to them will be delayed and get lost in a sea of paperwork that will never be resolved.

The only thing that doesn't close is the military since all military personnel signed a contract effectively causing them to be the government's slaves. Also prison laborers who do contract jobs (like IT or helpdesk work) still work too since they don't have to be paid either.

No, but anyone affected by it didn't vote Republican anyway. This is what a divided proletariat looks like; private sector manufacturing workers have no problem screwing over unionized government labor if they stand to benefit. Trump and the GOP will edge this one out precisely because of it, especially when in the worst case scenario he declares an emergency and builds the wall anyway.

It's fucking awful but that's the state of things at the moment, even if three or four Republican Senators were to shave off it wouldn't matter since they need 67 to get over a Veto.

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Well, if the TSAs and ATCs are not working, then it shuts down air travel. If the IRS is not working, then you are not going to get any tax refunds, transcripts, or be able to set up payment plans for tax debts. If the EPA isn't working, then you can only count on the good faith of industry that they will not just dump shit wherever. If the FDA isn't working, then you will not know what is in the food that you buy. If a disaster hits your area, then help is not coming. If the Coast Guard isn't working, then the cost of illicit drugs is going to go way down, which may be good or bad for you.

I've always thought late stage capitalism was just a meme but lately I'm really starting to think otherwise.

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Everyone gets affected by a federal government shut-down in one way or another.

They already have that. The issue is that Mitch McConnell refuses to open discussion of any bill that does not include money for Trump's wall of big, beautiful black dicks.

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Literally who cares best case scenario we get a chance for revolution worst case scenario, America stabilizes itself and life goes back to normal.

See, that makes me care.

But not yet. Even with multiple protests nation wide it'll take at least 2 more weeks until someone can start promoting any leftist cause through dethroning Trumpy.
I misspelled Trump as Trumpy but I like that name so I'm going to call him Trumpy from now on.

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Of course they did. Republicans take the most in government benefits, they just vote against their own interest all the time.

It's essentially how they deposed Allende

Trump is still screwing up the us government, I would honestly look at the dumpster fire as well honestly.

It must remain shut down. This will force the proletariat to take direct action.

Arm yourselves, kill porkies.

FAA sickout has begun, starting with NYC area controllers and employees. For non-Americans who are unaware: the US government has been shut down for 35 days, here in the US most paychecks are paid every other week so as a result all Federal workers have missed two (2) paychecks now. Their third paycheck is due in seven days on February 1st, sickouts will increase exponentially from that date if the government does not reopen.

Basically, if the situation does not change in two weeks we're seriously looking at a partial US airspace closure by Valentine's Day.

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Are they obligated to work without pay? I don't get how they can work for nothing now based on the promise of a future interest free paycheck, they should just go on strike.

So was the accelerationist choice was the right choice after all…

Federal workers are because Federal workers (and public workers in general) don't have the same rights as regular workers. Figure this whole situation was never supposed to exist and didn't before 1990, so that it's now happening nobody knows what to do. They can legally sickout though. Also Federal workers, like most public sector workers, are prohibited from striking and if they attempt to they will all be fired. This is how Ronald Reagan responded to the Air Traffic Controllers strike in 1981. Military personnel are also felons if they do not report to work.

There are some exceptions here, for example Postal workers and Amtrak workers are setup under the same rules as private sector workers because technically the USPS and Amtrak are private companies owned by the government. In that case, Amtrak workers could strike all the way and instigate a much broader general strike because their union also represents private railroaders and longshoremen (as OP mentioned). Same for any gov't subcontractor (including people doing contract work for the NSA like Edward Snowden), they can all legally strike too.

Time to fill up those tubs and organize boys and girls.
We going down an exciting road

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They are just walking out and refusing to work. It works, because there are no scabs who can be air traffic controllers, FBI agents, or tax men on short notice, especially with the trainers also walking out.

Oh, I would love to see the government try that. A lot of federal positions require months of training just to be semi-capable of performing basic functions. Even if they did somehow manage to keep any of the trainers, every affected agency would be a clusterfuck for years.

Trump re opened the government for 3 weeks

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One of them had to blink with whole Federal agencies being a hair's breath from straight up mutiny. We had better get three pay periods worth of pay in the next check. We all have bills, rent, and now shylocks to pay.

So, now that Trump has lost his wall (so much for The Art of the Deal), has he delivered on even a single one of his campaign promises? Oh! He did pledge to support Isreal. He did that.

Why can't Trump just use executive orders to build the wall like how Obama got shit done?

Undid the ban on giving military gear to cops, and killed net neutrality in a profound exercise in cuckenomics.

He's still threatening to shut down again or declare martial law. This is at most a three week intermission. I doubt that he's gonna concede on the wall. Also, we don't know if the Dems will fully accept the end to the shutdown.

And have the Army Corps of Engineers build it? That is a good question. Would the military industrial complex object to picking up the tab for this useless pork barrel project? Would that create a problem with maintainance funding later? Would there be constitutional issues with deploying federal soldiers on American soil without an emergency? Nobody is buying his bullshit story about hoards of Mexican criminals at the border, but how convincing does his excuse have to be?

If he tries to shut down the government again he is going to get a for real full shut-down courtesy of federal workers.

yes, that's why I am not giving up on this. This shutdown has boxed them in. They HAVE to approve the wall (of which they won't do because that will lead to mass protests and discredit them heavily), convince Trump to not build the wall(of which would cause a whole bunch of mass protests and boomer outrage) or play this game again on Valentine's day. Any option will fuck up in one way or another. We just have to wait it out

The same reason he didn't get his wall passed when the Republicans had control of the House and Senate. This is purely a political tool to make it look like he's fighting for his base as 2020 election campaigns begin to start up.

courts and a divided party.

Trump is coming up for air in a hold-your-breath contest. Furloughed workers get all their paychecks, foodstamps/SNAP/ebt goes out, with the idea that some compromise on the wall will happen. If it doesn't, Trump shuts the government down again.

Are executive orders limited to military orders?

I was asking a genuine question, not a rhetorical one.

Hell no, they don't! The wall is dead. The shut-down has backfired on Trump so hard that he really has no cards left to play. Precipitating a mutiny of federal workers would be such a spectacular display of incompetence that the 2020 elections would consist of everyone who supported him in this either disavowing him and denying everything or getting laughed out of office. He would be a first-term lame duck. As it is, airports are starting to shut down, and there is a snowball's chance in hell of tax season being anything other than a clusterfuck. These are problems that people actually see and experience regardless of what is on the news. It is bad business for those in charge.

No, they are not so limited, but the Department of Defense has people who are getting paid. Nothing is going to get built by federal employees who are not getting paid.

Yes, I absolutely agree with everything you said

That option is gone. Feds will shut shit down if he tries that again. The reason that he is opening the government now is that the ATCs and IRS agents are openly defying orders to work. Trump has spent his nuclear option, and now he has no plays left.

Bingo. Only idiots care about the wall. Trump doesn't want or need it, he just uses it to campaign.

It's always fun to see how radlib LARPers' le ebin revolution never comes.

He treats running the government like renovating one of his hotels, he has no problem engaging in outright wage theft, lockouts or other garbage if he feels like contractors aren't paying him enough respect. He will happily do this as everything closes and the government grinds to a stop because he'll blame Pelosi in the same way he'd blame the NY planning dept for being slow to approve a permit.

Trump is a pure capitalist, he doesn't give one shit about the external costs of what he does because that's how capitalists operate. It's all about profit, and he can only profit from a gov't shutdown where he becomes the star of the show and everyone has to give him attention. And for everything that has happened, he could still fire a large part of the fed workforce and replace it with scabs/private contractors. It'd be an utter shitshow but it would put into motion his party's privatization agenda and would result in a net tax savings, so existing GOP donors would enjoy it.

He can but the money for it would have to come from the Pentagon's contingency fund, the fund that is normally used for "emergency" military operations eg Venezuela. Trump's quiet withdrawal from Afghanistan (a thing that Bolton doesn't agree with) is likely happening because even Bolton knows Congress won't approve more war money so assets have to be shifted around.

That should be the most upsetting thing about this to Zig Forums IMHO, he could literally build the entire wall right now using the wars for Israel fund but doesn't because he wants wars for Israel.

No its not, Trump can fill the air traffic controller positions with military personnel like Regan did in the 80s. As for the IRS he can do the same thing? What? You don't think the military has accountants and administrators? Or he can make both work by force.
Trump has defied conventional political wisdom at almost every turn. He has a long history of making callous decisions.
You're probably some Democrat that thinks Pelosi is Joan of Arc because she "BTFO" Trump, even though there's still no approved annual budget.
Every time you sycophants see Trump so much as stain his shirt you go ape shit and call the immediate collapse of his presidency.

None that can operate IRS equipment or perform IRS duties. It takes at least four months to train even the most raw of IRS agents, to say nothing of how long it takes to train up one of the service center people who process returns. The military does not have anything that is even distantly comparable.

No, he can't, which he found out when they all stopped coming to work. He may be able to stretch the military ATCs across several–but not anywhere near all–U.S. airports, but he can't make either ATCs or the IRS work without pay past the date that their monthly bills come due. We are not talking about breaking a strike. ATCs everywhere, regardless of their politics, will stop working by necessity when they cannot fill their gas tanks.

And has changed all of jack shit because of it. Politicians cannot make people work who can't afford to live.

You are undeniably a faggot.